Concerns with security of e-voting systems

Nov 6 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Public Advocate

Several e-voting systems in the US and elsewhere were proven to be tampered with.

Ahead of important elections, U.S. voting system is still vulnerable to hacking

Same concerns raised about the past Winnipeg Civic election after switching from the trusted paper ballots the Province and Feds still use to a e-counting system. Many lucrative contracts for BRT Phase 3 and 4, Photo Enforcement and others were at risk if Bowman not re-elected and the proper independent audits being called for by several mayor candidates including Jenny Motkaluk carried out.

E-voting or e-counting systems or bins run on software or firmware and these can be tampered with. Been proven in the US and elsewhere.

There is several substantiated allegations involving the current and past contracts. Bowman’s plus his past EPC+2 all got voted in and Biwman still breaking his promise to not appoint EPC members so these audits will not likely happen.

Even the 2+ yrs of RCMP corporate crimes unit investigations and many boxes of evidence seized involving Katz, Sheegl, Caspian and others stalled with Crown who is the responsibility of the Justice Minister who the past one Stefanson was also Deputu Premier. She and other Ministers and MLA’s have been more concerned with what Pallister wants than clear public interests.

Diagram just used as an example of some systems.


blockchain based voting system = problems solved.

Interesting. More info on this, the decline in voter turnout and trust in many liberal democracies that has led to a need for this.

Every existing non-paper voting technology has been defeated. What are the chances that the tech which Winnipeg uses was even state of the art a decade ago? 😦

There is no evidence that the declared 2018 results reflect how the people voted. Evidence would begin with an audit trail, performed by white-hat experts who were NOT hired by Bowman and his minions.

Voting is the one thing that should remain a physical act and count. Nobody should have to trust somebody else’s machine. The fact that George Soros is in the voting machine software business should shock people. How about this simple system idea? People over 18 should be issued a token about the size of a toonie. A special coin that represents your need to compete an act with. That should get the vote up from 40% to 80%. People would need to show address I’D to enter the voting building. The voter goes being a separation a puts that coin in a barrel marked with the candidates name. The barrels are weighed at the close of polls. You will get an accurate count within minutes of polls closing. The system is nothing more than barrels and an accurate scale per station. Coins are redistributed annually. Everything thing about the process is physical – which it should be.

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