Canadian Foreign Aid
Oct 31 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen

Many people concerned about sending Billions of tax dollars in foreign aid but not taking proper care of Canadian vets, seniors and others disadvantaged citizens.

Several fake or misleading posts on social media about Canadian Foreign Aid.

The media and others like to emphasize that the aid goes to Muslim countries, thereby spreading distrust and hate. Many would like to know which aid organizations this money is going to.

I agree we should reduce bureaucracy and other wasteful spending, take care of our seniors, vets and others disadvantaged for the benefit of the elite and ultra wealthy that influence our politicians and government. Clean this up and charge and convict the crooks. Then we can do our share internationally as well.
Were is the data for this meme or is it fake or misleading news? I would like to know where my federal tax dollars go.
I could not find latest but here is during Harper Conservatives in 2015. $5.5 B in foreign aid. 70% broken down and 30% other.
Canada spends about $5 billion a year on international aid, which sounds like a substantial amount of money. In fact, it amounts to just 0.26 per cent of GDP (or 26 cents out of every $100 of national income), according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Compared to the 1.64 trillion that stays in the country, it’s pennies…there’s plenty to go around here to the point where that 5 billion wouldn’t make a difference

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