Ottawa to announce rebates in provinces without carbon reduction plan

Giant flames burn off waste gases as smoke and steam belch from steel mills in Hamilton, Ont., on Feb. 1, 2007.


If the federal carbon reduction tax has meaningful measurements and requirements for reductions plus truly revenue neutral with rebates why are so many skeptical. Is it because the trend of misleading or worse by the current Liberals, past Conservatives and many corporate funded think tanks plus some advocates that cross the line of fact and fiction to try and prove their point.

Has it taken this long to fulfill this election promise or is rebates just before election the primary goal?

It is clear from the majority of peer reviewed research by experts in climate, finance, economics and related that we need to do something but no consensus on what or how.

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Comment from a carbon reduction tax supporter

This makes the carbon tax specifically hit the corporations that pollute the most. The entire goal of a carbon tax is to make polluting more expensive than pursuing greener alternatives. But if the companies can just pass the costs on to the consumer, there’s much less impact. With this model, the consumers aren’t bearing the brunt of the costs and it actually encourages competition among producers as those who pollute less can charge less for their services/products.

It also rewards consumers who use products with lower pollution profiles as those products will have a lower cost, but the consumers will still get the same rebate check as everyone else.

This is a basic economic principle known as an externality. In order for free market forces to put accurate pressure on producers, there has to be a price they face when they use or affect public systems. This is the same principle as fining polluters for dumping in rivers that everyone shares.

Before the mass of denialists come in here, please actually read up on these concepts, the research around them, and try to understand why these things are being done before you get upset about it.

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