Cannabis legalization: What is your province or territory doing? A guide


8 days or less for the federal cannabis legalization to come into effect. Most Provinces have set legal age of 19 but new CAQ government in Quebec wants to change to 21 plus make penalties for violations higher. Currently MB is 19 but we all know how easy it is for those under age to get alcohol through older siblings or friends.

The OPHA and other public health associations are recommending legal age of 21 based on the majority of peer reviewed scientific research suggesting 21-25 to reduce harm to young people.

Many police services have said they are not ready to accurately test drivers for impairment and enforce other aspects. They have asked for more time to prepare but we’re ignored. Many are saying the suggested selling price with numerous taxes and levies at multiple levels of government will not deter drug dealing which was one of the main goals.

There is also little information about how they plan to deal with breeds with high levels of THC which are still being sold even when they proven to be even more harmful especially for teens and young adults or those with history of mental illness.

The fact you can’t grow small amounts at home in at least MB and among the highest fines in Canada is being called another tax crab and likely to face court challenges that will be costly to the public to defend.

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