Allegations of Corruption with Investors Group Field Construction, Loans Deals and Related

Investors Group Field price tag keeps growing, and growing … and final costs with interest is already over $384 Million. That is more than what a covered stadium would have cost.

Don’t get me wrong the new stadium is a huge improvement over the old one and was much needed. That said the following makes it clear we all need to demand an OAG Audit of the IGF Stadium project and subsequent loans and repairs. Those responsible for several costly mistakes need to be held accountable and something needs to be done to minimize what the tax payers are on the hook for now or in the future.

This audit is needed after it revealed up to $35M in repairs are covered by loan guarantee from the province which was arranged by the NDP government. There is a lawsuit pending against construction firm and architect but they say the facts show they designed and built what the owners (Triple B) ordered. It is claimed that the NDP government rushed the project ahead of the 2011 election.

Worse yet things have not worked out as planned by the City & Province at the old Stadium site because of Target closure and other issues so it looks like the Phase 1 loan won’t be paid off in time and taxpayers will be on the hook.

Is Sam Katz buddy Phil Sheegle, Shindigo and Fairview benefiting from the NDP and City approved deal? Should they be paying the amount of property taxes required regardless of tenancy? If not they may not be trying as hard as they should to find tenants and develop remaining free space.

Nobody wants to talk about this elephant in the room. Because at the end of the day, it will be taxpayers who will get stuck with the bill.

And the politicians, civil servants, football brass and Triple B executives who cooked up this fantasy deal in the first place won’t be around in 21 years to deal with the fallout.

We need to demand an OAG Audit as mentioned above.

Investors Group Field price tag keeps growing, and growing …

More details in these articles:

Final cost of Investors Group Field expected to be at least $384M

Investors Group Field to get $35M in repairs thanks to loan guarantee from province by NDP government.

Updated info, related and discussions:

Note some duplication or overlap in this draft.

Private Public Partnerships (P3) perusal is NOT good Pallister policy based on a track record of influence and corruption in Winnipeg, Manitoba and elsewhere

Why we need a public inquiry and what OUR Mayor Bowman / Council should request and or OUR Premier Pallister / legislature should include:

If Mayor Bowman or Premier Pallister doesnt include the following or provide valid reasons not to they should resign and we will call for loss of confidence, new elections or bi elections and vote in representatives who have a track record of keeping their promises and effectively serving the public or equivalent.

– IGF construction overruns and repairs – also involved CAO Phil Sheegl

– Former stadium site redevelopnent deals involving Shindego and Sheegl

– Firehall land swaps involving Sheegl
– Hydro BRT land deal

– Parker lands swap and then later requests expropriation after development plans increase land cost

– Police hq overruns and corruption involving Sheegl
– Canada Post proccessing facility

– WPS:
* Not investigating into police hq corruption after interviewing whistle blower and refusing to interview two other whistle blowers
* Handling of officer Trenton (didn’t request he held without bail for being a danger to the public)
* Not properly investigating other officers accused of serious crimes or reporting to AG and MB IIU as required
* Majority of tickets issued are unfair or unlawful due to known deficient engineering and related issues
* Many cases of bullying drivers and ignoring charter and civil rights and using unfair or unlawful tickets to get overtime for court duty and pad pensions
* Many cases of officers waiting to pickup individuals with warrants till end of shift to get several hours of overtime to process and other unethical behavior
* Double standard for enforcement of the hta and other laws or policies as well as disciplining, investigating and prosecuting police officers and peace officers vs. the public

– Procurement and contracts with ACS / Lockheed Martin or Xerox for:
* Photo enforcement since 2002
* 311 since 20xx

– Photo Enforcement:
* Unfair and unlawful practices well documented
* Not meeting Conditions of Authority Agreement since program started in 2003.
* WPS, CoW and MPIC ignoring recommendations in studies they commissioned and others plus proven engineering standards

– MB IIU – not properly investigating some officers accused of serious crimes

– Crown / AG:
* Handling of officer Trenton (didn’t hold without bail for being a danger to the public)
* Not properly investigating some officers accused of serious crimes
* Ignoring if not promoting unfair and unlawful behavior in MBSCC (aka traffic and parking court)

– MBSCC: Many documented cases of JJP’s and the Crown biased, ignoring sections of the HTA and other legislation, charter and other legal rights and due process

* Out of control spending on ….
* Ignoring charter and legal rights
* Biased policies
* Paying police incl WPS for enforcement but ignoring true safety issues and that they issuing unfair and unlawful tickets

– Coverup of APEGM professional misconduct complaint decision against Luis Escobar and his short amber time policy exposed by whistle blower and media

– Cow, WPA and G4S parking ticket abuse exposed by WiseUpWinnipeg, whistle blower, CBC Market Place and other media – reinforced by FIPPA requests and court decisions finding KYZ and other tickets or notices unlawful

– Growth / Impact fees – hiding 1st report that said they not needed and closed door meetings

– Crocus fund, Katz and the Goldeyes if this wasn’t investigated properly or new info brought forward as a result of recent corruption investigations

– How CAO Sheegl was suspended over the firehall land swap scandal and allowed to stay on long enough to get over $560,000 in salary and severence and that before pension contributions.

There is more not listed so add as comments.
We are aware of some others as well but have not included until we have verified the serious allegations and can backup with the facts

More on IGF and other corruption allegations
– So who bought or paid their way out of trouble now!! This stadium was rushed and built in the wrong spot to begin with!! No plan!!
Much worse than that. The deal Katz and Sheegle orcestrated for taxes from redeveloping old stadium site and the NDP orchestrated for the rest has left taxpayers on the hook for a $118M or more for the stadium that went way over budget and was flawed design or construction. It costing up to another $33-58M to repair. It still before the courts to see who is responsible. There is more allegations of fraud or other corruption involving other public officials and private sector corporate partners or developers.
The alleged cover up attempt involving 1 of 5 wps cops caught drunk driving last year is serious but pails in comparison to the depth and severity of the allegations involving Katz, Sheegle, Police HQ, Canada Post Building, Caspian, Firehall land swaps, Waverly Underpass, Hydro and parker lands, BRT P1 and 2, IGF Stadium, Hydro Contracts with US states and Dam construction companies, ACS PE contract in Wpg, CoW / MPI / APEGM / GoM cover up of dangerously short amber times, MPI diverting funds to Police instead of refunding and many others. See links above for info on some of this.
More about the 5 cops below. No word of trials that I am aware or of the “pending charges” CBC reported over a year ago for Caspian, Sheegle and possibly Katz. With MB Justice ranked last in the Provinces at least in the last two years and Pallister and Stefanson doing nothing meaningful about it I do not have much faith in Justice being served.

Private Public Partnerships (P3) perusal is NOT good Pallister policy based on a track record of influence and corruption in Winnipeg, Manitoba and elsewhere. The Sun and Post Media should be ashamed of themselves for such a false and misleading one sided story. No wonder the writer is not listed.

I broke link on purpose as this link shouldn’t be shared without warning.

Some examples of allegations of corruption.

The MB RCMP D Division Corporate Crimes unit can investigate serious allegations of corruption in corporations or government if there is enough evidence presented to them. They are busy investigating allegations like this involving former CoW Officials Mayor Sam Katz, CAO Phil Sheegl and possibly others along with Caspian Construction and possibly others related to the Firehall land swaps; Police Headquarters; Canada Post building and possibly other scandals or allegations.

There is also some info to support allegations of corruption involving IGF construction or Polopark redevelopment deals, Hydro & Parker land deals related to Rapid Transit P1 & P2 and Waverly underpass involving some developers with links to Katz and possibly other past and present public officials. There is more examples as well.

There likely has been some good examples but they should include the full story when recommending something like this. These public private sector partnerships and especially construction have been plauged with corruption or influence and are not worth the risk until our politics are cleaned up and more transparency, accountability and consequenses for breaches on both sides legislated.

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