How the opioid crisis was created and fueled

Sept 24 2018 – Kevin Yaworski

More and more being exposed including recent news below of pharmacists in at least Ontario committing crimes to sell to drug dealers and addicts plus elaborate steps to try and cover it up.

The destructive opioid addictions crisis was created and fueled by complacency, greed and intentional actions to encourage sales of oxycontin and other pain meds any way they could by senior execs at Purdue Pharma and other Big Pharma.

Health Canada and the FDA also ignored or worse and when Purdue finally forced to restrict access the sellers turned to fentanyl and even heroin or meth.

Even when exposed Canadian and US Justices have been biased or influenced and given leniency to Purdue and other massive multinational corporations who have made Billions at the expense and suffering of the public.

Purdue Pharma is one of the biggest among big pharma. They are in legal trouble again and for good reasons.

Opioid Epidemic – The Facts Exposed

Dispensing Harm

When pharmacists engage in criminal activities to profit off of addicts and even more crime to try and conceal it.

How a handful of pharmacists flooded Ontario’s streets with lethal fentanyl amid a national opioid crisis

Where were Police

Where was the RCMP corporate crime divisions in Provinces and local Police during all this. In at least Winnipeg RCMP CC unit said they were busy investigating allegations of corruption involving former Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz, his CAO and business associate Phil Sheegl, Caspian Construction and related and needed direction to investigate other serious allegations. They also said they were short staffed and under funded. In Ottawa RCMP were busy investigating many Harper appointed Senators accused, investigated and charged with fraud and breach of trust with expense scandal.

Last year MB Justice Minister Heather Stefanson in the PC majority government ignored requests to call for investigate into serious crimes and wrong doing in MB. She also has said nothing publicly after two years worth of RCMP investigations into Katz, Sheegl and Caspian handed over to the Crown with CBC and other media reporting that charges were pending.

In Oct 2017 MP Dan Vandal said he would raise the funding and related issues when back in Ottawa but has done nothing to date. In May 2017 Liberal Federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s staff responded for her that she nor her staff were in a position to request the RCMP to investigate any allegations of serious crimes and wrong doing in the Provinces due to the constitution giving authority to the Provinces and to contact the Provincial Ombudsman.

The WPS focused more on self serve and collect with diverting officers from other units and requests for officers to work pensionable OT on traffic “safety” duty with up to 55,000 alleged offenses being issued per year and trending up. Even peaceful protests of photo enforcement setup in signage deficient locations got response from WPS in 15 mins yet break n enters and other serious crime calls at the time took 36 hrs or more to get a response.

FIPPA requests and MB PUB reports exposed MPI also diverting Millions of dollars from overcharges to WPS, other local police and RCMP in ticket and demerit drives to “counter attempts to reduce budgets” for police instead of refunding as required by legislated monopoly.

It is long over due for proper leadership at all levels of government, police and the judiciary.

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