Immigration, Refugees and taking care of all Canadians

Aug 17 2018 – Kevin Yaworski

Conservative MP Maxime Bernier’s recent tweets have back fired and helped Liberals get major boost in donations and supporter signups. More in the Globe and Mail article below.

Is this a sign the Liberals are doing what the majority want or targeting the minority vote?

I agree that we must allow immigration to fill jobs not being filled by Canadians and do our share of helping actual refugees as long they vetted properly and we taking care of Canadians that are homeless, in poverty, mentally ill and others that are often desperately in need of assistance. If we can help them become productive citizens again they will often help others or at least prevent them being a major drain on the system.

The Liberals have kept some campaign promises at least partly like not stifling the Sciences or Conservation and others but have not kept many of their key promises that got them elected like spending on Infrastructure and specific areas that had been neglected to stimulate growth but within limits, reduce spending where not needed, improved transparency and accountability, proper consulting with aboriginal Canadians and others ignored in their past.

They are legalizing cannabis but without high enough age limit to minimize chance of harm to young developing minds and tax limits to minimize organized crime. They cop-out saying we leaving it up to Provinces. They goal is new tax revenue and votes not public safety and interest.

They kept one promise given but have mislead about their real intentions. Saying open communication with First Nations then no longer enforcing the Financial Accountability legislation for bands that limited funding if not allowing proper independent audits.

They did this to buy the Chiefs and their friends votes and then band members forced to vote the same or face harsh consequences. Canadian governments required to have these audits and so should all levels of government or anyone receiving public funds or public investments. Several bands were doing this already but many were not and taking advantage of it until the Conservatives started enforcing. Several corrupt Chiefs and bands got exposed and voted our by members.

A Carbon tax that is not required to go back to Canadians to spend in the economy and towards renewal energy projects. Most will go to general coffers and bloated bureaucracy.

It is long overdue for all Citizens to due their homework and duty and more than just at election time. Only look at the facts and not propaganda. Look for trends in behavior that are against public interest and focused on self or special interests. Contact elected and appointed officials to them then know what you expect of them. You are paying them. Many often forget this.

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