Canada divided on climate and not leading by example

July 18 2018

Concerning article from the Globe and Mail below and other sources who are generally more reputable than many in the media.

Many conservative minded folks are seeing climate change as a hoax or exaggerated to push carbon taxes or other hidden agendas.

The issue is think tanks funded by the oil and gas industry or activists on both sides have used false and misleading information to push rather than rely on the scientific facts.

If you look past all the false or misleading information, biased studies and hyperbole what is left is a vast amount of scientific peer reviewed research which almost all leads to the same conclusions that climate change and especially the rate of change and human contribution is very concerning.

There has also been stark warnings of the consequences of ignoring from reputable economists, major financial policy makers and other experts.

Carbon taxes or cap and trade systems can be successful or fail miserably as tax grabs or flawed depending on how they implemented, how much actual carbon reduction occurs and how much consumers and the economy impacted.

This article and the following from both sides are hard to ignore.

Archive of article to be added below.

Related and some of what I have written before.

Earths climate has already changed many times in the past. It is just the rate of change that is alarming based on ice core samples, glaciers and other research that looks at changes over millions of years.

I have visited several glaciers in NZ, Canada and the US and many have dramatically retreated and reduced in height or are gone since I was there. These have gotten bigger and smaller and come and gone in the past but never retreated this rapidly. I hope there is still some for my grand kids to experience as adults. See link below.

NASA’s latest research is showing ice sheet expansion in parts of Antarctica but overall globally it still decreasing. Link below.

Some hate pollution but see climate change no longer being science and becoming religion.

I guess time will tell. Hopefully the doom sayers are wrong and warnings from well respected monetary policy leaders like Mark Carney to pension managers and others about divesting in fossil fuel companies are not necessary but do we want to risk it?

Link with more info.

The costs of climate change are rising

Rising seas and climate change: Everything you need to know

97% of “active” climate experts agree on man made climate change but more research needed on the risks and impacts

Wind and other renewables vs. fossil fuels and is climate change happening faster than ever?

Canada & other countries should listen to Mark Carney’s warnings on costs of climate change

Here is a some information from the pro oil, gas and tar sands side.

What we don’t know about US energy and climate change priorities and we need to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels.

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