Cycle Challenge to help kids fighting cancer

I lost my step Dad who I grew up with to cancer 3 years ago and sadly saw lots of sick kids in the cancer ward when visiting him in palliative care. Cycle Challenge Team If you interested in joining team SaddleUp see link below. Please consider joining, sharing with friends or sponsoring me. They track cycling indoors, outdoors and stationary bikes if you use one at the home, the gym or elsewhere. I figured just to work and back for me in June is about 440 km so I set a personal target of 600 km for June and team of 2400 km (at least 4 members doing the same). If I or we can do more great. My personal goal is to raise $600 and Team goal of $1000. Both can be changed anytime. I use Map My Ride app on my smart phone in my bag to track my progress, calories burnt / intake and other goals. This can be linked to Cycle Challenge or they have their own app. At least Map My Ride also works with the heartbeat monitor that came with my wife’s Garmin GPS so if you want the extra info get one of these or similar. — Dear Kevin, SaddleUp has been created and is registered to ride this June! As part of your team registration, a team fundraising page has been created for you: Your team page will display all your team members, total fundraising, team ride goal and will list all donations made to each team member (and your team). And you can also keep track of your ranking through the team leaderboard: Now, start recruiting your team members to ride with you to fight kids’ cancer! Good luck. Great Cycle Challenge Team

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