Is MPI operating and acting outside the law?

May 26 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Do you think MPI has been allowed to operate and act outside the law (The MPI Act, other Provincial and Federal legislation as well as Charter Rights)?

WiseUpWinnipeg and many are arguing they have been doing this for years and progressively getting worse with less and less transparency and accountability.

The majority of the main stream media has proven to be influenced, biased, misleading and too often they shy away from the larger issues the public face especially if it upsets those in power and the elite.

The Pallister led PC Party while in the official opposition objected to out of control spending by MPI but once elected have ignored their promise to reign in spending and have allowed it to get worse.

Here are just a few of the many serious allegations and some of the proven facts to help you decide. Plus some suggestions on actions that can be taken collectively to make a difference.

– Senior Executives with MPI have been lying or misleading the MPI Board, the Public Utility Board, GoM and the Public to get rate hike and demerit scale change requests approved while ignoring out of control spending on much higher than average executive and senior management to staff rations, salaries, pensions, expense accounts and other benefits plus admin costs up to 40% higher than previous years.

– Taking action against drivers before alleged offences proven in court even when there is no real danger to the public then collecting from higher fees from suspensions and related.

– Ignoring the 50% or more increase in rear end collisions at red light camera intersections and others with dangerously short City wide 4 sec amber time regardless of speed limit or other safety factors, and other known or created and dangerous engineering deficiencies that are being aggressively targeted by For Profit TSS / Xerox / Conduent and over staffed and inefficient WPS.

– Diverting Millions of dollars to Police, Consultants and others from overcharging instead of refunding as they are required and used to do. For regular, annual or pilot “Safety” Programs and Studies proven by FIPPA requests, Ombudsman complaints and investigations by WUW and others to have little to do with real safety and more about countering police budget reduction attempts and demerit related revenue.

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk

– Not reporting complete and accurate data and stats for accidents, injuries, claims as required by the Conditions of Authority for Photo Enforcement. The past NDP and now current Pallister led PC government ignoring these in return for 50% of the “safety” revenue.

– Sponsoring “independent” research institute (TIRF) that did “safety” study and produced report that was mostly filled with false and misleading information that was used to expand photo enforcement.

– Ignoring recommendations in studies and audits that would lead to destroying the credibility of Photo Enforcement and eventual shutdown of the program.

City of Winnipeg and WPS failing to meet the Conditions of Authority from the Province for the Photo Enforcement Program

– Misleading GoM, MB Legislature, MB PUB and the public with their 2017 – 2020 Road to Zero / Vision Zero “Safety” Strategy.

– Many claims or alleged simple traffic offenses handled unfairly by MPIC. Claims denied or undervalued response without valid reasons. Demerits and deductable applied to both drivers even when proof one at fault. Demerits when Crown or JJP agreed to grant reprimand.

– Reports or complaints of unfair, unethical or unlawful behavior by MPIC with claims, vehicles written off and related being ignored unless going to Ombudsman or proper Court.

– They started diverting overcharges to pay for Police to have Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) several years ago. They implemented with little to no oversight or protections against misuse and privacy violations.

Now FIPPA requests, City of Winnipeg Open Data systems and WUW member investigations have proven Winnipeg Parking Authority is using ALPR’s to issue 1000’s of unfair and unlawful alleged parking offenses. This after NDP and PC pushed legislation plus City of Winnipeg bylaws implemented without due diligence, little to no public consultation or debate that are against public interest and arguably are unconstitutional.

Manitobians and especially Winnipeggers are some of the highest taxed, leved, fee’d and fined residents in Canada yet getting some of the least in return. How much more can they and the economy take?



Stayed tuned for more on this and what can be done about it!

Search my blog, WiseUpWinnipeg and for mpic or MPI to learn more about this, related and what can be done collectively to bring the much needed reforms.

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