Social Media and Internet Monopolies Manipulating the Masses

Sept 28, 2017, smartphone being operated in front of GAFA logos as background in Hédé-Bazouges, western France. (DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)

April 25 2018

Powerful message, warnings, impacts and solutions offered. Digital Media and Global Affairs expert Taylor Owen talks about the intense surveillance our lives are under now by a few internet monopolies.

Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are manipulating our lives and threatening our democracy

Taylor Owen, assistant professor at the University of British Columbia, and a Senior Fellow at the Columbia Journalism School. (Caitlin Dutt)

Taylor Owen on net neutrality

“I think that it will fundamentally change the structure of the internet, (which)… was by design an open space. A core attribute of it was that information flowed through the system in a way that was unimpeded by those that controlled the system. And that will change. The companies that give us access to the Internet will be able to decide what content we see, and what content we don’t see, (and) … the pace with which we see it. So that is a significant change to the character of (the Internet). However, the Internet is all already filtered to us in many other ways. And one of the biggest ways: it’s filtered to us via platforms. So Facebook has interestingly been allowed to sit outside of the net neutrality debate, while at the same time it filters the content its users see. So I think we will probably end up in a place where we will have two filters on the internet.”

Taylor Owenis assistant professor at the University of British Columbia, and a Senior Fellow at the Columbia Journalism School. His book, Disruptive Power: The Crisis of the State in the Digital Age, is published by Oxford University Press.

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