Escolating trend in parking enforcement abuses in Winnipeg

Apr 8 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

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One of our hardworking members has been at it again helping better expose the escolating trend in parking enforcement abuses.

For Profit G4S Tech and WPA are ramping up the parking bylaw for illegal vehicle parking on private property. This could ‘bite’ individuals that break this easy to read law that appears to be enforced in selected parts of the city…. excluding Tuxedo of course.
Similar to how Tuxedo the only area to have 30k reduced $peed $chool zone removed after residents complained.

You can thank Counc. Janice Lukes who championed the G4S Tech friendly parking changes and bylaw and Minister Heather Stefanson plus the others who have allowed and supported the changes, legislation and another bylaw that is being used for revenue rather than public safety and interest.

Some of the details of the parking bylaw are below.

Here is a map showing where they are ticketing.

Here is the chart showing tickets issued by month for this Parking on Private Property infraction. March data is not complete yet….

The Concordia Hospital Physio preventative care program reduced or closed in October, 2017.

That appears to have had the adverse effect of reducing the number of ‘parking in an intersection’ tickets that the WPA is able to issue on Moncton Street near that hospital.

We can only hope people will continue to park in other intersections near the remaining hospitals with ER’s (whichever they are) so this revenue source does not dry up.

In ‘the good old days’ – Moncton Street was a gravy train for the WPA.

It appears that WPA has ‘the violation of the month’ – and for June to Sept, 2017 it was Intersection tickets. The number of intersection tickets issued across the city has dropped off drastically since September. No idea why.

For May – December it was Fire Lane tickets.

This chart shows the number of tickets issued for ‘intersection’ violations over time. Seems ticketing for this infraction has fallen out of favor.

Other WPA / G4S Tech / CoW Parking Enforcement Abuses documented

New plea process legislation and bylaw that has made it harder to contest, get a fair trial or appeal simple parking, traffic and bylaw matters.

Out of control parking enforcement in Winnipeg including firelanes and issues contesting or appealing

Watch “The worst places to park in Canada: Parking ticket traps, unfair tickets (CBC Marketplace)” on YouTube
Nov 18 2016

Several parts involve Winnipeg throughout this episode

Visit to get better informed, volunteer and donate to court actions to stop this abuse.

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The Wpg Parking Bylaw at:

Click to access 2016.86.pdf

defines a passenger vehicle as follows:
passenger vehicle” means a motor vehicle (other than a bus, commercial vehicle, motor home, or taxicab) that is designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of people on a street or highway. It includes a pickup truck, a van (other than a cube van), a minivan, a motorcycle, a moped and a scooter.

The bylaw has the following sections:

No more than six vehicles
No person may park or store a vehicle on a property if, at the time of placing the
vehicle on the property, at least six other vehicles are already parked or stored on the property.
No more than four passenger vehicles
No person may park or store a passenger vehicle on a property if, at the time of
placing the vehicle on the property, at least four other passenger vehicles are already parked or stored on the property.
No more than one small truck
No person may park or store a small truck on a property if, at the time of placing the truck on the property, another small truck is already parked or stored on the property.

No person may park or store a vehicle on a driveway in the front yard of a property if, at the time of placing the vehicle on the driveway, the number of vehicles in the front yard is already at the maximum. For this purpose, the maximum number of vehicles in the front yard of a property is
two vehicles, if they are not parked in tandem; or
four vehicles, if they are parked in tandem.

“large truck” means a truck with a GVWR of more than 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs).

“large vehicle” means a vehicle, other than a recreational vehicle, that
(a) is a large truck; or
(b) has one or more of the following characteristics:
(i) tandem axles;
(ii) a passenger capacity in excess of 15 persons; or
(iii) dual wheels where the vehicle includes a flat deck or other form of utility deck; or
(c) can be generally described as
(i) a bus,
(ii) a limousine,
(ii) a cube van,
(iii) a dump truck, tow truck or flatbed truck, or
(iv) a tractor, trailer, or tractor-trailer combination.

“small truck” means a truck that is neither a large vehicle nor a passenger vehicle.

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