** Important msg for all Facebook group or page admins and mods and warning to other FB users ***

Mar 30 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen

Apps or websites you have used may have access to your profile and member lists for groups you admin or moderate and other info only available to admins.

This on top of the latest unauthorized access of Facebook data by data mining corporations exposed.

This has caused many to just delete their Facebook accounts. Some need it for work or important advocacy groups or pages they administer.

Some parts of a FB user profile is personal and confidential plus group admins are intrusted with member lists as part of managing a group.

There is no need to share member lists that I am aware of other than the one exception below but now with FB group insights available to admins for member posts and interactions this only needed to get insights on admin posts if your group wants them..

You can check and if needed remove this profile or group permission and others or completely disable platform (FB API). Note if you want to use your FB account to login to 3rd party sites or apps you need to leave platform enabled but can restrict permissions. Be careful who you allow this with.

I removed ones I no longer use and restricted the few I do. The only one it did not let me restrict was Samsung Galaxy (greyed out). I assume this because my FB account added to my phone.

The only exception I can think of to allowing permission to group member lists etc.. is using an analytics service but even then it should only be with a trusted and reputable service, only temporary to get insights and only if they agree to remove data after reports generated.

Be weary and do your research as I would not be surprised if Cambridge Analytics was considered trusted and respected until it exposed they mined and sold confidential and unauthorized data to political parties or groups.

This concern does not only apply to Facebook. Be careful with how you use or link your Google, Apple, Microsoft and other accounts and data within it or that it has access to.

Regularly review these settings.

More info and screenshots here:

Note some of the options or menus might be slightly different than demonstrated in this article depending on the device OS, version of FB app or web browser used.



Privacy and Big Data

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