Uber halts self-driving tests in US and Canada after Arizona pedestrian death

Uber says it has suspended all of its self-driving testing including operations in Toronto following a fatal pedestrian accident involving the vehicles in the Arizona. In this undated photo provided by Uber, a Ford Fusion hybrid outfitted with radars, laser scanners and high-resolution cameras drives along the streets of Pittsburgh. (Canadian Press/Associated Press/Uber)

Pedestrian death could be first involving a self-driving vehicle, according to report

Mar 19 2018 – CBC News

A spokesperson for Uber Canada confirmed the company has halted tests in San Francisco, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

My Comments

The pedestrian crossed outside of a crosswalk while walking with a bicycle. Lots of question left unanswered in this article. Was the operator behind the wheel attentive as required by driverless vehicle pilot program legislation in place in many jurasdictions? Are inside cameras with blackbox type recorders required to verify this?

Hopefully the investigation will determine who is responsible and if needed liable, the pedestrian, operator, Uber or manufacture (s).

Often drivers have too little time to stop fast enough to prevent collision with a pedestrian walking out like this. Can a driverless car react faster? Probably under perfect conditions and with well designed and functioning equipment. What about under less than ideal circumstances? Can driverless cars not operate or pull over safely when conditions are less ideal than a set threshold? What happens when these change rapidly?

More from the article:

…in December 2017, the Ontario provincial government sought public comments on a proposal to change the pilot project there to allow for driverless testing of fully autonomous vehicles. Participants would have to be approved by the province’s Ministry of Transportation. The comment period on the proposal closed on Feb. 4.

Are we / they ready for this?

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