Reigning in out of control administrative spending in education in at least MB

Over 9% increase in administrative costs in 3 years and other unsustainable increases before that in several school divisions in at least Winnipeg.

LRSD School Board increased school taxes last year instead of reigning in out of control administrative spending on bureaucracy and related misuse of funds. This allowed them to maintain funding at the School level but on the backs of taxpayers already paying some of the highest rates of taxes, leves, fees and fines in Canada.

Winnipeg One didn’t raise school taxes last year, likely due to a larger number of lower income residents and families. Instead of reigning in out of control administrative spending they have cut funding at the school level when quality of education is already low.

The claim that their way above average pay and annual increases is justified for the large number of students and staff in the division is dispelled by the fact other Provinces and Cities in Canada have much larger divisions, lower costs per student and better performance. There is also information to dispelled the claim that the lower performance and ranking is due to exceptional circumstances and the difference between top and bottom is only 2%. There is things that can be done while still keeping spending sustainable.

Only comparing within MB after 8 or more years of the speNDP and some of the lowest rankings for efficiency and performance in Canada is more than just irresponsible.

I am glad the PC’s are reducing the max for admin costs and leveling the playing field for tax payers by collapsing the huge number of individual collective bargaining units. They were letting the worst negotiated contracts become the norm. They also need to take back control of taxation from school property taxes which is being used as a loop hole in some divisions.

Winnipeg school budgets: What does your school superintendent make?

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To get more informed of these issues and what needs to be done to put more back in your pocket and the economy read the following:

Manitobans need to demand they get more in return for some of the highest rates of taxes, fees and fines in Canada

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