Tougher distracted driving laws proposed

First responders and police are seeing more minor and deadly impacts from distracted driving.
Proposed legislation in Ontario to allow suspending drivers for 3 days and up to $1000 fine and increasing for repeat offenders.
Some countries are considering or have passed legislation for offences for looking down while driving to try and combat those that use a mobile device overtly.
I removed the previous link as it’s title was click bait. No law passed yet that we are aware and it would not be roadside but only after a court conviction. It just proposed.
Regardless distracted driving has become more than a social issue. I assume many of us will agree with harsher consequences if it will change behavior. Unfortunately enforcement 1st without education and engineering never does.
Enforcement should be used as a supplement to proper investments in engineering and education. In Winnipeg unlike the rest of Canada it is the opposite. Also police should only charge those they are certain the offense occurred. Several cases of officers in Wpg ticketing when the driver didn’t even have or own a phone, bullying or threatening when drivers exercising their charter rights and other abuse of authority.
Aggressive enforcement should also not come at the expense of preventing, investigating and solving serious crimes (violent and property) which it has in Winnipeg.
On top of education how about engineering that renders a mobile device inoperable in the vehicle within arms reach of a repeat offender or all vehicles as in other safety features made mandatory.
I agree with drawing the line somewhere and the concern about becoming a nanny state. However after observing many drivers behavior 1st hand, talking to police and 1st responders and learning more about the real issues with smart phone addiction many see this is a more serious issue then most other distractions.

That said engineering / technologies and education has to the priority to combat this new real safety risk. Enforcement should only be used to supplement and must be used fairly and lawfully which to date has not been the case. Also all revenue must go to real and transparent safety improvements not general coffers or bloated police budgets, salaries, benefits and pensions.

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