Corruption being tackled in Quebec but stalling in Manitoba and elsewhere

Oct 30 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Quebec has been leading by example for several years now with exposing and prosecuting serious crime (organized crime, corruption in the construction industry, police, municipal and provincial governments etc …).

This after pressure from journalists and advocacy groups some of which were victims of illegal wire taps. They have much more to do but there has already been many convictions, resignations and ongoing investigations including very recent news like here and related.

There was an ongoing RCMP investigation or pending charges involving corruption in Winnipeg related to at least former Mayor Sam Katz, Former CAO Phil Sheegl, Caspian Construction and others.

There is other serious allegations not investigated yet that we are aware of. The RCMP Corporate Crimes Division has said it is under funded and under staffed to the point it can’t investigate some serious allegations even with substanciated information.

Are you like many in Manitoba and asking why Premier Pallister or Deputy Premier / Justice Minister Heather Stefanson are not calling on the OAG or for a public inquiry? They are giving the excuse that there is an ongoing investigation by the RCMP. Yet CBC said the two years worth of investigations handed over to the Crown and charges were pending but nothing has been announced for several months now. Quebec is not waiting for this why are they?

To make matters worse many of the issues in MB have been going on since at least 2002 and much of it exposed via WiseUpWinnipeg using FIPPA requests, Ombudsman; APEGM, Law Society, LERA, WPS and other formal complaints, Whistle Blowers, Court records, unbiased and verified media reports and many independent 1st hand accounts. Most of this ignored.

What has been done and what needs to be done?

We have contacted MB Justice Minister Stefanson and present Federal Justice Minister as well as the former Ministers in the past and more recently to raise related issues and ask for the RCMP Corporate Crimes Division to be propetly funded. We have for the most part been ignored.

In Oct 2015 we asked Mayor Bowman, Premier Selinger, MB Justice & Finance Ministers, Office of the Auditor General (OAG) of MB (Norman Ricard) and others to look into serious allegations regarding abuse of the public and misuse of public funds. This was and is related to known and dangerous engineering deficiencies, unfair and unlawful traffic, parking and bylaw matters and enforcement. This involved(s) ACS / Xerox, WPS, MPIC, CoW, GoM, past and present City Council and Parliaments, the Crown, Judiciary (mostly MB SCC and to a lesser extent PC and QB).

They all ignored except Premier Selingers office which email tread and official response shows he was cc’d. They only gave inadequate response that speeding is dangerous which contradicts what CoW PWD and CoW COO Michael has provided us in emails and engineering reports. It is the speed difference and engineering deficiencies that most often cause or contribute to accidents.

The OAG and AG ignored until we followed up and got the response below. Then nothing since.

Several others have been contacted repeatedly including Luis Escobar (now resigned to try and avoid trial), CEO at APEGM, Michael Jack (Former CoW lawyer and now COO), Councilors Janice Luke’s (Former Deputy Mayor / Chair of Infrastructure and St Norbert …); Matt Allard (Acting Deputy Mayor and St. Boniface); Brian Mayes (Infrastructure Committee and St. Vital) and others. They have all ignored or promised to collaborate and then ignored.

MP Dan Vandal recently promised during an in person public consultation with me to raise the funding issue for the RCMP Corporate Crimes Division and about reintroducing Bill C-518 in its unwatered down version.

This bill would have allowed retroactively revoking of pensions for elected and appointed officials convicted of serious crimes. It passed the house almost unanimously but was stalled and watered down in the Conservative majority Senate at 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings and then died when Harper called the election. The NDP promised to reintroduce it if elected. What is stopping them now regardless? This would act as a better deterrent and help restore public trust and confidence.

It is overdue for us to follow through with threat of releasing a chronological list of the well documented abuse of the public on the road; in MB legislation, bylaws and policies; in the court room and with MPIC plus misuse of public funds; all since at least 2002.

We need your support to contact these officials and your elected representatives to demand they listen and respond with concrete steps they will be taking to address these serious issues and the loss of public trust and confidence.

WUW had 2600 members when these communications sent and we are now over 10k plus doubling every 6 to 9 months.

Let’s work collectively so WUW and the general public are no longer ignored and bring and end to this abuse plus the reforms to prevent it.

——— Forwarded message ———-
From: Kevin Yaworski
Date: Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 11:11 AM
Subject: Updated: Fraud and Abuse of the public and our Justice System

———- Original message ———-
From: “Wright, James” <>
Date: Nov 12, 2015 8:13 AM
Subject: Information Received
To: “Kevin Yaworski”

Mr. Yaworski,

We have received the emails and attachments that you have forwarded to our office.

We will be in contact with you should we require any additional information.


James Wright, CA, DIFA
Office of the Auditor General


Quebec asks Auditor-General to review ‘grave’ allegations of collusion

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