Unprofessional, Unreasonable and unlawful behavior by WPS Officers, Special Constables and others involved

Oct 21 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

This is getting out of hand even for the low standards documented for Winnipeg Police Service, CoW, GoM, MB SCC and others related.

This is more than sad but is an strong indication thatour collective activism for exposing wrong doing and calling for the much needed reforms is starting to get traction.

Here are just some recent examples of unprofessional, unreasonable or unlawful behavior by WPS Officers, Special Constables / Peace Officers / operators, WPS Chief and others involved There is many more documented which demonstrate a clear and very concerning trend.

It is important to include there is still many hard working officers trying to do their job often under very tough conditions and it is the culture, direction and priorities that need to change to help properly address serious crime and regain trust and respect from the public.

1) Some Officers in WPS have started labeling WUW and some peaceful and lawful protesters acting on behalf of the public as “borderline terrorists” and lumping them with mentally unstable and similar. Doing so with out evidence is a breach of WPS policy or worse and anyone doing so should be disiplined at a minimum. Some say this is LIBEL.

2) A member recently reported that WPS Sgt Pawel from the Photo Enforcement unit called to say he was going to issue a ticket for hocking at an operator who proceeded to follow the member and get licence plate number.

This is just a another of their recent scare or harassment tactics after more and more of the public are protesting and signs of civil unrest.

Like wasting expensive and limited police resources in these and many other cases:

2) AIR One circling above lawful protests by WUW on at least 3 different occasions.

3 & 4) Senior WPS Stg Riffel responding within 15 mins on two occassions to lawful protests to help slow drivers down by WUW members to give out parking ticket even after member said the signage was missing and they offered to move right away. Worse yet calls for serious crime (break n enters) took up to 36 hrs to get response. The Crown has tossed the tickets.

5) WPS Stg. Pawel responding rapidly to lawful protest to help drivers slow down on Grant ave and asking for the Safety Cones to be removed from around the rear of the pe vehicle. We regularly see Shaw, MTS and Hydro do this to improve visibility and improve safety.

6) A member recently had sign taken away and assaulted with vehicle while peacefully protesting to help drivers alow down. Their sign had to be returned later and officer the incident reported to agreed the special constable / operator should be terminated or press for assault. They said to contact Sgt. Pawel who didn’t do anything about the assault that we are aware of. Now Sgt. Pawel taking time from his regular duties to give out a ticket for honking.

7) Several documented behavior of special constables / operators breaching sections of the hta regularly when not attending an emergency. Also reading books, watching phones and sleeping while “observing violations”. Then swearing under oath they observed the violation, checked the signage …

8) A member was peacefully protesting on more than one occasion to help slow down drivers on 4 lane divided road with inadequate signage, artifically reduced speed limit and aggressively targeted by WPS for over 20 years. They were verbally assulted and yelled at by WPS officer in unmarked vehicle. In another case officer outside of vehicle without safety vest doing enforcement when approached yelled at them and pointed gun in their face (later seen to be radar gun). One direction has missing reduced speed ahead signage and both directions missing signage on blvd as per Provincial and National Standards.

9) Several recent and past cases of operators setup in locations they not permitted (outside city limits and or missing or inadequate signage as per the HTA, … In most cases the accused felt the system rigged and nothing they can do. The ones that contested many were rail roaded by the JJP, Crown and clerks under undue pressure from up to 300,000 traffic and parking alleged offenses per year with delays up to 24 months, low moral and even clerks resigning with one blowing the whistle.

In some cases WPS Chief Danny Smyth was contacted but has not responded or inadequately. Several FIPPA requests, formal complaints filed with WPS or LERA as well as Councillors and MLA’s contacted but little to nothing has been done.

Is any of this promoting confidence in the administration of justice, following their professional standards, their sworn oath and their code of ethics?

Yet OUR WPS Chief Danny Smyth (30 year WPS veteran) wants more photo enforcement and has said:

“As you can see through my actions, I don’t have a lot of tolerance for people that aren’t going to do their job, or act unprofessional,” he said. “We will deal with that head on. I don’t want to paint the whole service as something that it’s not, because this is not the whole service. But we will deal with the conduct of individual officers if they step out of line.”

From this article.
This not meant to distract from the seriousness of these recent incidents with officer charged with dui and causing death and related investigation into two other officers.

Officers under investigation


…This and related are signs many of the public live from cradle to grave a slave to the stupidity of society and to the will of those that allow greed and influence to control their actions even at the expense of the public.

This will only get worse if the public does not act now and collectively. Just one example of this is the Province recently announcing it’s Road To Zero plans for 2017 – 2020 that include more legislation to enable more automated and traditional enforcement, more reduced speed limits and other actions that to date have resulted in little to no real safety improvements and in many cases the opposite.

The plans are filled with $afety propaganda that has been coming from ACS / Xerox, WPS, CoW, MPIC and others and no word of addressing any of the root issues WUW has raised for years including known and dangerous engineering deficiencies; missing or inadequate data and stats; ignoring certified engineers and national standards they rely on for public safety and efficient traffic flow; ignoring sections of the CDN Charter of Rights, HTA, FIPPA, APEGM and other legislation, bylaws, due process, policies and more when it convenient yet aggressively enforcing other sections etc … on the public even when it is excessive, unreasonable or unlawful.

There is no word of more priority and focus on preventing, investigating, solving and prosecuting serious crime, proper engineering and education all of which proven to be much more efficient and effective than a heavy focus on enforcement. More info below.

All this and much more documented in Court records, FIPPA requests as well as Ombudsman, LERA, APEGM, Law Society and other formal Complaints, unbiased media coverage, many photos and video and more.

Saying it will never change is not an option anymore. We can’t continue to focus on the smaller issues while ignoring the underlying bigger issues. We are already paying among the highest taxes, fees and fines in Canada and getting among the least in return. Serious Crime (Violent and property) has been steadily high compared to decreasing across Canada and actually increased last year. Yet we have more sworn officers and police budget per capita than anywhere in Canada.

The City and Province owe $1 Billion and $23 Billion net debt with enormous interest payments and rising rates predicted. The social and economic impacts of all this are enormous. The vast majority of people are affected and the most vulnerable in society are being hit the hardest.

Once more are informed of the issues, deep impacts and take meaningful steps collectively things will improve. More of us need to share the facts online and by word of mouth. There is examples of this working elsewhere.

Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg and MPIC supporting Toward Zero / Vision Zero Strategy – What this really means

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Unprofessional, Unreasonable and unlawful behavior by WPS Officers, Special Constables and others involved



To Serve and Protect not Selfserve and Collect

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