Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg and MPIC supporting Road to Zero / Vision Zero Strategy – What this really means


This four way partnership is not working in the best interest of the public

Oct 8 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg
Important story after the Province and MPIC recently released their new traffic safety strategy for 2017 – 2020. I have not finished reading or summarizing the full document but will finalize this when I have time and update where needed. Find links below to the GoM News Bulletin and MPIC document.

Do you want to stop more artifically reduced speed limits or “automated” and traditional traffic enforcement as well as more out of control spending at MPIC instead of rate increase freezes and refunds ? Do you want to bring back proper engineering and better driver education?

Then this a must read that needs to be shared online and by word of mouth. Don’t wait for GoM, MPIC, CoW, WPS, ACS / Xerox to start making their “planned” changes.

Here is a summary and points members and the general public should be more concerned about and what actions they can take to help their elected and appointed representatives to focus on proper public safety and interest.

This is what main stream media should be reporting and not just the Province wanting to reduce fatalities and repeat some of what is in the plan with out giving any critique like the Sun has done here.

“…we aspire to have a road system where emerging vehicle technology; road design, construction and maintenance; traffic safety legislation and enforcement; public awareness and safe travel speeds all contribute to reductions in traffic fatalities and serious injuries,” Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler (since replaced in a Cabinet Shuffle) said in a statement.”

They mention “Safespeed limits, traffic safety legislation and enforcement”

** Does safe mean based on 85th percentile speed, road design, accurate and complete data and stats for accidents, injuries, claims, violations, demerits, penalties, fixed AND mobile photo enforcement plus Public Works traffic counts including correlating all the data sources? Does it include comparing with other jurisdictions percapita?

Reducing some highways from 100 kph to 80 and some Urban roads to 40 kph or less

“Setting speed limits is based on injury minimization within the Safe Systems Approach. This means speed limits are set according to collision types that are likely to occur, the impact forces that result from collisions, and the human body’s tolerance to withstand crash forces.

This may mean reducing rural speeds to 80 km/h where a 100 km/h open road limit is not safe or encouraging speed limits equal to or less than 40 km/h in some urban areas.

However, altering speed limits in developed communities and neighbourhoods, which offer well established external cues to drivers on perceived safe travel speed, is a tremendous challenge. But once this change is understood, in the spirit of traffc safety culture, road users are more likely to comply with speed limits and drive to road conditions.”

** Once again no mention of engineering standards, better education and no stats that there has been a safety improvement in zones reduced to 50 or 30 already and aggressively enforced.

Here is a great example of where the public was fed up with Traffic $afety Propaganda and unsafe speed limits. After this campaign in BC the Government increased several roads and highways with artificially reduced limits to safer limits based on engineering.

Speed Kills Your Pocketbook.

It is roads with speeds limits set lower than they were designed for that result in the larger speed difference which leads to more accidents. Not sign posting properly makes this even worse.

Increasing speed limits reduced accidents

From US – Department of Transportation

More info here:

Studies and Research

“Studies have shown that well planned and executed public awareness campaigns, paired with active enforcement and strong legislation, can increase awareness of serious road safety issues while simultaneously reducing traffc collisions, deaths and serious injuries.”

** To date all studies relied upon related to traffic safety have been sponsored or paid for by WPS, CoW and MPIC (Public or user fees). Several CoW studies involved City Transportation Mgr and Engineer Luis Escobar who has recently resigned after court actions against his dangerously short City wide 4 sec amber time policy regardless of speed or other engineering / safety factors.

He has ignored proven national engineering standards in this and other cases and a complaint for professional misconduct with APEGM found against him but was covered up until a whistle blower concerned about public safety exposed the wrong doing and leaked the original report.

The data and stats relied upon were not complete and accurate and have false and misleading info which has been the case with ACS / Xerox, MPIC, WPS, TIRF and CoW. Many studies a complete waste of money and even the few important or accurate recommendations ignored (more details on this below under MPIC).


Traffic law enforcement, which covers the entire enforcement process, from detection of a violation through to conviction and applying a penalty, is an important instrument to improve traffic law compliance. Under the Safe Systems Approach, to maximize the effect on road safety, traffic law enforcement should prevent violations that are proven to be linked to collisions.

Police enforcement refers to the work of police agencies in detecting traffc violations, administering penalties, and gathering evidence for prosecution. Visible and consistent police enforcement has been demonstrated to be an effective strategy in deterring risky driving behaviours such as alcohol impaired driving, speeding and distracted driving.

Automated traffc enforcement technologies, such as speed and red light enforcement technologies complement existing law enforcement efforts in enforcing high risk locations. Expanded use of automated enforcement, utilizing data to target specifc locations, would improve enforcement coverage in problem areas across Manitoba.


  • Target enforcement to deter actions that put people at risk on the road.
  • Embed traffc safety culture into general police operations.
  • Explore new enforcement methods and technology.

What Mainstream Media Won’t Let Wise Up WPG Say – Todd Dube Tells All!

** The first point underscored would be good if the data and stats relied upon were complete and accurate and not false and misleading which has been the case when they provided by ACS / Xerox, MPIC, WPS, TIRF and CoW. Many studies a complete waste of money and even the few important or accurate recommendations ignored (more details on this below under MPIC).

The current unwritten but well documented policies and direction of WPS and their for profit partner ACS / Xerox are for aggressive enforcement of deficient locations with artificially reduced speed limits, short amber time, missing; obscured or inadequate signage against certified engineers and the national standards they rely on

The last points are very concerning including new enforcement methods and technology as well as expanding automated enforcement (i.e photo) across Manitoba.

City of Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) took over the Photo Radar program from ACS / Xerox after corruption exposed in court. They have now implemented trashcan or utility pedestal looking cameras even after the public have made it clear they do not support the program. More details below.

If the Province continues to not enforce the conditions of authority in MB for photo enforcement and allow it to be expanded there will be a huge negative response.

This part included in the plan likely a request of one of the “stakeholders” (i.e WPS and CoW).

Former WPS Jon Butcher turned ACS VP now going by John was promoting School Bus stop sign cameras. There are some that are promoting regular stop sign cameras as well.

Stop signs aggressively targeted by WPS especially near end of the month with unlawful claims drivers never stopped for 3 seconds which is not in the HTA but is in MPIC training manuals. The HTA says come to a complete stop and proceed when safe to do so. The matter made worse by City of Winnipeg policy that has lead to more stop signs vs. yields per capita than anywhere in Canada.

These and the vast majority of the 200,000 other simple traffic alleged offenses issued in Winnipeg are targeting known and often dangerous engineering deficiencies. This resulting in undue pressure on clerks, Crown, JJP’s, Justices and the Courts in general as 35% or more contesting and much higher court costs than expected. Even appeals of simple traffic matters to Queens Bench trending up.

The Summary Convictions / Traffic / Bylaw Court was getting backed up 6 to over 24 months and cases tossed due to docket overfilled, unreasonable delays, errors and other serious issses.

Several Justices in MB Provincial Court have said the volume and upward trend is concerning and at least the delays causing a lack of confidence in the system. Even the Supreme Court of Manitoba (Appeals Court) is taking the unusual step of weighting in on the delays for a simple HTA matter by hearing the Appeal of Justice Toews decision in R vs. Grant Appeal (MBQB 2016). This party due to several conflicting decisions in MBPC for delay motions challenging Charter 11b.

I would be surprised if MB PC Majority Government would allow this program to be expanded again since they told WiseUpWinnipeg they agreed the photo enforcement and related issues should be made a campaign issue while they the opposition and about to start campaigning. They stalled until about the time the polls showed they were likely to get a majority and have ignored these serious issues since and in many ways get worse.

What little they have done (Court and Crowns 4A and Calling Programs(15 min meeting with the Crown)) have been seen as bribing, bullying and misleading to get accused to accept plea bargain for reduced fine. This when there is evidence and trends that demonstrate the majority of alleged traffic offences are unfar or unlawful the way the enforcement programs reviewed, implemented, directed and operated.

The photo radar industry has changed names several times to try and avoid the negative response after it repeatedly exposed that it uses bribery, influence, hearsay evidence, very restrictive contracts and other unfair or unlawful behavior to maximize “violations” and $afety revenue for itself and it’s public partners in crime. It uses terms like intersection safety camera, image capture enforcement, photo enforcement and now automated traffic enforcement. Convictions trend up while safety goes down.

This program in Edmonton Alberta has been exposed as “greasy” by a former insider and as a ” cash cow” by activists in several Cities and municipalities that regularly protest (“milk”) photo radar locations using photo radar ahead signs in the shape of a cow . The program is under going review from the Province Of Alberta.

Edmonton’s Photo program was previously operated by ACS / Lockheed Martin / Xerox before it moved in house after corruption allegations involving two EPS Officers and ACS. They still have or had involvement with at least processing alleged violations. During the investigation and trial some of tbe allegations proven including the officers being significantly influenced by ACS but the Justice didn’t think it was serious enough to warrant convictions.

Reading the Court records available for this trial and related in caselaw DB’s online and other public documents one can easily see why many have lost or are loosing confidence in Police, Government, Crown Prosecutions and the Judiciary including their oaths, code of conduct, professional standards and the administration of Justice in general.

“The Safe SystemsApproach considers the human vulnerability and limited tolerance to kinetic force as a central principle in its approach to legislation and road design and operations; for instance, speed limits need to suit the in-built function and design of the road.

In recent years, Canadian jurisdictions have implemented significantly broader and stricter legislative countermeasures to combat distracted driving such as increased fnes and demerits, short-term administrative licence suspensions, vehicle impoundment and stricter rules for novice drivers, similar to those for impaired driving. Manitoba will ensure that its policies align with other Canadian jurisdictions to proactively address this issue.”

“Display/advertising signs must also be properly managed via public policy and legislation to help avoid driver distraction.”


  • Pursue aggressive policy and legislation that advances the Safe SystemsApproach and facilitates road safety progress.
  • Enhance alignment between provincial and municipal road safety policy.

** Again no word of requiring compliance with engineering standards and better driver and children’s education but lots related to enforcement.

“On one hand, safety advocate groups demand lower speed limits around emergency and roadside workers, schools and construction sites …”

** This contradicts current amendments to allow enforcement when workers or kids not present and direct or allow targeting these much more often when they not present.

“Alignment of driver perceptions of safe travel speeds and speeds that are posted. New and emerging speed enforcement methods are readily used.”

** This plus the illustrations and figures make it pretty clear they are following the $afety propaganda and revenue model.

There is a few positive tid bits but the overall message is clear.

“Given the number of fatal collisions in rural areas, attitudes towards exceeding the limit on higher speed highways requires a significant adjustment.At the same time, reducing the tolerance for exceeding the speed limit and aggressive driving in urban areas can contribute to the reduction of serious injury and fatal collisions.”

** Does reducing tolerence mean reducing threshold for speeding to below 10kph as was done in EDM with enormous increases in violations but no reduction in violations after or any safety improvement. Published inaccuracy of radar and lidar and or proven to be even higher if training, testing, calibration and operation not done proper.

“This plan represents the collaborative work of many road safety stakeholders and by working together and consulting with the full range of road safety advocates, we are unified in our approach and collectively focused on the same priorities and goals.”

** Has anyone from WiseUpWinnipeg (WUW) with its 10k+ members and doubling ever 6 – 9 months plus many more following get contacted?

If not why? Is there something they are hiding and they know WUW has been very good at exposing the facts and hidden agendas?

“Road to Zero, the province said, aligns with the Toward Zero approach, which like its European predecessor Vision Zero”

** At least Counc. Janice Lukes, Brian Mayes and Matt Allard were promoting this especially Lukes. Luis Escobar has had some input. They also calling for Marion, Archibald and other other regional roads … to be reduced to 50 kph. This initiative / approach includes suggestion of narrowing some roads. That only makes sense if alternate routes with better engineering to handle the extra traffic available or build first.

It mentions better public awareness which in the past has been largely safety propaganda.

If they were concerned about real safety and not revenue they would follow this model which has been proven to be the most effectively and is used by most jurisdictions outside of Winnipeg.


What are the impacts of not following the proper model above and instead the not so hidden $afety and parking revenue agendas

A very few are benefiting from what is arguably unlawful taxation as fines and unjust enrichment. The up to 200,000 alleged simple traffic offenses issued every year with upward trend and over 30% being contested are off the charts higher per capita than anywhere in Canada yet Transport Canada stats show MB has some of the safest drives in Canada. These stats show it was also like this long before $afety revenue before proper engineering and education became the priority. It proven when these deficiencies corrected violations will drop by 85% or more and the roads will be safer putting Manitoba at the Top instead of near it plus benefits to the economy and legitimate tax revenue.

Some of the few benefiting are the Senior Executives at MPIC including many in positions that are not even needed for a Crown Corp with legislated monopoly. MB PUB reports some of these making $150-300k plus generous benefits, defined benefit pensions and expense accounts. Senior Execs at For profit Conduent (formally Xerox, Lockeheed Martin and ACS), WPS officers being diverted to or transferring in to the traffic unit to work tonnes of Pensionable OT and attend court for unfair or unlawful alleged offenses targeting known, dangerous and often created engineering deficiencies. Any others that are allowing greed, personal gain or special interests to dictate what they do and at the expense of the public. This trend well documented in annual City Compensation disclosure reports, FIPPA request, transcripts and other court records, Ombudsman, MB Law Society, APEGM, LERA and other formal complaints, audits, reports, other public documents, unbiased media coverage and other verified sources.

Similar is occurring with the majority of the 100,000 alleged parking tickets issues each year in Winnipeg at locations CBC Market place and wUW exposed were being aggressively targeted by G4S Tech / WPA. Locations with known missing, confusing, obscured or inadequate signage. Even when the few honest agents reported them they were ignored. Even after CBC coverage they only replaced a few signs. Similar with missing or removed traffic control signage.

When the 300,000 allleged offenses started to cause the delays of over 24 months in MB SCC the NDP Majority Gov and Bowman lead City Council amended Legislation, Bylaws and policies all without proper public consultations and due diligence to allow charter rights to be violated (right to face your accuser, disclosure and others). This included several amendments to MB SCA, HTA and enacting the MBE act which is under Judicial review related to KYZ snow clearing ban tickets without signage and other unfair or unlawful parking alleged offenses and new contesting process. They have not implemented some of the amendments to SCA as as they will be challenged as unconstitutional.

The few other steps they implemented to reduce delays (Crown / Court 4A and Calling Programs) are often resulting in the accused being lied to, mislead and bullied in attempts to get plea bargain accepted (many see as a bribe due to the alleged offense being unfair or unlawful to start). This is only reducing public confidence and trust in the administration of justice, the courts, police and government even more at a time when it already at all time lows. More info info linked info linked below.

The entire public is being affected by this with a deep analysis showing it costing drivers, owners, society and the economy over $5 Billion since 2003 with velocity of money and that before the impacts of less focus on serious crime than is required and the delays and abuses this is causing in our Courts etc…

Some possible good notes:

– A WUW member recently got a response from Luis Escobar saying the limit (currently 60kph) on hwy 75 just south of St Norbert being reviewed including public consultations. This location does not have blvd signage as per MUTCDC unlike all of MB (outside Wpg) and across Canada. Also Counc. Janet Lukes apparently told someone the member knows that the limit likely to be raised to 80 kph. Meeting at City Hall on Oct 31st. The public can attend and register to speak in advance.

Other examples of the public taking a more active role to reform their democracy to be more honest, efficient and effective.

– The Province and MPIC claim this strategy aligns with Canadian initiative so hopefully it requires compliance with national standards

– It mentions better public education and annual review of results or progress including reporting to Canada … Hopefully this requires accurate and complete data and stats as I have mentioned above.

MPIC involvement expected but concerning based on documented track record of:

– Ignoring known and dangerous engineering deficiences

– Diverting overcharges that should be refunded to WPS to enforce in above mentioned deficient locations including photos of officers in marked and unmarked vehicles parking unsafely and unlawfully doing “enhanced enforcement” and even FIPPA results for pilot $afety study of mpic’s most dangerous intersections showed data collected indicated speeding wasn’t a factor. It had senior MPIC saying they were surprised there were nit more violations (demerits and penalties) and why officers were not there as often as expected. It also has Senior WPS John Burchill saying the funding to counter City trying to reduce budget and they hope the data helps them get more. Agreement for this funding called for visible signage and police presence.

– Funding police checkstops that hand out hundreds of simple traffic tickets (majority of which are minor and used to be verbal or written warnings and requirement to return with proof of correction) yet many reports of drunk drivers outside bars rarely get responded to.

– Funding and or gold sponsor of TIRF who produced report on photo enforcement (that was used to expand it) that was filled with false and misleading info, didn’t consider national engineering standards being ignored and contributing or resulting in thw majority or large portion of accidents, injuries and violations. The few recommendations that needed attention were ignored by mpic, wps, cow and gom.

What actions they can take to help their elected and appointed representatives to focus on proper public safety and interest

Contact your elected and appointed officials including the Mayor and Premier, your MLA, Councillor, Justice; Finance and Crown Corps Ministers, Province and City Conflict of Interest / Ethics or Integrity Commissioner, Provincial Auditor General, City Auditor. Contact your MP to see how they can help with put pressure on local officials and request more funding for the RCMP Corporate Crimes who have said they are under staffed and funded to deal with the many serious allegations of breach of trust and corruption related crimes by government and municipal officials, Corporations and lobby groups influencing them. Contest and if needed appeal unfair and unlawful alleged offenses and wrongful convictions. Contact the Public Interest Law, Law Clinics at Universities. If needed use FIPPA and file formal complaints with Ombudsman, LERA, APEGM, Provincial or Canadian Law Society, write Chief Justices and escalate to complaints panel if needed. Check online Caselaw DB’s and rely on other cases. Check with other public advocacy or support groups. Collectively the public can make a difference and help each other to guide their public officials and leaders who have gone astray and lost touch with the purpose they were elected or appointed to do.

See some of the reforms listed here:

Reopening Portage and Main and more important matters including “Studies”, “Reports” and “Stats”

Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds at City of Winnipeg

WiseUpWinnipeg Petition and Protest with CTV, WFP and Mr Electric at Harrow north of Taylor

We have started a petition to get City to approve offer to install and maintain solar powered flashing lights in School Zones that activate when kids present.

Please Sign and Share Online and by word of mouth.

More discussions:

This new strategy and plan is available on MPIC website link

Sept 29 News Bulletin from Province of Manitoba

Road to Zero: Manitoba Road Safety Plan 2017-2020 is available to the public via download from the Manitoba Public Insurance website at

The main stream media should be reporting on both sides of the story on this and not just the Province wanting to reduce fatalities and repeat some of what is in the plan with out giving any critique like the Sun has done here

Province aims for zero fatalities – Winnipeg Sun

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Important apology and message to members and the general public in Manitoba regarding Charter Rights, our Courts and our Leaders at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba

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