Fiscal responsibility by government and public services prevents tax hikes or austerity

Sept 16 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg
This is related to the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba but much of this is related to similar fiscal responsibility that is needed elsewhere in Canada but especially so in Winnipeg.

Here is several interesting articles in the Winnipeg Sun recently if you have not seen them that are related to fiscal responsibility which is at the root of many of the issues our group and the public are focused on. I don’t know if it is the pressure from financial difficulties of Postmedia and reducing readership but they seem to be getting it right (unbiased) more often than not which was not the case in the past. Of course it depends on the journalist but many of these are unnamed.
I encourage reading the full articles when you have time and here is a summary and some commentary.

Tory’s in Manitoba about-face on taxes a betrayal
PC’s proposed Health Care tax instead of reigning in out of control bureaucracy and related wasteful spending.
More commentary here:
Restricted labour bids costing taxpayers
The PC Majority Provincial government needs to stop restricting labour bids to union only and the related promises to help allow the Province and Public to benefit from proper competition and higher quality of work.  Having to repair roads, bridges and other important infrastructure much earlier than expected at public expense from poor quality project management and quality of work is unsustainable.  Blaming the damage from our frost and our climate is bs as 2-3 hrs south of us in GF and  Fargo you will find much of their infrastructure build to a higher standard and lasting much longer with lifetime costs much lower.  It is time for the Governments, Politicians and Public to look past just the next election.

City of Winnipeg has spending not revenue problem
Current Bowman lead City Council continuing the trend from at least Katz to mislead the public for the benefit of the few and at the expense of the many.
The un authored article says the City is not permitted to run a deficit by legislation so how has it racked up $1 Billion in net debt and gotten credit downgrades with Bowman and his Finance Chair having to go to NYC on the public dime to grovel (or influence?) to prevent more?
At least pressure from the PC Majority Provincial government for the City to be more fiscally responsible has lead to some changes including with WPS to reign in out of control spending
More info:
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