The Age of Humanity has yet to come

Aug 24 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – Global Citizen

I get what Plato was saying and think times have changed. More and more people are better educated and informed. Increasingly more are realising the power of seeking the truth and working collectively. As more realise this and that they are Global Citizens more of the fog of elitism, influence and corruption will be lifted. The light of a new age will emerge. The Age of Humanity.

It is interesting how the mind can be geared in so many different ways based on so many factors. It is partly why the human species evolved to dominate planet earth. The problem is many have lost touch of what it means to be human and to live sustainably in harmony with each other and nature so the age of humanity has yet to come.

Here is someone that agrees but has taken this optimism to a much higher level than most are ready for. It is still a interesting concept.

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