ACS / ATS in Washington DC involved in more corruption – how it relates to Winnipeg and elsewhere

Photo courtesy of: Ronni Cohan – WiseUpWinnipeg
Aug 20 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg –

 Here is more details of the corruption involving ACS / ATS photo enforcement in Washington DC. More of it exposed when an African American police officer blew the whistle again.  A Judge has allowed a trial by jury to be scheduled.

Read the articles below for full details and here is a summary including how this relates to ACS / Xerox / Conduent in Winnipeg, Edmonton and elsewhere.

In 2008 a whistle blower exposed that millions of dollars collected from tickets issued by ACS after speed limits artificially lowered.  This will sound familiar to many in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and elsewhere ACS, Redflex or other photo enforcement for profit corporations setup their scams after bribing, influencing or misleading public officials.

Now it claimed up to $80,000 per year of OT paid to 213 sworn police officers in DC on photo radar duty to “help build good will”. This paid from the up to $100 Million per year in tickets issued.  This only exposed after racism with only white officers allowed to access this lottery system.

Some officers paid extra from photo radar without even working OT.

This photo radar duty is highly coveted because, “You come in, set it up, sit back and read a magazine.”

Another similarity to Winnipeg and elsewhere where they required to note each violation and always testify to this and other false or misleading statements in court as if they were following a script.

ACS setup this scamera program in DC before it was taken over by ATS from Arizona. They also setup and still run the scamera program in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. They still had some ties in Edmonton after corruption forced it to be moved in house where it still being used unfairly or unlawfully and has been expanded.
These government sanctioned scams are facing court challenges, class action or heavy resistance in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Quebec and elsewhere from WiseUpWinnipeg, Alberta Cash Cows and other public Advocacy groups. ACS also took over for Redflex in Chicago after 10 years of corruption exposed and resulted in up to 10 years prison time for City official and former Redflex CEO.  Similar scams already shutdown in BC, Ontario, Georgia, Ohio, California and elsewhere with several convictions or disgraced politicians.

ACS was acquired by Lockheed Martin, then Xerox and now spun off into Conduent. This likely to avoid the fallout from more bribery and related corruption investigations and prosecutions by the US and State Justice Departments.

In related news the former founder of ACS and large investor in Xerox is now suing them after the spin off.  He is upset that the spin off has resulted in him losing his share of the gravy.

Watch “ACS / Xerox Photo Enforcement leaves after protest by WiseUpWinnipeg” on YouTube

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