Serious crime is on the rise in Winnipeg yet declining nearly everywhere else in Canada – A close look at why

​Aug 18 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Serious crime (violent and property) has been declining across Canada for many years but has stayed high in Winnipeg and increased this past year.

The Winnipeg Police Association and WPS are saying it is a result of the large increase in calls but FIPPA requests, MB Ombudsman complaints, Court transcripts and other public records and much more prove this is false and misleading which is a repeating pattern from WPA, WPS and those enabling them for personal or special interest gain.

Some are asking are there more and smarter criminals or is their not enough focus on serious crime.  It is not from lack of resources or money as WPS and officers have continually been staffed, compensated and funded much higher than the Canadian average for Police.


Here is some facts and related info that paint a pretty clear picture of what some of the issues are and what needs to be done.

The large poll covered by the Global and Mail in link below and related story from McLeans in 2016 ranked Winnipeg as Canada’s most unsafe city.  This is old news but past WPS annual reports confirm this and the latest one shows it has actually gotten worse.  WPS was the most overstaffed and inefficient service in Canada as per detailed 64 page report in 2014 and they only cut cadets and body cam programs plus were added officers until this year.

Their latest answer to the serious Crime rate was to continue monitoring but not change anything.  Their answer to the Province forcing the City and indirectly WPS to deal with out of control spending on much higher than Canadian average wages, benefits and pensionable OT (much of which on traffic duty and in court defending unfair or unlawful tickets) was cut officers that were part of two serious crime unit partnerships with RCMP that gave them access to more info and resources in this important fight.

Plus WPS has been getting funds diverted from MPI that should be refunded to vehicle owners from overcharges as per legislated monopoly.

Yet OUR Mayor Bowman and majority of our City Council agreed that they and WPS get another decent pay increase even after many past increases well above inflation and out of control spending.  Mean while most other public servants got salary freezes for two years and lower than projected inflation for two more.

The freezes should affect all elected and appointed officials, justices and all public sector to compensate if they have been getting paid higher than most equivalent positions in Canada which is many of them.

This required after OUR past and present City Councils ran up $1 Billion net debt and reoccuring deficits plus NDP with PC opposition ran up MB Gov net debt to $23 Billion and adding up to $1 Billion per year. This has caused repeated credit downgrades and increase in already unaffordable interest payments.

OUR PC Majority Government is trying but not hard enough.  They amended balanced budget legislation to only require reducing annual deficit by $100 million per year to avoid loosing large annual pay increase.  The City has done even less.

New poll ranks Winnipeg as the most unsafe city in the country

Published Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Here are the links to the facts verified by court trancripts, fippa requests, ombudaman complaints, other public docs plus media coverage and much.

Learn how you can be part of the solutions rather than ignore and hope it gets better which is only allowing it to continue and in many cases get worse.

Within these posts or pages you will find links to Learn how you can contest unfair or unlawful alleged simple traffic, parking or bylaw matters and much more.

WPS budget needs to be reined in and a detailed analysis of Fraser Institute study “Police and Crime Rates in Canada” and related facts –

MPI diverting Millions to Police for “safety” initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk –

Enough is enough with the out of control spending and abuse of the public and public funds by WPS and MPIC with the blessing of Senior people at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba –

Warming many School Zones get artificially lowered again to 30k Sept 1st and why you should be concerned. –

Compilation of important Interviews and Videos from WiseUpWinnipeg

Why is our City and Province addicted to unlawful taxation as fines?  Wasteful spending, influence from third party for profit partners and other special interests plus corruption are big parts of the problem.

The worst places to park in Canada: Parking ticket traps, unfair tickets (CBC Marketplace)


Unjust Enrichment and Unlawful Taxation as Fines


Manitobans need to demand they get more in return for some of the highest rates of taxes, fees and fines in Canada


​Private Public Partnerships (P3) perusal is NOT good government policy based on a track record of influence and corruption in Winnipeg, Manitoba and elsewhere.​private-public-partnerships-p3-perusal-is-not-good-government-policy-based-on-a-track-record-of-influence-and-corruption-in-winnipeg-manitoba-and-elsewhere/


Pallister and the PC Government throws farmers and WiseUpWinnipeg (Public Advocates) under bus.

Court actions to end this unlawful taxation as fines and related abuse of the public and public funds.  Be part of the solution not the problem.

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