Compilation of important Interviews and Videos from WiseUpWinnipeg

​Aug 6 2017 – WiseUpWinnipeg

Shadow Davis Show – CJOB Interview in recent series with Todd Dube of WiseUpWinnipeg.  Does not require Facebook account to view.

Class Action involving over $50 Million in Photo Radar Tickets – CJOB interview with Todd Dube

Short Amber times – Mackling and Megarry interview Brian Barkley and Todd Dube on CJOB

Speed or Greed: Does Automated Traffic Enforcement Improve Safety or Generate Revenue

Detailed study initally covered by Geoff Currier CJOB exposes the truth.

If you do not use Facebook consider creating an account to access WiseUpWinnipeg Facebook Group where you will find and a huge archive of other important posts and discussions from over a decade of unfair and unlawful behavior by OUR City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, WPS, WPA and their for profit partners ACS / Xerox and G4S Tech along with related abuse by MPIC with legislated monopoly. You can ask relavent questions and read responses from other questions.  You can set additional privacy settings on your account if you require.

All this being allowed by OUR PC Majority Provincial Government despite failure to City to meet requirements of Conditions of Authority.  The Province, City and WPS or WPA are ignoring in return for 50%, 25% and 25%  of the apparent traffic $afety or parking revenue.  This is very short sited when they stop ignoring the big picture with huge social and economic impacts.

All this resulting in undue pressure on OUR Police Officers with quotas as well as OUR Courts, Clerks, Crown, JJPs, Justices due to 300k alleged traffic and parking offenses being issued per year in Winnipeg.  With record high rate of contesting charter rights and more.

Also visit where new content, petitions and more from our archives being posted.  Please consider donating to important WUW Court Actions that have started and are planned against the City and Province using tle link above.

Othe videos

– Make Driving in Winnipeg Safer

– The International “Safety Scamera” Industry – Todd Dube of WiseUpWinnipeg Breaks it Down! on YouTube –

– Watch “What Mainstream Media Won’t Let WiseUpWinnipeg Say – Todd Dube Tells All!” on YouTube –

– To Serve and Collect – W5

Are police handing out traffic tickets to meet quotas

  part1 –

  part2 –

– Speed Kills Your PocketBook

This video went viral and was the main driving force behind safe and proper speed limits being restored in BC.  This ended the speeding violations epidemic that was occurring due to artificially lowered speed limits.  These issues still occurring in Winnipeg.

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