Canadian soldier who died by suicide after serving in Afghanistan to be honoured with memorial cross

I believe this is at least the second reversed decision by VAC regarding PTSD. There is many more that should be honored properly and it was a promise by the Liberals.

Canada is an internationally respected nation for the most part and one of the main reasons is due to the average behavior of our military and soildiers in peace keeping or combat past and present.

Here is a comment from the original post that I agree nearly 100%. My edits in ().

“Balance is required. When we train our soldiers to be state mandated killers (protectors of freedom) we need also to train them how to live past the events of horror. I know that this “sounds” like a horrible thing but war is a horrible thing and leaders a followers need to acknowledge and deal with the events as they happen. This policy would go a long way to save soldiers lives and save grief and loss with families. The VAC would be less burdened with the psychological fallout and be better prepared for the mental casualties of conflict. Miigwech”

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