Purdue Pharma is one of the biggest among big pharma.  They are in legal trouble again and for good reasons

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July 20 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – Global Citizen and Public Advocate – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-UQ

An Ontario Judge doesn’t want this big pharma giant to feel ganged up on and is thinking $20 Million maybe unreasonable.  Even though they turned a blind eye and even encouraged sales to clinics or DR’s patients that their internal watchdog departments had flagged as excessive and likely being diverted to street dealers.  They also lied when marketing their drug as less addictive than fast acting pain killers on the market.  This is a crime under the Canadian Food and Drug Act with up to 5 years in Prison and no cap on financial penalty.

Millions of people’s lives have been effected and many preventable overdoses after addiction to Oxi or after they could no longer get it when it Purdue pulled it just before patent expired and many moved to even more deadly drugs like illicit Fentanyl.  Is someone from big pharma influencing this guy directly or the senior Justices or politicians that control his promotions?

Ontario Judge puts settlement with Purdue Pharma on hold


Part two of this story.  Hopefully the Judge put this meager $20 Million settlement on hold to allow Ottawa to file a federal lawsuit.  Oxy made Purdue $31 Billion.

Ottawa urged to prosecute Purdue Pharma over marketing of OxyContin


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