Parliamentary independence and important information for at least Manitoban and Canadian voters

Parliamentary independence should be a requirement not a rarity.  Here is an MLA who is at least trying to earn their Honorable title.  We need more like MLA Fletcher to stand up when it is appropriate.  He deserves to be commended for his actions regardless of where you stand on this specific bill.
Our past NDP gov and MLA’s passed legislation like amendments to the SCA, HTA and other legislation and policies that are in breach of or allowing the breach of Charter protected rights and other legal rights all in the name of $afety revenue.  Our current PC gov has not repealed these amendments and has done little to nothing to addres the serious issues WiseUpWinnipeg and others have repeatedly raised.  It is long overdue for these issues and their impacts to get addressed.

Honourable MLA Fletcher strikes again


He is trying to stop this: “The premier names his cabinet, changing them and their duties at his pleasure. The premier, assisted by his cabinet members, appoints the heads and members of a blizzard of government agencies and enterprises. Virtually none of the appointments come through an application process. All serve at his pleasure: no fixed terms. As for the benefits bestowed to hundreds of appointees, decent compensation and open door to opportunities for travel and other perks.”

Interesting info for all Canadian voters

Good news if this passes.  Contact your MP and Senator if you agree.

​Canada’s foreign election financing is finally getting addressed

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