Is WPS using excessive force and is there more to this

Hopefully MB IIU did a proper independent investigation and WPS will be taking steps to prevent this type of incident.  If excess force used then there should be consequences.  In the UK, Australia and some other countries regular police do not carry firearms and there is a lot less shooting of the public and police per capita then here.

Independent oversight is good as long as it done by civilians and is effective. What happened with Officer Trenton? Why was he not held without bail as a risk to the public. Also Robert Taman recently resigned from our Police Commission after an active WPS police officer appointed to the commission. He said it proven repeatedly that Police should not investigate Police.

Here is the link to the official MB IIU report on this incident.

This is part of the report and is concerning but best to read the full report for context:

This is part of the report and is concerning but best to read the full report for context:
“CW1 described the firearm as an air gun that fired small BB projectiles, but said it was not operational as it lacked a magazine and ammunition.
It resembled an Uzi mini submachine gun and was purchased by CW1’s roommate at a local store in Winnipeg.”

The public would have a clear picture if the officers had the body cams they almost got.  WPS scrapped the body cam program and reduced low cost cadet programs when they didn’t get the full double digit budget increase when they requested.  It not clear if these decisions made with direction from the Wpg Police Board.  This after they wasted a large portion of their over $200 Million budget (85% of which is Salary, Benefits and Pensions) on $365,000 military armored vehicle which the public couldn’t afford to buy or maintain.

They then decided to spend $200,000 on advanced rifles when officers already carry handgun plus a shotgun in many vehicles. This even though it proven repeatedly if police have more and advanced firearms there is an escalation of violence and more of the public and police get shot. Then they asked for $3.6 Million bailout to pay bloated pensions after out of control OT and worse.

This all after a detailed 64 page report in 2014 from the well respected Fraser Institute found the WPS the most overstaffed and inefficient service in Canada even considering population, demographics, crime rates and much more. An analysis of the numbers in the report which were verified showed WPS had about 300 more officers than the public needed and can afford.

Worse yet the report showed crime rate (violent and property) in Winnipeg amount the highest in Canada.  So the public paying an awful lot and not getting enough in return.

When is the public going to see better use of public funds and services.

WPS budget needs to be reined in and a detailed analysis of Fraser Institute study “Police and Crime Rates in Canada” and related facts

Here is CBC’s coverage of this MB IIU press release:

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