​Should we be concerned that City Council, WPS, the Province and even some of the media are ignoring important facts regarding public safety?

Jan 24 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-S3

Important message for members and general public concerned about true traffic and public safety. This is for those fed up with the $afety version CoW, WPS, ACS / Xerox / TSS, MPIC and MB Gov have been feeding the public for over 14 years.

There is many documented cases of public safety being ignored and here is one that has been a known issue for years with known resolutions but noting really done.

This involves Bishop Grandin and recent City report on the latest Traffic safety study of this road.

During WiseUpWinnipeg’s recent protest at Bishop and St. Mary’s Counc. Brian Mayes was quoted saying he appreciated driver concerns about safety and fairness, but he didn’t think increasing amber light times was the solution.
“I don’t think the problem is … we need a longer light at certain intersections. I think that would just confuse people,” he said.
“I do think it’s a fair point to say we need more advanced notice of the lights changing. I think that’s a fair point, and that’s something some of us have raised.”
First off he contradicts himself.  Secondly where is he getting his info from to make the assumptions a longer amber time would not help and would confuse drivers?  Is he an engineer?

He is a member of the following comittee and attended the following recent meeting dicussing this study but it doesn’t even mention amber times.
Also can the Council and the public trust  this latest traffic safety study Authored by City Transportation Mgr Luis Escobar when APEGM complaint panel of engineers found he committed Professional Misconduct regarding red light amber times and the covered up during appeal that got exposed by whistleblower.  Links to Metro coverage below and more.
Part of the following City report says:

The Winnipeg Public Service utilizes a Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) based guideline for left turn movements but yet they are ignoring TAC’s Guideline for Yellow change interval (amber time) even though this using a well known formula which is required by law in many jurasdictions.

It is long overdue for politicians like Mayes and others who ignore the facts to try and allow their hidden agenda to go. This is no longer hidden from more of the public after comments from WPS, past Councillors and others.
It is overdue for more of the public to see the true impacts of the lies and misleading statements or worse and act.

More details and links to sources:
Minutes – Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works – 

January 10, 2017 


Item No. 11 Traffic Study – Bishop Grandin Boulevard 


The Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works concurred in the recommendation of the Winnipeg Public Service and received the report as information.
Part of the above report says:

The Winnipeg Public Service utilizes a Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) based guideline for accommodating left turn movements on high speed routes at signalized intersections.
Paper Prepared for Presentation 


Of the 2016 Conference of the 

Transportation Association of Canada Toronto, ON
The basic timing parameters used to develop signal timing plans for a standard eight- phase intersection 

The following parameters are typically programmed for each phase in the traffic signal controller (NEMA & 170 specifications): 

1) Minimum Green Time 

2) Passage time (Vehicle Extension Time) 

3) Maximum green Time 

4) Yellow change interval 

5) Red clearance interval 

6) Pedestrian Timing Intervals (walk interval, pedestrian clearance interval) 

For coordinated systems, in addition to the above, the important parameters are: cycle length, phase split, and offsets. 

The following section identifies any concerns – and recommend


The yellow change interval is intended to alert a driver to the impending presentation of 

a red indication (2).

It is the first interval following the green right-of-way interval. It is a clearance interval to 

warn approaching traffic to clear the intersection before conflicting traffic receives a 

green indication (6).

Under the permissive yellow law, the yellow change interval has two purposes: 

a) It permits approaching vehicles that can come to a comfortable stop to stop. 

b) It permits approaching vehicles that are either within the intersection or too close 

to the stop line to clear the intersection.

The ITE kinematic equation is the recommended and commonly used method for 

calculating the yellow change interval (8).

Y = T + V / (2 (a + G g)) ……………………………………. (1)


Y = length of the yellow change interval (sec)

T = perception – reaction time, generally assumed as 1 second

V = 85th percentile approach speed (km/h)

‘a = average deceleration rate, generally assumed (11 km/h/s)

‘g = approach grade (percentage divided by 100, negative for downgrade)

G = acceleration due to gravity (35.3 km/h/s)

Full details here and in other engineering standards from TAC


Exert from the following CoW meeting minutes and lastest traffic study of Bishop Grandin.

Recent Changes to Protected Left Turn Signal Phases on High Speed Routes 

The Winnipeg Public Service utilizes a Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) based guideline for accommodating left turn movements on high speed routes at signalized intersections.
From a traffic safety perspective, it is undesirable to have a four-legged intersection operate with permissive (green ball) left turns (while the opposing through movement has a green ball display) on a high speed route, due in part to a potential sightline 

obstruction of the opposing through movement caused by opposing left turning vehicular traffic queued in the left turn storage lane.
In accordance with City guidelines, effective November 2011, only exclusive protected left turn phases (green arrows) be implemented for all streets with speed limits of 70 km/h or greater and that any deviation from this requirement is to 

be justified with a technical memo to the Manager of Transportation.
11. Traffic Study – Bishop Grandin Boulevard – From CoW Council Meeting Mintues Jan 10 2017


Dangerously Inadequate Yellow Light / Amber time issues in Winnipeg and cover up
Two Metro articles combined with commentary:


One of the two Articles:

This affects all Manitoban drivers and vehicle owners:

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk


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