Life Expectancy Declines in at least US for first time in twenty years


Dec 12 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Concerned Global Citizen –

This Metro article and the study linked below should raise some flags in several areas.  More attention is needed on the root causes and prevention of early deaths.

By: Metro Published on Thu Dec 08 2016

Another concerning and related matter is some academics and researchers are predicting that many of today’s children will not live as long as their parents (e.g. Gen X will outlive their Millennial children). If this is correct it should be very concerning.  Here is an article looking at both side of this.

Will today’s children die earlier than their parents?

8 July 2014, By Laura Gray, BBC News

Source of the above metro article:

Mortality in the United States, 2015

Key findings
How long can we expect to live?
What are the age-adjusted death rates for race-ethnicity-sex groups?
What are the leading causes of death?
What are the leading causes of infant death?

Data source and methods
About the authors

Suggested citation
NCHS Data Brief No. 267, December 2016

Here is some previous and interesting statistical graphs (not specific to the US)

Image result for life expectancy clipart

Related image

Image result for life expectancy 2016

Image result for life expectancy 2016



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