“Its the laws though and people just need to follow rules”

Nov 30 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-NB

Many of you know I am an activist for fair and lawful traffic enforcement and related matters.

Myself and other WiseUpWinnipeg members simetimes hear the following or something along these lines when new members join our group.   We try and inform people that traffic and parking enforcement in Winnipeg and some other jurisdictions are being used as a revenue center at the cost of improving true public safety, reducing serious crime (violent and property)  and our improving economies.  How known and often created traffic and parking engineering deficiencies in proper and safe speed limits, signage, amber times and more are being aggressively targeted by police and parking authorities and their third party for profit partners on behalf of Cities, Provinces and States.

“Don’t speed and you won’t get a ticket”

“Its the laws though and people just need to follow the rules”

Often these people are already tuned out or tune out after the first part as they have been feed safety propaganda for years and conditioned that all laws are just.

I used to try and point to examples of the deficiencies and more info (e.g. the pinned post in www.WiseUpWinnipeg.com) and it often opens their eyes to issues they had no idea were so extensive and impactful.  Sometimes they don’t even bother and they willfully choose to be uninformed.  If you persist or they stick around long enough they hear similar messages, learn more and start to see the true issues and impacts.  This takes a lot of effort and I used to persist as I have seen the impacts more than most as I been involved in this for a while, have talked and worked with others that have for even longer.  We have delved deep into the issues and impacts by attending court, FIPPA requests and more.

Now I just ask

“Are you sure?

  Have you ever heard of a policy or rule or a law that was found to be unlawful and had to be changed (amended or revoked etc…)

 Women not allowed to vote, slavery and many others were once lawful until enough people stopped accepting it and saw it as an abuse of the public or worse.

We have already proven in court in at least three cases that some traffic parking tickets are unlawful and our senior officials at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba knew they were but continued to issue them until we used the courts and FIPPA to prove they were not lawful and that they knew.  It involved Millions of dollars worth of tickets each time.  The worse part is they didn’t refund the unlawful tickets paid in good faith.  There is still more of this going on and it gets worse when you start looking at the impacts to true public safety and the our economies.”

 Here are some examples of the replies.

Yup I know lots of tickets shouldn’t have been given I was one 0f them… I’m not into debates … I’m not involved with politics either …

My response

“I only brought it up because you said ” Its the laws though people just need to follow rules”. A lot of people agree with you and we are brought up to follow rules but sometimes the rules need to be questioned. We need to teach our children this important lesson or they will be taken advantage of when they grow up and are on their own.

Do you agree?”

I can add to this and have written about this in more detail in other posts.

As society, citizens and voters we need to be involved in politics and in more than just voting as some of our elected and appointed leaders take advantage of the fact many don’t get involved enough.

Democracy does not just work on it’s own.  It takes regular involvement from the public.  The direction we have been going in Manitoba and Canada regarding politics, public services, spending, our health and environment  etc… is not sustainable.   Many of our politicians and officials are influenced and sometimes corrupted by greed, unions, third party for profit companies etc… Similar is happening in other countries.

We have power in numbers and when we work collectively but many don’t realize this or do not want to invest in the effort.  Until that changes we will struggle.

About Kevin Yaworski

I use my blog to write about things that I think are a matter of public interest or that I think others will be interested in
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