Schools are a reflection of today’s society

Nov 29 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen

I agree with this for the most part but there is some schools that handle the challenges they face better than others. It takes several things to make a school successful but the biggest is how parents raise their children.

I am a parent of two teenagers and one young adult, my wife is in the last few months of her education to become a teacher and I have several friends or aquaintences that are high school teachers.

I see and hear more and more how the kids are less and less prepared for high school each year. I see and hear that they don’t know how or struggle with studying or taking notes etc… Not all kids are like this but it shows up in the averages and is getting worse each year. Is the bottom near? We look at this more below.

My wife and I struggle somewhat with this even with our own children even though we have been taking steps for years to make sure their school work takes priority. There is so much more that distracts them from learning, wanting to learn and doing well than ever before.

More and more teachers are getting harassed by parents as less and less parents are taking responsibility for their children’s behavior.

The influence parents have over children has greatly diminished in much of the modern world unless they take a draconian approach which is far from ideal and creates other issues. The right balance is needed, it requires support from both parents or guardians as well as parents in the community and elsewhere but this is easier said than done.

Here is more on these issues from another post and article I found followed by some links to related issues and some suggestions.

As we have moved into the 21st century, schools have increasingly been charged with tasks formerly associated with the church and the family. In addition to teaching reading, ‘writing, and ‘rithmatic, schools need to teach driver’s education, swimming, sex education. suicide and violence prevention, the evils of smoking, drugs and alcohol and an entire liturgy of other topics. Not only do educators not have the time to add these topics but, in some cases, they haven’t had the training to deal with them. Schools have become the nation’s emergency room dealing with situations that the rest of society doesn’t want to deal with nor does society have the answer to these problems.

Schools reflect society, not the reverse. When people complain that students lack positive values or they will ruin society, the correct response – I feel is to look at the negativity of campaign advertising or the recklessness of the financial and banking community.

I agree with above but we need to look at a lot more things than what is listed at the end.

Money does NOT solve all problems. I cannot help but think back to my grandparents who as immigrants had to learn English to become citizens of this great country. They knew the way to success was a good education. They supported the schools and their teachers for their children (my parents). They were monetarily poor but were compelled to work hard, live simply and knew how blessed they were to be in America.

I am so tired of people blaming our problems on our schools! Our schools are a reflection of our society. The problem lies within the American family that is primarily responsible for raising our children. I have no idea what the percentages are of two-parent families, but I know it has a negative effect for our children. We have too many “sperm donors” who do not support their children emotionally or financially. We have mothers who have to work to support their families or are relying on the government to support them. They are tired after a full day of work or are becoming dependent on government because of the “spoiled child syndrome.” (The more the parents do for a child, the less the child does. This also works the same way when adults — who CAN work — depend on our government programs.)

I agree with all this and would add that it takes two to make a relationship or family work and it is not fair to only mention the sperm donors. Both men and women in a relationship or not have a responsibility when sex is invloved. Also the community needs to be involved with all kids.


Parenting in the western world appears to be harder than elsewhere with average outcomes far from ideal.

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