Why was Fake news new news to so many?

Many internet savy users have used snopes.com and other reputable sites to debunk Hoaxes, Urban Myths and Legends since email chains became common.  It has been clear for awhile now that not enough internet users use this approach and even less take the time to verifying news sources and stories.
The consequences to this have been enormous and only recently is this issue getting the attention needed.  Learn more here.

Use news sites or fact checker type sites that list sources in there articles or stories and check the sources (e.g. snopes.com and factchecker.org).  Beware Presstitutes/Presstitudes “either an individual reporter or news broadcaster, or a media news group, who reports to be unbiased but is in fact tailoring their news to suit someone’s goal, usually corporations or big business political affiliates”.

How to Spot Fake News

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