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Nov 8th 2016 11:41 am – Kevin Yaworski – www.yaworski.net – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-KN

Many are saying Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have clearly demonstrated they are not suitable to be President and have only repeatedly embarrassed the entire USA on the world stage. What happens if enough Americans think the same thing?

I hope enough Americans decline their ballots if permitted in their state or vote for independent so neither Trump or Hillary gets the minimum number of electoral votes to be elected President (270).  Ideally this would demonstrate a loss of confidence in the candidates and would mean a new election called with neither of the them being permitted to re-run. Obama and the democrats would stay in office until a new President elected.

Unfortunately I think enough on either side will be worried that if they do this enough of the public will vote for one or the other and one will win.   I think this will force many of them to vote for what they feel is the lesser of the two evils.  Also it goes to the House and the Senate if this happens and they decide who is President and VP.  I think enough Americans are fed up and they should push for changes to how their nominees are elected and how the President is elected.

Why do so many feel this way?

Hillary appears to many as the lesser of the two evils. She was never convicted of any crimes and some have called into question FBI director James Comey’s behavior leading up to the election including 11 days before the election but regardless would you want the leader of your country regularly investigated by authorities? Do you want a career politician that has clearly been influenced?  How many politicians of 30 years have not secom to the constant temptation or offers of influence from unions, corporations etc… Trump is right that she has had plenty of time to make the changes she is advocating for or at least try to. You could go on and on.

Trump is even disliked by many republicans but is seen as the first nominee that is not like the rest of the politicians in a country that many feel is in desperate need of major changes to it’s political system. He is the first Presidential nominee ever to not release his tax returns, proven to constantly lie or mislead and the way he thinks of and treatments women is well documented. He wants to ban all Muslims until tighter controls for entry. wants a wall between Mexico and when asked what about Canada said we will build one there as well.  You could go on and on.
Both have been caught lying, misleading or planting or encouraging supports to attend the others events to cause disruption etc… They have both proven they are not capable of compromise or of uniting their strongly divided country. You could go on and on about both and even if you include what good they have done it is by far shadowed by what they have done wrong or that puts in to question their fitness to be President.
Both sides and others have had to setup fact checker websites to try and help the public decipher all the BS.

The media has only made matters worse by only worrying about being first to the story instead of first to the facts.

I think Hillary will win but if it is too close there will be a call for re-counts and if Trumps loses he will surely declare it was rigged and demand it be investigated.

Many are predicting that who ever is elected they will be more investigations and they will be impeached within 6 months to a year.
I hope enough Americans agree and don’t want more embarrassment down the road so call for a loss of confidence as mentioned above.

Time will tell!

Nov 9 2016

Trump Won Because Leftist Political Correctness Inspired a Terrifying Backlash

What every liberal who didn’t see this coming needs to understand


What happens when a record number of voters show up to the polls and a record number of those decline or spoil their ballot because they like none of the above

Here is an example of what happened when a large number of Manitobans felt none of the candidates in their riding or the parties were worth voting for but wanted to participate in the voting process in hopes enough of the public did the same thing to send a clear message.

We need to get rid of persistently non performing leaders and ask for honest, hard working and skilled candidates

See details of record or very high number of declined and rejected / spoiled ballots.


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