Only in Manitoba ? Dismal state of Healthcare, Police, Justice, Education, First Nations Canadians and Infrastructure


Oct 6 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg –

Hope this info can prevent others from going through this for themselves or family.  It involves osteoarthritis and depression.

My Mom who is in her late 60’s was just told yesterday by a heart specialist to stop taking Ibuprofen or very limited after she was told she may have had a minor heart attack.  Her family Dr and other Dr’s have been telling her to take it and alternate with creams that contains it on her knee for years because of pain in her leg that prevented her from walking far or even sleeping.

Over several years at least 3 Dr’s physically checked her and took x-rays of her knee several times and said her knee was 78% normal so they won’t do anything until it gets worse.  Then after at least 2 years or more of taking Tylenol, T3’s and Ibuprofen just to walk a bit and sleep I got fed up and took her to Panam Clinic which is partly privatized and apparently better.

DR did and said same thing as well as suggested $400 injection that may help and last much longer than Cortisone injects which can do more harm than good long term.  Did nothing to help her other than drain her bank account.  When back and Dr cancelled twice without calling her cell phone on file.  My guess he avoiding or was dropping MB Health patients first those that can afford to skip the queue like some athletes or teams in Pro sports.

We asked her Family Dr to refer her to specialist and they said long waiting list unless you want to go to Winkler.  She said yes and saw one within a month or two.  Once there he knew it was her Hip and not her knee after 5 mins of physically checking her and asking questions.   10 mins later an x-ray of her hip confirmed and it was bone on bone with much of it worn down already.  She getting surgery in Nov.

Absolutely ridiculous that it took this long, she had to suffer so much and now find out the meds they prescribed may have done more harm than good.  I felt terrible as I took her on mild to moderate hikes and long walks in NZ so she wasn’t left at home or waiting around plus got some exercise.  She declined wheelchair or walking stroller with seat.  All we did was make it worse.

My 21 year old son has been suffering with severe depression for several years and his Dr kept saying you just need to talk to someone about your issues and ignored him.  After getting fed up he researched and based on his symptoms suspected low Testosterone. He finally went to his Dr and asked for blood work.  The Dr dud it but only reluctantly.  It came back with extremely low T and another hormone issue.  The Dr said I don’t believe it and said he just needs natural treatment but didn’t refer him to anyone.   He has been self medicating first with marijuana but it only helped short term and made it worse long term so he has turned to alcohol which is still not the answer.

He was hospitalized several times in the last few months due to depression and severe anxiety where his hands were trembling and he couldn’t even speak.  A phycologist at the hospital said he never seen anyone his age with such advanced depression.  He suggested specialist but said it had to be his Dr.  Around and around he went.  He is getting progress now but only after pushing and pushing for specialist.  They suspect benign tumor putting pressure on his pituitary gland.  He on waiting list for MRI but if you can afford it you can get one same day here or if you can afford to travel you can get one earlier.

I have a friend who I just learned went through almost the same thing and suffered for many years before he forced them to do blood work and get T injections and was normal in almost no time.

You hear many similar and worse stories in MB.  These probably wouldn’t have happened almost anywhere else in Canada.  OUR Senior elected and appointed officials in Winnipeg (City Hall) and Manitoba Government have wasted or allowed  Billions every year to be spent on self serving or special interests while the general public suffer with the worst or close to the worst performing public services in Canada.

Yet we have some of the highest rates of taxes, fees and fines plus unlawful fines proven in court on several occasions involving $ millions each time.

Time for Joe Public to do more than informal complaining or waiting for another election where they get lied to and mislead.

A concerned family member commented on the above

“Sorry to hear about your experiences. Throughout some of our medical experiences, we have been told that we need to take a pro-active approach to our medical needs. Eg- if your not feeling any better, insist on further action.”

I said you are right. The concern I have is not everyone has the confidence or courage to do this so they suffer.
The public is paying $Billions every year for Healthcare via taxes and fees which is thousands or tens of thousands depending on how much you earn. This should be enough to get better service without having to demand or insist on it.
Enough of the public need to demand our Political representatives put forward private member bills or party bills to amend legislation to better protect the pubic and the environment.
– Prevent greed, self serving and special interests from being the priority and make it unlawful to do this.
– Make it unlawful to promise something in a campaign and the penalty if not delivered by mid term is termination without severance and a bi-election called. We should not have to wait 4 years to get rid of the trash and be back at square one.
– Make it unlawful (criminal offenses) for unions or other lobby groups to influence politicians, regulators etc…
– Strengthen current legislation and policies (FIPPA, Ombudsman, Elections, and related Act’s, to better monitor and enforce this as well as harsh
– Consequences for breaching these and other crimes. Like loosing their pensions or part of in equal amount to what was misused plus damages etc…
Then they will work for the people again not them selves and special interests and we would have better and more efficient healthcare, education of the youth and adults, justice system, police, lower crime including serious (violent and property), infrastructure and other public services.

Similar changes are needed elsewhere in Canada especially for First Nation or Aboriginal Canadians and other parts of the country where more is being spend on self serving public officials or special interests and not the general public or public services.

It is overdue for the general public to take back control of the direction of their country and get more for their money

Until this the public, the economy and the environment which affects our health and more will suffer!

Top Doctors are now warning anyone over 40 to stop taking Ibuprofen immediately


Is our Political System Working? Do we need a Public Union that represents the general public?

Manitobans need to demand they get more in return for some of the highest rates of taxes, fees and fines in Canada


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