Is our Political System Working? Do we need a Public Union that represents the general public?


Sept 2 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg –

I was initially encouraged by positive motions being put forward or promises kept by OUR City Council, EPC or PC Government.

When you look at it a bit closer this isn’t much and we need to do something about the important issues they ignoring.

We need something that will shift our Political culture and solve most if not all the major issues at the City and Province. Something drastic needs to change to deal with our leaders that refuse to listen or have gone to far to be reformed.

Counc. Janice Lukes and Scott Gillingham’s recent announcements about EPC voting in favor of putting motion to Council to improve transparency in City’s annual compensation report (any one paid over $50k by the City).

Was it coincident this on the same day as several of the  mainstream media flooded the public about $afety in artifically reduced 30k School Zones? How CAA caught many “Dangerous” drivers going around 53k etc…  This when City Council and or EPC as well some senior people at the Province have been ignoring engineering studies, our own certified and regulated engineers who said 30k zones don’t improve safety and only need better signage including flashing lights only when children present which even CAA recommended. Lukes ignoring a on the road audit list and vudeo of 176 missing school zone signs and said more signs confusing. WPS shown in news using tripods but almost never due normally.

I was also encouraged by Deputy Premier; AG Heather Stefanson saying she open to ideas to reduce back log of 24 months or more in MBSC (aka traffic /  parking court) and the resulting breaches of charter rights. Then ignored suggestion to address the root causes of the delays and instructs the Crown to step up plea bargains to change plea for reduced fine.

They are not addressing the root cause of the delays in court (abusive, unfair and unlawful traffic and parking taxes as fines).

They also didn’t repeal the NDP’s ammendments to the Summary Covictions Act that breached charter rights by allowing peace officers to give statement in court instead of be questioned by the accused. They have not implemented yet and assume because this will get challenged in court.

They just ammended or didn’t repeal legislation that gave municipalities more control over summary convictions which allowed the City to ammend City Bylaw to make it harder for the public to contest unfair or unlawful parking offenses.

Premier Brian Pallister and the PC’s promise to reduce taxes including PST and …, more transparency and accountability and other promises.

Then they reduced cabinet but gave themselves all a raise on top of being out of parliament for a good chuck of the year including 8 weeks over sumner.

Earlier this year they said the financial state from the NDP worse than they had suspected so delaying reducing PST till the 4th year. Then recently saying it isn’t that but not reducing PST or other taxes yet (does this mean they will wait till 4th year to see if the polls still show majority support and then will renage on their promises?)

I strongly believe these few positive motions or honored promises was from pressure from WiseUpWinnipeg and others in the public.  I don’t trust these are genuine based on their track record and what mentioned above.

Especially when EPC delayed the vote on this important transparency issue for a month when it has been asked about for years and are ignoring many more serious issues.

The PC’s said they would make the enforcement issues a campaign issue but stalled till they saw they had a majority and have ignored this and the other serious issues since.

Did they hope these few positive motions or honored promises would reduce the heat from the following that they ignoring?

– Unnessary growth fees
– Bad and pre vote Hydro land deal
– CZ, KYZ and other unfair or unlawful traffic and parking tickets proven in court and with FIPPA with no refunds
– Whistle blower exposing deliberate unfair and unlawful parking tickets
– Parking bylaw changes to allow WPA / G4S to go onto private property and ticket more than 4 or 6 parked or stored vehicles and make it harder to contest unfair or unlawful tickets
– Serious Crime rate Winnipeg and public perception of this in Canada amoungst the worst if not worst in Canada (Confirmed by WPS annual reports and reports from two well respected institutions in Canada
– WPS not properly disciplining or investigating officers breaching the HTA  unnessarily or allegations of unethical or criminal behavior
– WPS asking for bailout to pay bloated pension, after it already got a  x $ Million Budget Increase and xx $Million more each year for several years before that
– WPS cutting or reduced low cost body cam and cadet programs instead of making the efficiency changes and laying off the 300 more high paid officers than we need or can afford
– WPS allowed to buy a 365k military armoured vehicle and 200k advanced riffles it couldn’t afford to buy or maintain
– OT for WPS and some others out of control and pensionable
– Some WPS officers making more after OT than the Chief
– Senior officers allowed to transfer to traffic unit and encouraged to work OT and then retire early with $100k for life plus some some of this to benificary after death.
– Breach of charter rights
– Out of control spending at the City, Province as well as School Boards, MPIC, Hydro, MLCC and other Crown Corps or SOA’s on salaries, pensions, benefits, mgmt to staff ratios, expenses and more.
– Performance of our Justice System, Healthcare, Education, Equality for First Nations Canadians, Infrastructure and others ranked amongst the worst if not worst in Canada yet we have some of the highest rates of taxes, fines and fees in Canada
– Many other serious issues

Here is a somethings that would shift our Political culture and solve most if not all our Political issues including those that refuse to listen or have not gone to far to be reformed.  This can lead in to a Public Union that represents the general public.

WiseUpWinnipeg Monthly Quiz
– Most Improved Elected or Appointed Official Award
– Most Skilled Self Serving and Greedy Award

Code of Ethics for Members

This is to encourage better communication with our elected representatives and officials and help better expose the ones that have made it clear they have no interest in public interest or safety as well as show we are focused on solutions not complaining.

Admins will vote on who they think has the best answers after a week

If that not enough we collect a small amount from members via a gofundme page and the member with winnipeg entry will receive a $50 prepaid credit card at the next general meeting (or sent in the post or electronically). Assuming this legal.

What has your Councillor, MLA or and Appointed official done in the last month to help address the important issues WiseUpWinnipeg is standing against and Advocating for.  Many of these have been ignored for years at creating social and economic cost.

Some examples:
– Correcting traffic engineering deficiencies, in safe and proper speed limits, amber times, signage (including missing, obscured, confusing traffic and parking signs  and related)

– Requiring national engineering standards (MUTCD) be a requirement and not an option as in Ontario and elsewhere

– The priority of the Police being preventing, investigating and solving serious crime (violent and property), building strong community relationships; trust and respect and not for traffic enforcement as $afety revenue generation with target of having the lowest traffic violation and crime rate in Canada not one of the highest.

– Re-instate and increase the mandate of the MB Traffic Review Board:
Proper and safe speed limits, signage and enfocement of non-compliance by PWD, Province and their contractors with disapline or penalties and criminal for the most serious cases of disregard for public safety
Dismantled and hampered by former Minister of MIT Steve Ashton and City Council

– Demanding Police and Peace Officers and others in Authority be investigated for allegations of abuse of the public, the HTA, Bylaws or policies and adequate consequences if convicted.  For criminal allegations independent investigation by the RCMP with full co-operation of WPS and Crown.

– Raining in out of control spending at WPS, MPIC, City Hall and The Province including way above average salaries, OT, benefits, pensions, mgmt to staff ratio.

Click to access cityofwinnipegcompensationdisclosure.pdf

Click to access pubacct_2_15.pdf

CAC (MPI) – Public Utilities Board – GoM, Infor Requests – Round 1, CAC (MPI) 1-1

Click to access mpi_round1_cac.pdf

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk

Enough is enough with the out of control spending and abuse of the public and public funds by WPS and MPIC with the blessing of Senior people at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba

– Public sector union negotiators and arbitrators need to be required to take in to consideration what the tax and rate payers can afford, including salaries, benefits, pensions, staffing levels in cluding mgmt to staff ratios that are at or lower than Canadian average and City and Province net debt.

– Improving Transparency and Accountability including detailed compensation and expenses for all high paid civil servants, SOA’s and Crown Corps, making their contracts and 3rd party contracts available to the public before signing or amending.
– See some of the compensation info available now above which is concerning but not detailed enough.
– Officer names instead of badge number for high paid senior WPS staff not involved in investigating, preventing or solving serious crime

– Reducing net debt, crippling interest payments, then reducing taxes, fees and fines
* To be inline with Canadian average or lower to stimulate economic growth and jobs and attract other Canadians to Manitoba instead of loosing more every year than we gain even with population growth.

* Manitobans need to demand they get more in return for some of the highest rates of taxes, fees and fines in Canada –

* Reducing Taxes and Improving Quality of Education in MB –


Most Skilled Self or Special Interest Serving and Greedy Award.

What is the favourite tactic of some of OUR Politicians we voted in or allowed to be appointed on idle promises of positive change and better leadership?

1. manipulating stats or repeating stats not verified
2. lies or misleading statements
3. excluding important information from discussions
4. closed door meetings for no valid reason
5. improperly using regulations in FIPPA and Ombudsman legislation to hide the facts
6. quoting opponents statements out of context
7. influencing the media one way or another to report their propaganda, false and misleading info
8. divert money from other public bodies when they wasted and hope the public won’t notice
6. pretending to listen and be concerned and then ignore and hope the issue goes away
7. use 3rd party partners like CAA or MPIC to future their $afety or other propaganda
when desperate they like to use 6 and 7 together in an attempt to distract the public
8. using missing or poorly written legislation, bylaws or policy to mis-interpret the intenstions of our legislators to avoid doing what is in the best interest of the public
9. suggesting enacting or amending legislation, bylaws or policy that in not in the best interest of the public and in some cases breaching charter rights
10. diverting public funds for specific purposes to general coffers after mismanagement
11. taking turns putting forward public interest motions and taking turns voting no
13. all of the above and used equally so it isn’t’ too obvious (the methodical ones)
14. what ever comes to mind so it doesn’t look to obvious (the lazy ones)
15. what ever tactic is best suited for the situation (only the most skilled and experienced ones can think fast enough and choose the right one under pressure)

If you choose one of these list which politician, official or group (e.g. EPC or Comittee) if needed that you think uses this tactic the most

If you choose 13,14 or 15 list which one of one you think has best demonstrated this and give example.

Warning 13’s are the ones that are possibly beyond reform and if so need to go first.   They may have worked the hardest to hide their tracks and have someone ready as a planned or surprised scapegoat so we much work harder to expose them.  Hint: 13’s are sometimes but not always career politicians and or lawyers (no disrespect to the many good lawyers out there but there is a clear trend with Lawyers and Politics especially here.

Code of Ethics for Members
Here is a draft of some suggested member ethics for members to discuss, suggest amendments, inclusions or exclusions and vote on.

Following these Ethics should guarantee we flush out the Greedy and Self Serving Politicians and replace them with individuals that can follow our ethics, work hard and improve our City and Province.

These can be the foundations of a new social movement or public union that is forming.
Stay Tuned!

In no particular order of priority

1. We must not fall victim to the tactics of self or special interest serving politicians that we have mistakenly elected or allowed to be appointed.

2. We must only quote verified facts in response or we too will loose credibility and respect in the eyes of the general public and insiders that want change and may lend us a hand or blow the whistle.

3. We must respect each other and our leaders, police and other civil servants as not all are informed, corrupt or self serving. We must give them respect so those with our ethics, strength and courage can help weed out the bad apples within.

4. If we witness or have experience with a bad apple or other issue that needs attention especially one that we know is affecting others in the public we must document it as best we can and make a formal complaint. e.g. 311 or …  We must then share the complaint and responses or lack of with our members and if serious ask them to share with others.

5. If we are ignored we must use our collective influence as voters and contact our representatives at the appropriate level of government, SOA or Crown Corp (School Board Trustee, Councillor, MLA, MP or Appointed officials, etc…).

6. If we are still ignored we must use the tools that taxpayers are paying for that we and the public are not utilising enough including FIPPA, LERA, RCMP Complaints, Ombudsman, Charter rights, the courts and others.  If these were used more we would not be in the state we are in.

7.We must share our complaints and responses or lack of with members and if needed encourage them to share with others.

8. Encourage not voting for career politicians in bi-elections elections unless they have outstanding performance and track record

9. Encourage researching candidates for skill, experience and track record of serving and leading the public effectively or equivalent

9. Three strikes and you out rule for elected or appointed officials receiving the Most Skilled Self or Special Interest Serving and Greedy Award
– All members call for and ask their Councillor or MLA to call for the recipients resignation or if needed fired without severance so a bi-election is called.

– We should give generously in time and money and it will come back 10 fold.
– We must be honest as the truth will not fail us or the public
– We should respect each other, our elected and appointed officials and other civil servants unless they clearly demonstrate they do not deserve it and are dealt with according to our ethics
– We must keep our word or we will lose respect of our members and the public

These can be the foundations of a new social movement or public union that is forming.
Stay Tuned!

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