Manitobans need to demand they get more in return for some of the highest rates of taxes, fees and fines in Canada


Sept 25 2016 –  Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Stats and reports from respected institutions have Manitoba ranking amoungst the worst in Canada for Serious Crime, Justice System, Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure yet it has one of the highest rates of lawful taxation, fees and fines.

Worse yet there has been cases of unlawful fines that were proven in court and evidence there is more of this and unlawful taxation.  These need to be addressed with fair and lawful policy and legislative changes by its leaders and if needed challenged in the courts again.

These have added up to make Manitoba a HAVE NOT Province where more leave than come every year.  The social and economic consequences of ignoring these serious issues are immense.   It is past due for the public to work together to demand more from its leaders, taxes, fees, fines, public services and resources.

The public let its leaders at WPS, the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba ignore the Fraser Institute detailed 64 page report in 2014 that said WPS the most over staffed and inefficient force in Canada. With the numbers showing up to 300 more high paid and trained officers than we needed based on Canadian average and considering crime rates, demographics, population and much more.  Yet it had and still dealing with the second highest serious crime rate in Canada.

The public can’t let their leaders continue to ignore this or the following new Justice System report.  Many of these issues are a result of poor leadership that has allowed out of control spending at the Province, City of Winnipeg, SOA’s and Crown Corporations including WPS, School Boards, MPIC, Hydro and others. Out of control and unsustainable salaies, pensions, benefits, management to staff ratios, OT and other misuse.

It is why the Province, City and tax payer is being crippled by over $22 Billion and $1 Billion in net debt, credit down grades and interest payments larger than many departments entire budgets. Why their leaders are resorting to or turning a blind eye to unfair and unlawful taxes as fines.

They have been given suggested reforms that would address many of these and related issues but they ignored.

The time to ask is over.  The public needs to work collectively and demand a response and actions from its Mayor, Councillors, Premier, MLA’s and the officials that are appointed.

If they are ignored they must take addition collective actions until they are heard and their leaders make the necessary changes to lose some weight and they start seeing performance improvements followed by reduced taxes, fees and fines to be in line or better than the Canadian average.

The MacDonald-Laurier Institute, a public policy think tank, gives Manitoba a ‘C’ grade for its Justice System.

That’s lowest amongst the provinces and puts it tied for last with Yukon.

Here is summary for MB

Criminal Justice Report Card
Manitoba: C
Ranking:  12/13 incl. Territories

Performance Measures Grade
Public Safety C+
Support for Victims C
Costs and Resources D
Fairness and Access to Justice C+
Efficiency C
Overall Grade C

Manitoba has a higher than average weighted violent and non-violent crime clearance rate. It has a mixed
record on administration of justice offences, doing better than average in the number of failures to appear
and unlawfully at large per 1,000 crimes as well as its percentage found guilty for breaches of probation violations.

Manitoba has better than average referral rates for victim services per 1,000 crimes and numbers
of Criminal Code incidents per police officer.
(Does this mean not enough incidents investigated?  If so this needs improvement.

Areas for improvement
Manitoba’s criminal justice system ranked the worst overall among the provinces. Manitoba has the second highest per-capita violent crime rate and fourth highest per-capita property crime rate among the provinces. As noted above, Manitoba has a mixed record with respect to administration of justice offences.
The province does worse than average in terms of the number of breaches of probation and failure to comply with orders per 1,000 crimes as well as the percentage found guilty for failure to comply with order violations.

Public perception of the police in Manitoba is among the lowest in Canada, with dismal ratings for enforcing the law, ensuring safety, satisfaction with safety, supplying information, being approachable, being fair, and responding promptly. With respect to support for victims of crime, Manitoba has by far the lowest
proportion of offenders given restitution orders of anywhere in the country.

Manitoba received a failing grade for having the highest cost of public safety per person and the highest cost of corrections per capita of any province in Canada. Manitoba also has the highest number of police officers per capita among the provinces. In terms of efficiency,

Manitoba has a high proportion of criminal cases where charges are stayed or withdrawn (30.5 percent) and a higher than average criminal case length (223 days), among the longest delays in Canada. Manitoba has an extremely high number of accused
persons on remand per 1,000 crimes – by far the highest of any jurisdiction in the country and meriting a
failing grade.

There are concerns about access to justice and fairness in Manitoba’s criminal justice system with below average legal aid expenditures on criminal matters per crime and disproportionate levels of Aboriginal incarceration.

More info:
Manitoba’s Justice System Worst in Canada: Report

Report card on the
criminal justice system:
Evaluating Canada’s Justice Deficit
By Benjamin Perrin and Richard Audas


Enough is enough with the out of control spending and abuse of the public and public funds by WPS and MPIC while some senior people at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba ignore or turn a blind eye

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