OUR City Council and MLA’s voting on several important motions or bills. Get informed and demand public interest comes before selfserving or special interests


Sept 17 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – Concerned Citizen and member of  #WiseUpWinnipeg


Have we elected leaders that are only interested in increased spending and taxes and who are willing to feed us $afety info and other false or misleading info instead of leading our City and Province to improve them.

Some of the motions and bills that have been put forward, to be voted on in the next month or planned and what the likely impact will be based on what some experts are saying, media reported facts or public info available online.

  • Past EPC, City Council motions or Manitoba Parliament bills


Have we elected leaders who are feeding us $afety info and other false or misleading info instead of giving us complete, honest and legal information and answers. 

Based on the public’s comments about the two City issues linked below (Transparency changes for City Compensation and City Growth Fees) and other important issues at the City and Province many in the public are still accepting the false and misleading info from OUR most expert spinster and from others almost as skilled on OUR EPC, several on OUR City Council and even from some of OUR recently elected and appointed leaders at the Province.

How WE let OUR leaders vote on these motions and bills and the other motions and bills that come or that we demand come to address many other important or serious issues facing OUR City and Province will determine if we continue to be a HAVE NOT City and Province where more leave than come every year. Where We pay more taxes and get less in return then anywhere else in Canada and even less then many places in the world.

I encourage everyone who cares about where their Taxes, Fees and Fines go and what is in the best interest of OUR once great City and Province to take a serious look at both sides of these motions, bills and other important ones that will come or that we demand come forward.  Then make an informed decision on where you stand,  let YOUR Councillor or MLA know and ask them how they plan to vote and why.  Tell them you will be checking how they vote on this and other important motions or bills.  Let them know if there is issues that you want to see be addressed.

Then check after to see how they and the others voted.  If you see them continuing to try and circumvent the will of the public by taking turns voting against public interest and taking turns proposing pro public motions that just just get  voted against in OUR EPC, Council or Parliament then you must expose this.

This and our previous EPC, Council and Parliament have proven repeatedly that they are self serving and special interest focused and what is in the best interest of the public and OUR City and Province is low on their true agenda.

Major issues with serious crime, public safety, tax rates, proper use of police; public funds; fees and fines, transparency, accountability, first nations, healthcare, education and economic growth and other important issues are for the most part being ignored.  This is why we are ranked as one of the worst in most if not all of these in Canada.

Their focus has been and will continue to be how can we raise more revenue and not how can we better manage what we have already taken unless WE stop taking their Spin Doctor meds, get informed and DEMAND what they need to do.


Some of the motions and bills that have been put forward, to be voted on in the next month or planned and what the likely impact will be based on what some experts are saying, media reported facts or public info available online.

Improved transparency for compensation of all high paid City Staff including with Police, City Hall and others.

EPC voted yes this week but delayed putting it in front of Council for a month, why?  PR stunt and hope the Public only remember the EPC vote then they use their take turns voting no trick and hope the public don’t notice?

Past two City CAO’s got over 500k after being used as a planned scapegoat by Mayor SAM Katz , EPC and some Councillors by suspending and then keeping long enough enough to allow to resign with over 500k in salary and severance.

Winnipeg Police Board, WPS Police Chief and other senior WPS staff, the past and present Mayors, EPC and some on City Council ignoring or allowing senior WPS officers to transfer to traffic unit late in their careers, then allowed to work tonnes of OT which is pensionable and issuing mostly unfair or illegal tickets due to City and Province known engineering deficiencies in safe and proper speed limits, signage, amber time, excessive use of stops signs vs. yields and many more.

Then allowed or not disciplined when Police Officers or “designated” Peace Officers (like ACS Photo Enforcement operators) parking unlawfully and other breaches of the HTA without attending an emergency, telling drivers if you don’t like a ticket to fight it in court and then go to court and get $400-800 in OT which is pensionable, working OT for private security work, waiting till the end of their shift to apprehend felons at known location so they can put in several hrs of OT to process and do paperwork, and other unethical, unfair or illegal behavior.  Then retiring with pension based on their best 5 years which is giving many of them 100k or more a year for life.

Yet WPS reports for the past several years show we have one of the worst serious crime (violent and property) rates in Canada.

Yes a detailed 64-page report from well respected Fraser Institute released in 2014 found WPS the most overstaffed and inefficient force in Canada and the numbers and detailed factors show we have 300 more officers than we need.  Are leaders mentioned above and some at the Province including Premier Brian Pallister, Deputy Premier; Justice Minister Heather Stefanson and others have been informed of this and other serious issues are allowing or ignoring this while serious crime and spending is out of control and way above Canadian averages.  Everything mentioned above and more is well documented on my blog and elsewhere with with www.wiseupwinnpeg.com and others.

Mayor’s inner circle approves plan to make city payouts more transparent

Growth fees coming to Winnipeg on Jan. 1, pending council approval
Mayor Brian Bowman, city moving ahead quickly to implement ‘impact fees


Past EPC, City Council policy changes, motions or Manitoba Parliament bills

Provincial or City  policy changes

Highway Traffic Review Board (HTRB) for Province wide setting of speed limits, signage, amber time and other traffic matters including City of Winnipeg

Policy changes by City Council and Minister of MIT (Steve Ashton?) to allow Council to ignore HTRB decisions, City Engineers and decide what is best for


HTA amendments to allow image capture enforcement

201x: MB Parliament with NDP Majority Government

(aka Photo Enforcement or Photo Radar).  Our MLA’s and other parliamentarians did not follow due diligence and relied on false and misleading information and statistics without comparing or verifying it.  This info about PE  provided by WPS Jon Butcher and was based on $afety Improvement stats and Revenue forecasts  from ATS / ACS PE in Washington.  Jon Butcher also pushed for sole source contract and to deny the valid and lower cost bid from EDS (HP).  There was complaints when the City didn’t follow procurement process and allegations that those involved in contract negotiations were taken on a Cruise trip and lavish parties.  After contract signed and PE implemented Butcher resigned with full pension and went to work for Gatso BV (international $afety scamera equipment supplier and lobby group including supplying ACS. He then went on to work for ACS Western Canada and helped ACS in Edmonton and elsewhere.

Jon Butcher was likely the source or influenced the supply of more false and  misleading info to WPS based on Edmonton PE to allow expanding PE in Winnipeg.  Independent safety improvement study arranged by WPS and City Council (available on WPS / City Safe Streets propaganda filled site) found minor safety improvement stats but didn’t use complete data from MPIC or partial, didn’t look at traffic counts and other information.  Worse it found a large increase in rear end collisions at many intersections including Winnipeg’s most dangerous and that the cause should be investigated but being ignored (they have been told repeatedly that the cause is dangerously $hort Amber time by some City Engineers, WUW and others including detailed studies and reports that were verified but they ignoring.  A professional misconduct complaint with APEGM against City Transportation Manager and Engineer Luis Escobar found him guilty  and when it went to appeal it was covered up by APEGM CEO replacing the non compliant members with new ones and releasing new findings.  One of the Engineers on the panel that was dismissed was concerned with the risk to the public that it had already caused harm and leaked the report and blew the whistle.

Conditions of Authority agreement between Province and City authorizing Photo Enforcement (PE) on the condition there was a safety improvement and reduction in violations. Stats demonstrating these are to be reported to the Province each year to protect the public from abuse.  This agreement was either poorly written and too vague or is being ignored or misinterpreted by WPS (ACS) to allow incomplete and inaccurate stats that were not verified by a independent unbiased 3rd party before being supplied to the Province every year.  They also do not include ANY stats for PE or WPS Enforcement of School Zones, Construction Zones, DCZs or Playground Zones.  Other detailed and verified studies and stats including from MPIC available to prove there is no improvement and in many cases an increase in accidents and injuries or worse when photo enforcement used instead of correcting or improving traffic engineering.

Violations issued by WPS and ACS have been trending up drastically every year in Winnipeg except the one year WUW took the Province to court for illegal Construction zone tickets mentioned below.

HTA amendments to allow Photo (and Officer?) Enforcement in CZ’s when workers not present

To allow enforcement in Construction zone when workers not present after WiseUpWinnipeg forced them in Court to stop doing this as it was illegal.  They dropped /stayed all outstanding tickets but refused to refund others paid in good faith.  Then ACS allowed to blitz the zones even with signs missing or placed unfairly and other unfair or illegal issues.

We have to demand charter rights are enforced, the courts be impartial as required by legislation (constitution or charter?) and they refund illegal tickets paid in good faith

Amendments to the Summary Convictions Act

that are in breach of Charter rights but not challenged yet.  They amended to allow police officers or “designated” peace officers (aka ACS / Xerox $afety Mobile Unit Operators (and WPA / G4S parking

We have to demand charter rights are enforced, the courts be impartial as required by legislation (constitution or charter?) and they refund illegal tickets paid in good faith


HTA amendments to allow Photo and Officer Enforcement in Reduced speed School Zones (e.g. 30k) without due diligence (ignored or didn’t check for detailed study from City of Edmonton from 2005 (available) that said they didn’t improve safety, were not needed if proper signage especially if flashing lights when kids present, if not then it leaves kids and other pedestrians with a false sense of safety so they removed them over 30 years ago.

In 2014 both Edmonton and Winnipeg City Councils pushed for them and requested the Province amend the legislation.   They implemented them without the recommended flashing lights requested by CAA and ignored or didn’t check for the above Edm study.

HTA amendments to allow Photo (and Officer?) Enforcement in DCZ

enacted without due diligence and soon to be proven in court see planned amendments below.

Amendments to ___ legislation to grant Municipalities more control over …

Abused by City Council to vote in new parking bylaw that infringes on charter rights, unfairly treats the public contesting unfair or illegal tickets.

City Council votes in bylaw changes to KYZ after if proven in court by WUW to be in breach of the HTA.

They stay outstanding KYZ tickets but refuse to refund tickets paid in good faith.

FIPPA required to prove they new it was illegal in advance of dropping an appeal after their Lawyer  and later COO Michael Jack told them it was illegal.

We have to demand the courts be impartial as required by legislation (constitution or charter?)they refund tickets paid in good faith

Amendments, new bills, motions or policy changes in the works or planned:

HTA Amendments to allow PE (and Officer?) in Designated Constructions Zones

in 2015 WUW argued PE in DCZ was illegal for sound legal reasons and the Crown (with direction from the Province (supposed to be independent and impartial) stayed to avoid having to stay or drop ticket totaling in several $ Millions.

New Provincial Government with PC Majority

Stopped enforcing in  and have started so another ticket is being challenged in court but the media and the public involved so they will not stay.

We have to demand the courts be impartial as required by legislation (constitution or charter?)they refund tickets paid in good faith


What else needs to be done:

A recent Supreme Court decision regarding an appeal of a 2nd degree murder conviction is now in question due to charter rights issue and sentencing is pending.  The courts are not clear what Our Federal Justice Minister recently has asked those involved to review all Criminal legislation to make sure it is not in breach of charter rights.

Based on the track record of the MB Parliament and City Council outlined above and likely others we need to demand our MB Justice Minster get all MB legislation and City Bylaws to be reviewed to make sure they are not infringing on charter rights and are legal and have public interest, public safety









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