The International Safety Scamera industry is imploding


Sept 15 2016 – WiseUpWinnipeg

Feb 10 2017 – Updated with new charges, convictions or exposed corruption in Ohio, Chicago, California and more.

Do we want to be seen as one of the last ones to deal with this?

#WiseUpWinnipeg is glad to see news and indications in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Chicago, the US, UK, EU, NZ, Oz and elsewhere that more and more people everyday have stopped taking Traffic Enforcement $afety meds fed to them by Spin Doctors they are paying and by some of the traditional media that are being influenced or not doing their job of verifying information before reporting it.

The $afety scamera industry is on the verge of imploding and rightly so. This is due to the facts about $afety cameras, $afety revenue and corruption being exposed more and more. This industry is filled with vulture capitalist multi-national corps like Redflex, ACS / ATS / Xerox and others and the public officials or staff that accept bribes to do their bidding or turn a blind eye to false and misleading stats and worse in an attempt to generate more $afety revenue from the trusting public.

It has already come crashing down several places around the globe. Xerox splitting from ACS / ATS to try and avoid the fallout is just some of the many indicators.

It has started to come crashing down on those involved at the Cities of Edmonton, Chicago and elsewhere with corruption related allegations, investigations, charges, trials and some convictions.

It may involve some officials with Police and Province of AB, State of Illinois and others as amending legislation is often involved. Some officials or senior staff have promoted amendments to legislation, bylaws and policies to support photo enforcement based on false or misleading information from these fir profit corporations and those bribed to do their bidding. This is often putting $afety revenue before public interest, safety and in some cases before preventing; investigating and solving serious crime.

Some Cities, Provinces or States have already been forced by the public and the facts to shut them down but others have only done partial bans or have taken over administering them but with even increased abuse like in Calgary with over 300k tickets a year issued by Police or their $cameras.

The corruption involving Redflex and Chicago City Official exposed looks very bad for the City of Chicago and State of Illinois but is just one of many cases of this for Redflex and other $afety scamera companies like ATS / ACS in Washington and elsewhere.

Xerox is splitting off from ACS to avoid the fallout is just one more indicator that the industry is on the verge of imploding. The article below regarding Chicago is another and there is many more.

Is the crash in Winnipeg going to be bigger?

It has already started in Edmonton with ACS and two officers being charged and a trial.

Chicago has 300 $cameras, dangerously short amber times and other issues. The corruption there spanned 10 years and a Chicago public official, former Redflex CEO have been convicted and sentenced to considerable time in prison and more charges or sentencing to come.

ACS in Winnipeg rotates 33 Intersection $afety Scameras (red light and speed) between 51 intersections, has 10 mobile units and there use spans up to 14 years.
Plus what ever ACS has in Edmonton and parts of Saskatchewan and elsewhere still in use.
ACS, those that accepted bribes and those allowing or ignoring this abuse should be worried after this latest news.

In Winnipeg it started in at least 2002 with false and misleading safety improvement and revenue stats from ATS / ACS Washington provided by WPS Jon Butcher (now going by John Butcher to try and hide his past) and given to the Province and City Council who amended the HTA and City Bylaws and policies without due diligence, equivalent of SOLE source contract with ACS pushed for by Butcher and didn’t follow proper city procurement policies or comparing with other jurisdictions using photo enforcement, ignoring lower priced and comparable bid by EDS (later acquired by HP), allegations of cruise trips and parties for some of the staff involved in the contract negotiations, Butcher resigning with full pension after $afety Scameras implemented and starting a red light camera lobby group (later found to be 100% funded by ACS), he also involved with Gatso BV (international supplier for photo enforcement scameras including for ACS) and then going to work for ACS Western Canada, Butcher involved with ACS in Edmonton (ACS and two officers charged with bribery), WiseUpWinnipeg and others pushing for answers, public access denied to contract details even with FIPPA, City audit report on photo. Enforcement highlighting poorly negotiated contract; incomplete safety improvement stats; lower revenue than had been forecasted, dismantling and hampering the ability of the MB Traffic Review Board by Minister of MIT and City Council, 2 Class Action Lawsuits (not well prepared and not allowed to proceed), dangerously $hort amber time coverup including professional misconduct complaint with APEGM against City Transport. Mgr Engineer Luis Escobar, continued abuse of the accused before and at trial and more.


Trending up of simple traffic offenses – 200k tickets per year is unreasonable for City of (400k drivers or 650k pop based on Transport Canada and Stats Can). Up to 37k / year being contested because the vast majority proven to be unfair or unlawful due to aggressive targeting of known traffic engineering deficiencies in safe and proper speed limits, amber times, signage and other serious issues.

This causing back log of 24 months or more in Court and successful Charter 11b challenges. The focus is clearly on revenue not safety. All this is impacting preventing, investigating, solving and convicting serious crime (violent and property) 2nd highest in Canada.

Why trending up when enforcement supposed to reduce – refer to PE Program Review – Audit pages

Revenue sharing agreement. Province gets 50%, City gets 25%:and WPS gets 25% often paying ACS.

Higher court costs than expected due to number of unfair and unlawful tickets, out of control officer OT, salaries, pensions and benefits plus 300 more officers than needed as per detailed 64 page Fraser Institute report.
This and other costs not reported show this program costing tax payers.

WPS stats and reports show simple traffic violations trending up even though Transport Canada stats – serious injuries and deaths show MB one of the lowest even before violations trending up

MB has much higher rate of collisions than all provinces (evidence the majority due to engineering deficiencies (not compliant with MUTCD and engineers recommendations)).

This due to dangerously short 4 sec city wide amber time especially at higher speed zones without Advance Warning Flashers (AWF). E.g. Lag @ Grassie and Bishop @ St.Marys & @ River and others in the City. Proven to cause 50% or more rear end collisions and contributes to other accidents. MPIC claims and collision data show this.

The short ambet It is resulting in an 800% increase in violations especially at high speed zones as mentioned above.

WPS safe streets propaganda site and stats shows violations trending up for PE & WPS.
E.g 2012 – 2015
120k – 150k / year
WPS combined also trending up
40k – 55k /per year

Even though this is contrary to primary goal of the program and a breach of the Conditions of Authority agreement between Province and City. The agreement allows the Province to terminate the agreement if conditions not met without cost to the Province.

City of Winnipeg Audit Department. Photo Enforcement Program Performance Audit–Final Report 2005 2006

This report also says the City (City Council and there for Provincial legislators) relied on false and misleading safety and revenue stats. They came from ATS / ACS Washington. Independent and verified studies from Washington and elsewhere showed PE did not improve safety and in many cases reduced it when used in conjunction with national engineering standards (safe and proper amber times, speed limits, signage and more). When the standards followed not enough violations and the program lost money and was terminated.

The above audit identified this operating loss and lower violations and revenue than forecasted. Serious issues with sole source contract and procurement process not followed.

Dual signage for PE Ahead and other speed limit and reduction signs removed removed. Engineers studies, reports and recommendations to increase speed limit on Grant Ave and Kenaston and others from 50 to 60 based on MUTCD standards including 85 percentile speed of 68kph and … ignored.

Then violations started sky rocketing from aggressively targeting these and other deficient locations.

The artificially lowered 30k zones also against engineering standards, engineers and studies. CAA and engineers recommended flashing lights only when kids present and leave speed limit at normal all other times.

Conditions of Authority requirements being ignored. No safety improvement data for mobile units and not complete, accurate and independently data reviewed by 3rd party. E.g traffic review board or engineering panel.

Same safe streets site says WPS or City paid for “independent” study to expand photo enforcement and said PE reduced the rare T bone accidents but no accurate or complete data to back this up then or since. They also relied on false and misleading stats again. This time from ACS Edmonton to say expanding improved safety.

It did identified this high collisions rate (mostly rear end) as well and recommended the cause be investigated. WPS and City knew the cause was amber time and chose revenue over safety so are ignoring recommendations.

Request City or WPS contract with ACS (sole source contract vendor for Photo Enforcement). FIPPA request in the past denied due to claime competitive advantage of 3rd party would be effected. Public safety and interest should trump this as per FIPPA legislation.

Contracts with ACS and Redflex in other jurisdictions showed Cities not permitted to change intersection infrastructure without consulting them 1st. This behavior demonstrated in Winnipeg when installing pedestrian crossing count down timers. Many intersections done but delay in installing where ACS PE installed.

PR revenue down, Police HQ & Move over budget, Suspending officers with pay for wrong doing

So they are saying that because the driving habits of people have changed for the better (as the result of better signing by activists to $low Down, there is a shortfall in their money. The main reason for the radar was supposed to be to improve safety on the streets, and now they are crying that there is a shortfall. Plus Police HQ and move over budget.

Maybe they should also look at the business of officers being suspended with pay, when they are convicted of wrong doings

Lack of construction zone photo radar leads to deficit
Posted on Wed, September 7, 2016 at 8:23am by Carter Brooks

The International $afety Scamera industry is imploding


To learn more about this and related abuse of public safety, rights and funds including several videos see the pinned post at


Redflex corruption tops it all: “Their egregious conduct cast a pall over Chicago government, and will continue to do so for some time. While Chicago is no stranger to corruption, the brazen nature of this conspiracy, the length of this conspiracy covering nearly 10 years, and the scope of the kickbacks paid to Bills ranging from cash to condos to campaign contributions all sets this case apart.”


Class Action against ACS, Lockheed Martin, Gatsometer BV, WPS Chief, Jon Butcher, CoW, Gord Steeves, AG of MB, GoM, …

See some comments here:

Draft update:
The $camera industry is continuing to implode as more and more criminal charges and convictions, jail time of executives and their public partners in crime and class actions to get the deserved refunds.

I thought after Toronto Mayor John Tory and Premier Kathleen Wynne pushed to lift Premiers Bob Rae’s ban on more $cameras in ON and Quebec trying to expand that we were going backwards in Canada and falling behind our neighbors to the south with proper investigations and Justice.

Then we got the great news from Quebec with Directeur des Poursuites v. Bove and a Justice ruling photo enforcement evidence hearsay and alleged offenes / tickets unconstitutional for several reasons. Then the Crown not appealing and followed shortly by Class Action lawsuit.

In the original decision from Ohio Justice that is linked in above article it say:

“The increased spending of New Miami, combined with the removal of much of the revenue to an out-of-state corporation, has the effect of removing from New Miami’s possession its only remaining substantial asset,” attorney Michael K. Allen wrote. “I believe the defendant has been using the property [speed cameras] to pay operating expenses of the village of New Miami beyond revenue generated by traditional sources such as taxes. I believe that the property is not exempt from attachment or execution.”

The city pointed out that state law only allows attachment of property when a defendant has absconded with the property with the intent to defraud creditors. Calling the charge “scandalous,” New Miami’s attorney demanded the fraud allegation be stricken from the record. Judge Oster did not do so, but he agreed that the law did not allow the seizure of speed cameras in this case.

“This court finds garnishment to be an extraordinary remedy under these circumstances, which should not be considered lightly,” Judge Oster ruled. “The court has considered the facts presented by both parties and finds there to be no evidence of an intent to defraud by the village of New Miami.”

I like that the Justice would NOT strike the Fraud from the record when requested by the Crown but am disappointed that he found no evidence of intent to defraud the public. If that not the case why are they refunding and why have they shut the $cameras down.

It is time for more fo the Politicians and other public officials that allow or ignore the safety of the public in the name of revenue to suffer harsher consequences including criminal charges, independent investigation by the RCMP, jail time if convicted and pensions funds surrendered in the amount stolen from the public.

More info here but note I have not updated yet to add the convictions and sentencing of Karen Finlay former CCO of Redflex and City of Chicago Transport Official Bill …, the convictions in Ohio, the above, amber time abuse exposed in California and more.


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