Heat is rising in the offices of some at WPS, MPIC, City Hall and the Province

Sept 12 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-pI

We are glad we have started seeing more and more indications that the heat is rising in the offices of those involved in the serious issues affecting the public, public funds and public safety that WiseUpWinnipeg has apposed for years.

We would like to thank the many members in our group, other groups and more of the general public who have stopped taking the spin doctor meds from ACS, WPS, WPA, G4S, MPIC, City Hall, the Province and some of the traditional Media and are getting informed of the facts.

More and more are forecasting the downfall and crash that is coming for many of the senior officials and others involved that have been allowing or ignoring this serious abuse in the name of $afety revenue and other unfair or unlawful taxation after wasting or mismanaging fair and lawful revenue.

We need to keep the momentum going and need involvement from more members and the general public to finally bring an end to this abuse, make those responsible accountable and prevent this or similar from happening again.

Our current system of electing based on promises including fiscal restraint, more transparency and accountability has failed us in at LEAST the last 4 elections (2 City and 2 Province) and it is time to demand reforms be made to better protect the public and ensure our elected and appointed representatives work for the people, for the betterment of the City and Province and  not be self serving.

Only then will we start working toward becoming a leader in Canada again and not a have not Province where every year more people leave than come.

*** We must act quickly to prevent more evidence from being buried and prevent another high paid official like our last 2 City CAO’s being used as scapegoats by the Mayor and EPC or City Council by suspending and allowing them to stay on long enough to collect 500k+ in salary and severance and full pension.

Or prevent another scenario like several of former Premier Selinger’s political aids or consultants and term staff including chief of staff being paid in total over 600k in severance to help transition to private sector but then went to work for NDP in Alberta to help them win the election.  He was facing revolt by several cabinet ministers and others in the NDP for incompetence, poor leadership of government and the party and the worst or second worst ratings for a Premier in Canada. Many know this pay was to keep them quite.  We just need to demand it be investigated so this can be used as a deterrent.

** For starters we ALL need to ask our MLA’s and Councillors to do the following or state publicly why they can’t.
Please put in your own words.

Remind them that;
in some places in the world where spin doctors with their lies and misleading statements or stats are not tolerated so they don’t allow photo enforcement and other abuse of the public or if it allowed they vandalise or take other civil unrest actions if their are ignored until it is dealt with appropriately.

the public is more civilised here and can work collectively to take action as voters and use other tools they have available to them.

as members of parliament, councillors and our leaders they are obligated to listen to and respond to their constituents and citizens concerns.

the RCMP is already investigating fraud and corruption with the contract for the new WPS Head Quarters and related. They previously investigated the MB NDP lead Gov about sole source contract for flood prevention equipment.

Remind them if you have not told them or advise them that

There is strong evidence the photo enforcement $camera industry is on the verge of complete collapse.  Same with the wide spread misuse of police forces for abusive traffic enforcement while ignoring serious crime all in the name of $afety revenue.

ACS (3rd party for profit photo enforcement vendor in Winnipeg, Edmonton, parts of Saskatchewan and elsewhere goes by ATS and other names in the US and elsewhere) was formerly owned by Lockheed Martin and acquired by Xerox.  These are very large publicly traded companies with share holders and board members demanding profits. Xerox is splitting of ACS / ATS to avoid more fallout from current and planned prosecution and conviction of executives for fraud, bribery and corruption.  Similar is happening to Redflex in Chicago and has already happened elsewhere around the world.

we don’t want to be one of the last Cities, Provinces or States to deal appropriately with these for profit vulture capitalist companies and the public officials or staff that accept payment to do their bidding or those that allow or ignore this abuse or the related abuse of charter rights, laws, due process, policies or ethics in order to make up for where they wasted money or to line their pockets or pad their pensions.

They need to call for RCMP investigations into:
– The above allegations against former Premier Selinger and others involved.  Information was made available to the public by media but nothing done.

– Allegations of fraud, bribery and other corruption involving ACS, Jon Butcher, Luis Escobar and possibly other past and present public staff or officials with WPS, City of Winnipeg and possibly Province of Manitoba and the sole source contract to ACS and ignoring lower cost but capable bid from EDS (HP) and other vendors.  Later reported by City Auditors and Publicly available Audit report to have falsely reported high revenue forecasts and didn’t take the City’s interests into account, was not using more complete MPIC safety improvement stats and other serious issues but all ignored except MPIC stats but even then only partial and presented in a misleading way. FIPPA request for ACS contract details denied and more.

They can contact WiseUpWinnipeg if they want more details but much of it already published by main stream local and national media including coverup of APEGM professional misconduct complaint decision against Luis Escobar regarding dangerously short 4 sec amber time especially at high speed intersections an other serious public safety issues that there is proof is putting the public at risk and has already caused harm.

All this ignored or being ignored by at least former Premier Seninger, former Minsters of Justice; Finance & MIT, Our Premier Brian Pallister, OAG / AG, MLA Andrew Smith, Mayor Brian Bowman, Deputy Mayor; Public Works chair; Counc. Janice Lukes, Winnipeg Police Board & it’s chair; Counc. Scott Gillingham; Counc. Matt Allard, Transport. Mgr & Engineer Luis Escobar and other senior officials and staff at WPS, the City and Province.

We have either been ignored or got responses with propaganda, misleading statements, lies, or even harassment when trying to bring positive change at City Hall, PWD, WPS and other departments relating to traffic engineering and related public interest and safety concerns.

After identifying breaches of Charter rights, the HTA and other legislation or bylaws by the City or Province WiseUpWinnipeg has been ignored and forced at considerable cost to prove this successfuly in court or appeals court. Even then in several cases the City or Province stayed to avoid having to be accountable for the abuse and being forced to refund tickets paid in good faith or is appealing to stall. Then stops collecting on illegal tickets and tries to silently amend legislation or bylaws to be compliant. Then still refusing to refund illegal tickets or stay offenses in breach of charter 11. Then the crown directed to take more unfair or illegal tactics incl lies or misleading statements, bribes to change plea and other abuse in an attempt to salvage $afety revenue. This involved construction zone speeding tickets and KYZ parking tickets, other tickets and now Charter 11b rights and double the fine DCZ tickets. There is many other serious abuse issues identified and being ignored.

Some of the recent statements were from Deputy Mayor; PW Chair; Counc. Janice Lukes who said along the lines of there can’t be that many signs missing when given a detailed list of 176 school zone signs missing after an on the street audit and video by WiseUpWinnipeg member. She also said along the lines that we don’t need more signs, more signs are confusing and she will speak to their professionals and FIPPA revealed that was Escobar.

COO Michael Jack recently saying along the lines of we don’t need to follow traffic engineering standards (required by law in Ontario and elsewhere), stop sharing internal (damaging) documents with the media and do what you must (i.e. we will see you in court) when advised Luis Escobar will be sopenaed along with specific information related to public safety.

Even intimidation of WiseUpWinnipeg members by WPS or ACS Operators when out safely signing to help the public to slow down and inform them about unfair if not illegal photo enforcement ahead.  Bullying by a few WPS officers including being asked to stop signing, seizing private property ($low Down signs) but no charges laid, bullying and then coercion by WPS of one member to plead guilty of obstruction of justice, 8 flat tires in a month with new long shinny screws to another member,  ACS Operators egging a member with foul mouth sexual statements about ones spouse and other disgusting behaviour even when spouse brought to listen.

We need to ask our MLA’s or Concillors to support the following or advise why they can’t:

Create or amend legislation, bylaws and policy to prevent this abuse of the public, public funds and public safety and provide a stronger deterrent to any civil servant official or staff who may let greed, mismanagement or incompetence get in the way of doing what is best for the public.

Here is just some of the reforms we have demanded or suggested (some for years) and have been ignored:
– The much needed efficiency changes and staffing cuts to WPS, MPIC and some other departments, SOA or crown corps grossly over staffed, over compensated and excessive management to staff ratio.
–  Prohibit including traffic enforcement in WPS, City or Provincial budgets.
– Time in lieu instead of paid OT for WPS, WFPS and other departments just like most other departments and only approved under extreme circumstances and not pensionable (make efficiency and staff changes to prevent OT)

– Require City and Provincial negotiators or arbitrators to take in to consideration what the tax payer and economy can afford including:
*  based on Canadian average for staffing levels, salary, benefits, pension based on per capita and other relevant factors
* City and Province net debt and interest payments
* Mgmt to staff ratio inline with the Canadian average

– Require allegations of Criminal behaviour by WPS, City or Province or vendors be reviewed and investigated if needed by RCMP

– Strengthen mandate of WPS to adequately fund and resource serious crime (violent and property) unit to keep this is at or below Canadian average instead of current worse or 2nd worst.  Fund based on perf.  If lower violation and serious crime rates  than cdn avg bonus.  if not no bonus or penalties.

Annual review of WPS performance and if it does not improve after 2 years start discussing option to transition to the RCMP.  The UK and some other countries with larger populations have national police.  The centralisation will save 100’s of millions a year and even more if it adopted by other provinces.

– Strengthen the HTA to:
* Require compliance with National Traffic and Engineering standards (MUTCD) including safe and proper amber times, speed limits, signage as is required in Ontario and elsewhere
* Prohibit enforcement where not compliant and consequences for breaching this.
* Re-instate power of the MB traffic review board and require adequate staff and funding to monitor and fine or discipline public servants, department or contractors that are not compliant for engineering standards.
* Require accurate and complete safety improvement stats for any traffic enforcement program or initiatives by WPS or RCMP and have the stats vetted by auditor general

– Strengthen FIPPA, Ombudsman, APEGM, Whistle Blower, Oath of Office for City and Province, OAG and City auditor powers and others to protect the public from greed, breach of trust, cover-ups, misuse of funds etc…
* fired without severance for breach of trust and abuse of the public, public safety or health or mis-use of funds. Including retroactive enforcement of this (already resigned, terminated or not reelected) and loss of pension in proportion to severity of abuse or crime.

– Strengthen or create transparency legislation and bylaws to disclose:
* Names for high paid officers instead of just badge number (they well trained in self defense and if they not doing anything wrong they should have nothing to hide).
* Contracts for senior staff and large vendors before signed or amended.

– MB Public Utility Board to require better efficiency from MPIC, Hydro and other utilities:
and refunds when traffic engineering standards required as per above reduce accidents and when
drivers are more safe on the road and accidents reduced.
– Prohibit funding of WPS by MPIC
– MPIC focus is education, training and reducing accidents and insurance.  PUB requires refunds when surplus.

And  other needed reforms mentioned here:

Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds at City of Winnipeg
Apr 27 2016 – Kevin Yaworski

For more info on this and related abuse and the impacts that are much bigger than many realize.

WPS budget needs to be reined in and more

Warming many School Zones get artificially lowered again to 30k Sept 1st and why you should be concerned.

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-og

Enough is enough with the out of control spending and abuse of the public and public funds by WPS and MPIC with the blessing of Senior people at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-ox

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