What WiseUpWinnipeg has done and is doing for the public who too often are being ignored and at great cost

Sept 11 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-po

Here is just a SMALL part of a long  chronological list of actions taken by #WiseUpWinnipeg since at least 2003 to address the abuses we stand against and the ignoring, misleading, lies and even harassment we have gotten in response.  We will share more of this list and the complete list with the public and the media if we do not start seeing the changes that are much needed and that we have been advocating for years.

This list and more details including FIPPA request responses, court transcripts,  statements from whistle blowers, covered up reports, media verified stories, emails, retracted or deleted propaganda media releases and much more paint a pretty clear picture.

It demonstrates that the vast majority of the many public officials or senior staff contacted or forwarded to were NOT willing to do what was right and much needed for the people of our City and Province with regard to true public safety, public interest and public service accountability.

Our primary focus at WiseUpWinnipeg is to have these serious issues addressed for obvious reasons and for the less obvious like reducing the huge social and economic impacts these issues are having.  These changes are also much needed to help restore public trust in our governments and police which are critical in helping solve serious crime and improve our City and Province.

Our secondary focus is to expose who is responsible for allowing or ignoring these serious issues and abuse as well as demand a formal investigation with reasonable consequences where needed.

Christian Sweryda, Todd Dube and others with WiseUpWinnipeg have had no personal interest or gain in these matters and have invested considerably in time and money.  They have persevered for years and gotten responses like some of the ones below and worse including being harassed.

Just some examples are WPS often saying it is a matter for PWD and vice versa and they have had to rely on the media, FIPPA’s and the courts to get the answers and changes needed but this is a slow and often costly process.  It is time for the public to stand together and work collectively to stop this abuse, prevent it from re-occurring and make those responsible for allowing or ignoring it accountable.

I have recently contacted the following Senior people at the City and Province and others via email and some via twitter and links. I addressed them appropriately and thanked them for choosing to service the public to make Winnipeg and Manitoba a better place to live and work. Many have clearly demonstrated they don’t deserve the title Honorable or to be thanked but I was hoping if they had any moral fibers left maybe it would resonate somehow. I was sadly mistaken.

I summarized some of the major abuses we have on our long list that we have documented and what the known impacts are. I also provided many recommendations rather than just complaining.

I told them some of these issues are more than each of them can tackle on their own but they should be working as a team for the betterment of our City and Province. Our past and present Premier and Mayor and some of the others have been granted the authority to address these issues and have a responsibility to do so. Therefore they had and have no excuse.

I have contacted OUR Premier Brian Pallister, Minister of Justice Heather Stefanson, other Ministers involved, my MLA Andrew Smith, Mayor Brian Bowman, Deputy Mayor; Infrastructure / Public Works chair; Counc. Janice Lukes, my Councillor Matt Allard, the Winnipeg Police Board, WPS and others.

I also previously contacted Premier Selinger, Minister of Justice, other ministers involved, the Mayor, OAG / AG, Erin Selby and Dan Vandal (former MLA and Councillor) and candidates during the last Fed election.

Other than the few listed below they have all ignored me completely or a few just sent a generic msg received email.

They all ignored the serious issues that I brought up that are for the most part affecting the entire City and Province in one way or another.

Matt Allard
Ignored all the issues and only emailed me to:
– Inform me about the large garage sale in Island Lakes this weekend
– Brag to me about a playground in my riding that he personally helped secure 26k funding for.

Matt Allard’s political aid Ryan P. who said:
– Matt is voting against the water rate hike being diverted to general coffers (was it his turn to vote no to appease the people and make it look like City Council cares what is best for the City?)
– Are you proposing there is no traffic enforcement (I didn’t once say that, I said WPS needs to put more resources towards preventing, investigating and solving serious crime, building community relationships and cut or reduce the resources we don’t need and cant afford).
– I need more time to review this and then ignored including several follow up emails.

Dan Vandal:
Ignored all my questions about thid abuse but said the following plus a long list of accomplishments and what he had to offer as my MP if elected:
– I have advocated for more transparency and responsibility in City Hall, including with the police service. In 2012, I motioned for a fire-paramedic stations audit, and in 2013 as well supported a motion for an external audit of the new police headquarters project. I also moved to make city contracts more transparent so that councillors have all the necessary information to do their jobs. In March 2014, I called for a registry of all city hall lobbyists to restore trust in the decision-making process.

I sent the following email to
Premier Selinger’s office:
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2016 5:23 PM
To: myo-mayor@winnipeg.ca; Justice, Minister; Finance, Minister; Infrastructure & Transportation, Minister; Ricard, Norman (OAG);

– They all ignored except the Premier’s office who forwarded it on to the Deputy Justice Minister and Marianne Enns Executive Director, Court Services responded with the following mostly $afety propaganda and that there were taking steps to reduce court back log (inadequate steps that ignored the root cause and SCC decisions, infringed on more charter rights and increased the frequency of the crown bribing, lying and misleading to salvage as much $afety revenue as possible). They ignored all the serious issues and the impact they having.

I forwarded the email to Todd Dube and he almost gagged and Christian Sweryda who replied to me with:
I called that person on the e-mail and told her about my engineering complaint against the City for inadequate speed limit signing (not compliant with MUTCD engineering standards required by law in Ontario and elsewhere) and that they dismissed the complaint because I did not prove that speeding is dangerous. I explained that the engineers said that because limits are under posted, it is causing speed differentials and that increases the risk and that people speeding but moving with the flow are actually safer. I also explained that they wouldn’t accept the police claims about speeding being dangerous because they are not qualified and are spreading propaganda to support a business.
I then told her that her e-mail to you tells a different story and is very convincing so I asked her to write me a similar one and outline the dangerous of speeding to health and property so I could attach it to my appeal against the City and demonstrate that as per her statements speeding is dangerous. She said I’d have to go through formal channels to get that.

This is the behavior we are getting from Senior people we are paying a lot of money, holidays, expenses, benefits and pension to lead and run our City and Province on our behalf.

It is long overdue to demand more from these individuals and if not demand they fired without severence.  To demand a formal RCMP investigation into gross negligence or criminal behavior that has and still is putting the public at risk.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Enns, Marianne (JUS) <Marianne.Enns@gov.mb.ca>
Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 9:42 AM
Subject: FW: Mr. Yarworski Response
To: K. Yaworski

Dear Mr. Yaworski:

Your recent correspondence to The Honourable Greg Selinger has been forwarded by Julie Frederickson, Deputy Minister of Justice, to Manitoba Justice’s Courts and Criminal Law Divisions for response.

In reviewing your correspondence, you raise several issues surrounding the use of photo radar as a traffic enforcement tool and your experience with the court system in contesting your violations. Thank you for your views and the extensive information that you have provided.

It should be kept in mind that effective long-term traffic enforcement involves a number of components, including public education, visible and unpredictable or less visible enforcement, a focus on high risk times and locations all to protect the public whether that is children, pedestrians, cyclists, those fixing our roads or other drivers. The photo radar tool is but one component of a multi-faceted approach.
It is beyond dispute that speeding represents a risk to public safety. Excessive speed increases not only the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, but also increases the risk of severe injury in a crash. In the long run, effective traffic enforcement (including the use of photo radar as one of its varied tools) inevitably enhances road safety by reducing the number and severity of motor vehicle collisions, thereby preventing personal injuries and property damage.

Some of the concerns you have expressed relate to the volume of traffic tickets being processed through the court system. Steps have recently been taken to enhance the exchange of information and promote consultation with Justice staff before cases are set down for trial. It is anticipated that these steps will assist in a more efficient processing of cases which, in turn, will alleviate some of the concerns you have raised.

We hope you find this information helpful and, once again, thank you for sharing your comments.

Marianne Enns
Executive Director, Court Services
Manitoba Justice

c. Premier,

Minister of Justice,
Deputy Minister of Justice

From: Neufeld, Sue (JUS)
Sent: April-05-16 3:09 PM
To: Enns, Marianne (JUS)
Subject: FW: ** City of Wpg and Province of MB continuing to “duck out” and continued abuse of the public, public funds and our Justice System ** (16-0568)
Either for you to draft a response or if you prefer you can discuss with Suzanne and have her draft a response to review with Mike….whichever.

From: Chartrand, Danita [mailto:Danita.Chartrand@leg.gov.mb.ca] On Behalf Of Justice, Deputy Minister
Sent: April-05-16 1:04 PM
To: Neufeld, Sue (JUS)
Cc: Thierjer, Lisa (JUS)
Subject: RE: ** City of Wpg and Province of MB continuing to “duck out” and continued abuse of the public, public funds and our Justice System ** (16-0568)

And, copy Minister, as well.

From: Chartrand, Danita
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2016 12:38 PM
To: Neufeld, Sue (JUS)
Cc: Thierjer, Lisa (JUS)
Subject: FW: ** City of Wpg and Province of MB continuing to “duck out” and continued abuse of the public, public funds and our Justice System ** (16-0568)

Please have Courts, in consultation with Criminal Law, respond directly, copying the Premier and DM on response.


Thank you,
Danita Chartrand

Administrative Secretary
Office of the Deputy Minister of Justice
and Deputy Attorney General
110 Legislative Building
Winnipeg MB R3C 0V8
Phone: (204) 945-3739 Fax: (204) 945-4133
Email: dmjus@leg.gov.mb.ca

From: Premier
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2016 10:05 AM
To: ‘K. Yaworski’
Cc: Justice, Deputy Minister
Subject: RE: ** City of Wpg and Province of MB continuing to “duck out” and continued abuse of the public, public funds and our Justice System **

April 1, 2016
Mr. Yaworski

Dear Mr. Yaworski:

On behalf of The Honourable Greg Selinger, Premier of Manitoba, I would like to thank you for your recent correspondence.

We have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of your correspondence to Julie Frederickson, Deputy Minister of Justice, for her review.

Once again, thank you for writing to Premier Selinger.

Kristine Derksen
Correspondence Assistant to the Premier

From: K. Yaworski
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2016 5:23 PM
To: myo-mayor@winnipeg.ca; Justice, Minister; Finance, Minister; Infrastructure & Transportation, Minister; Ricard, Norman (OAG); Premier
Subject: ** City of Wpg and Province of MB continuing to “duck out” and continued abuse of the public, public funds and our Justice System **

Dear Honourable Premier, Ministers, Mayor and officials

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