Enough is enough with the out of control spending and abuse of the public and public funds by WPS and MPIC while some senior people at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba ignore or turn a blind eye

Sept 10 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-ox

Here are just some of the reasons why more Winnipeg voters need to contact OUR Mayor and Councillors and tell them to oppose and vote against this latest request from WPS for $3.6 Million more after they have been given $xx or $x Millions more every year for several years including again earlier this year.

WPS have proven they just misuse it and then need more.  It long over due for them to be forced to make the necessary efficiency changes, cuts and manage what the City (tax payers) can afford to give them.  We can’t allow them to say they will have to cut services if they not given $ Millions more.  They need to direct resources where they are needed most including preventing, investigating and solving serious crime.

WPS’s last 4 year contract saw wage increases per year of; 3.5%, 3.5% followed by 3% and 3% ….that’s a whopping 13% wage increase in 4 years. For an officer making $100,000 that is an increase of $13,000. Factor in pensionable OT and that is what is breaking the budget.  This is far from sustainable and it gets worse.

This is part of how OUR Mayor Brian Bowman and City Coucil have allowed the City’s net debt to grow to over $1 Billion, credit downgraded and the crippling interest payments that add up to be more than some departments entire budgets.

To make matters worse Bowman and others on Council or EPC and senior people at MPIC have agreed to $afety initiatives and pilot projects that have diverted Millions including over $500k this year from MPIC to WPS.   This was supposed to have been for better signage and for paying officers in marked cars to do enforcement at Bishop & St. Marys,  other dangerous  intersections and 30k School Zones.

Instead documented cases of officers parking with marked and unmarked cars unsafely, illegally or unfairly including cross walks, meridians, bus stop, at the end of the zone or after intersection. One case where Fire Truck and fireman coming out to check unmarked car parked illegally on cross walk to see if it was an emergency and another case where two officers in unmarked cars doing tag teaming at the end of a reduced 30k school zone.

All this even though accurate and complete engineering and safety studies already showed them reduced 30k school zones are not needed if properly sign posted and actually give a false sense of safety to pedestrians; that there is a 50% or more increase in rear end collisions and other serious safety issues at intersections with short amber time like is being allowed in Winnipeg.  On top of this senior people at WP$ the City and province are ignoring other known traffic engineering deficiencies and allowing officers and AC$ photo enforcement to aggressively target these. Up to 200k tickets a year the vast majority are unfair or illegal tickets due to the above deficiencies and unfair practices.

MPIC is pushing for $afety initiatives that divert funds to Police to do enforcement instead of true Safety initiatives because they want the increased insurance and license fees after demerits issued.  They don’t care that the majority of the tickets are unfair or illegal due to the known deficiencies.   They doing this because their spending has been out of control for years on salaries, benefits, pensions, admin costs that are up to 40% over previous years and more.  See much more details on this in the link below.

Other than addressing police officers parking illegally senior people at WPS, the City, MPIC and the Province are ignoring the other much more serious issues including true public safety.

WiseUpWinnipeg submitted FIPPA requests to WPS get more details of enforcement at Bishop @ St. Mary’s and the MPIC, WPS, CoW and CAA multi year $afety pilot project. WPS set high cost estimate to search for the records and delayed providing the responses.  Then redacted, severed and removed some parts without valid reasons.

A Ombudsmen complaint was needed to reduce some of the delay and ask for high cost estimate to be waived since this is a matter of public interest and safety.  Another request will be submitted to disclose the specific details in the MPIC City agreement document redacted or removed without valid reasons including the Senior WPS staff that were directing officers to do “enhanced enforcement”.  Stay tuned for more info on this and actions to make those responsible accountable for this abuse.

Also the details in the 64 page Fraser Institute study released in 2014 was covered by the media and repeatedly brought to the attention of the Police Board, City Council and WPS including recently.

The details in the study made it pretty clear what they needed to know and do.  The accurate numbers showed OUR WPS the 2nd most overstaffed and inefficient force in Canada next to St. Johns N.B with about 300 more high paid and trained officers than we needed considering many factors.

They ignored this and other recommendations that would address the continually over budget and high serious crime rate issues in our City and their impacts.

It was repeatedly suggested they needed to make major efficiency changes, reduce officers and other staff as well as salary and benefits to be in line with the averages of the other Canadian Police forces.  To cut OT except when absolutely necessary and make have not be pensionable time as well as time in lieu for court time and other OT like many other civil servants.  To put more of their resources including high paid and trained officers and other staff towards their mandate which is protecting the public with the priority of preventing, investigating and solving serious crime which is having huge social and economic impacts.

Instead the priority they given was and still is to act as a revenue source via traffic enforcement and allowed to aggressively target City and Province known or created traffic engineering deficiencies to maximize this.  Even though these deficiencies actually putting the public at risk and have already caused harm.  Little to no consequences when Officers billing for OT when not approved or not as intended.  Waiting till end of long shifts to apprehend someone from a known location and then billing several hrs of OT for processing and paperwork. Senior officers transferring to traffic duty and working long shift with OT to pad their pension and retiring with 100k a year for life.

All in the name of $afety.

It is long over due for more people to take action about these serious issues of public safety and misuse of tax payer and MPIC funds and related serious issues.

For more info on what MPIC is spending your Autopac premiums and license fees on, why WPS needs to be forced to rein in its budget, the much needed changes and reforms at WPS, CoW and MB and what the impacts of ignoring all this.

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-og

WPS budget needs to be reined in and a detailed analysis of Fraser Institute study “Police and Crime Rates in Canada” and related facts – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-nVhttp://wp.me/p1fJaD-nV

Warming many School Zones get artificially lowered again to 30k Sept 1st and why you should be concerned. – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-nwhttp://wp.me/p1fJaD-nw

Warming many School Zones get artificially lowered again to 30k Sept 1st and why you should be concerned – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-nw

*** Important update for WiseUpWinnipeg members and the General Public about previously reported abuse of our Charter Rights, our Justice System and worse ***
It is way past due for a major overhaul at City hall! – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-m5
Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds at City of Winnipeg – http://wp.me/p1fJaD-e6http://wp.me/p1fJaD-e6
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The police board is asking city council to cover a $2.45 million shortfall, while the mayor says they have already been given plenty to spend
He said this year’s budget includes a $16.7-million increase to the police’s budget, which he adds has risen by 80 per cent over the past decade, which is “unsustainable.”
Winnipeg Police Board requests $3.7M from city to cover pension liability
Sept 9 2016
They asking for this after they already denied xx Millions more earlier this year and only given x Million.  They had already bought a 365k miliatary armored vehicle we couldn’t afford.  Then wasted it on advanced rifles for officers when they already have 2 firearms and other waste.
Police board finance chair Derek Johannson said that overtime costs contributed to the pension liability. He said the pension burden is exacerbated when officers nearing retirement rack up overtime hours.

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