We need to get rid of persistently non performing leaders and ask for honest, hard working and skilled candidates


Sept 5th 2016 – Kevin Yaworski

Several of our leaders have run our City and Province into the ground for many years. Many have been given the info and time to start correcting this.

Many in the public are saying the trash has been allowed to pile up at Winnipeg City Hall and the Manitoba LEG and needs to be put out.

See details below of record or very high number of declined and rejected / spoiled ballots.

It is long over due for the public to work collectively to call for those responsible or for ignoring to be terminated without severence. Then during bi elections call for candidates that are honest, hardworking, experienced, skilled and have a proven track record of serving the public or equivalent.

If none than enough declined / spoiled ballets and they will have no choice but to ask for new candidates to step forward.  At least the last two elections at the City and Province have proven the current method is not working.

Also based on the crystal clear behavior especially of late OUR Mayor Bowman and OUR COO Michael Jack and other lawyers we have elected or allowed to be appointed we need to have a very close look at any candidates who are lawyers and make sure they have a proven track record of telling the truth, keeping their promises and honestly serving others successfully (If there is such a thing?).

Other candidates need to have these traits or we make it clear we need better candidates to step forward and if needed decline or spoilt our ballots.
You can’t send a more clear message to parties, election organizers and current government that you are disgusted with the state of politics or worse then going out and voting by declining your ballot or spoiling it if this not recognized.   Last Provincial election there was record high numbers of these with
4017 declined, 2462 rejected (not correctly declined) when 59% of voters turned out.


I am grateful for all the people who work hard and persist in fighting for justice and democracy and unfortunetly for basic things like honesty and integrity which seems to be foreign concepts to many of the people we have elected or get appointed.

We need to look for and if needed ask for proof of these qualities in political candidates and if they are not there let the party leaders or officials approving them know.

If they don’t have these qualities what are the chances they will follow through with their pledges and promises or govern with the Public’s best interest?

If they ignore consider running yourself or decline your ballot and if not permitted spoil it.  They track both.  If enough did this it would send a stronger message.

Our obligation as voters should not end after an election.  Let your newly elected representatives know you expect these qualities from them, to work hard to fulfill their pledges and promises as well as govern with the public’s best interest.  If they don’t remind them.  When enough people do this they have no choice but to listen or they will be fired next election.  Remind them of this fact if needed and there is many examples to give them.  Even more so these days with less party loyalty and more expectation for results.

The public didn’t need to wait several years to boot Harper’s Conservatives or Selinger’s NDPs out of government.  If enough of us protested outside parliament until the issues were  addressed or new election called. If needed if enough of us contacted OUR Governer General and declared our lack of confidence in the gov and protested outside their residence if they ignored then they would have no choice but to look into it the facts and when it obvious disolve parliament and call an early election.  Never happened in Canada but has in Australia.  OUR MP’s or MLA’s can do the same by voting down major legislation like budgets which has happened including in MB before.

Do we have the equavalent of the GG for the city coucil?  OUR legislators have given our Premier the Authority to force change with Mayor or City Council.  If they ignore then enough of the public need to protest outside OUR Parliament,  LEG or City Hall until the issues are addressed or new election called.

Record or very high number of declined and rejected / spoiled ballots:

Manitoba Election 2016 Results.
440k votes cast, 59% turnout.  231k PC, 111k NDP, 16k Lib, GPM 22k and MP 4.8k.
No surprises there.
Here is the the surprise and should be  concerning to current government and parties.
4017 declined, 2462 rejected
Last election and recent had 440 and similar declined.
Many of the rejected may have meant to be declined but voters may have not known they would only be accepted if they just wrote declined and nothing else.

Combined that sends a pretty strong message.  Hopefully new gov and parties will consult the public to see why they felt this way.  If you declined or opted out of voting at all due to no suitable candidate or party platform  write you new MP and tell them why.




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