Warming many School Zones get artificially lowered again to 30k Sept 1st and why you should be concerned

Warming many School Zones get artificially lowered again to 30k Sept 1st and why you should be concerned.

Aug 29 2016 – Kevin Yaworski


Warming many School Zones get artificially lowered again to 30k Sept 1st and why this and several related serious issues should concern you.

What do 30k School Zones, ACS / Xerox, Winnipeg and Edmonton have in common?

in 2014 Winnipeg City Council with the Provinces help to modify legislation implemented 30k limits in School Zones that are not on regional roads. They did this without consulting their engineers or the public or doing any traffic engineering safety studies.

It has been a cash cow for WP$ and ACS ever since but has been less this year as a result of WiseUpWinnipeg helping uncover missing sings and getting the City with the help of the media to at least replace some of them. OUR Mayor Brian Bowman, Depty Mayor, Infrastructure / Public Works chair Counc. Janice Lukes, COO Michael Jack, Transport Dept Mgr Luis Escobar as well as other senior people at the City and Province ignoring the rest of them on a detailed list as well as other engineering deficiencies in proper and safe speed limits, amber times, signage and more.

It has also helped that many WiseUpWinnipeg members and the general public out signing with $low Down Photo Enforcement signs or their own home made signs to slow down drivers and sharing photos to help identify where AC$ “designated” peace officers and and WP$ officers hiding in unmarked cars near the near the end of school zones, parked illegally and unsafely, in front of fire hydrants, on the curb, back lanes, private property without permission and elsewhere.

Coincidence that Edmonton City Council did the same thing around the same time and ACS / Xerox also operate there? Even though the engineering report below from 2005 stated they did not improve safety, drivers slow down in School Zones when they properly sign posted and only gave pedestrians a false sense of safety so they got rid of them 40 years before.

Coincident that Jon Butcher was the WPS officer who helped push for sole source contract with ACS in Winnipeg in 2002 and provided false and misleading safety improvement stats from ACS / ATS in Washington and then after contact signed resigned with full pension and went to work for Gatso BV (international company that supplies Photo Enforcement equipment) and then to ACS Western Canada?

Coincidence that ACS / ATS executives have been convicted of fraud and charged or convicted of other serious crimes?


Here is a related news story and the engineering report below.

EDMONTON – After a 40-year hiatus, school zone speed limits are returning to Edmonton.

Wednesday morning, city council approved putting speed limits in school zones back into effect starting this fall.

The speed limit will be 30 kilometres per hour around all schools with elementary grades. The lower limit will be in force from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on local and collector roads, but not for schools facing busier arterial routes.

School zone speed limits return to Edmonton

Several of OUR elected representatives at City Council and the Province decided to be traffic engineering experts and decided WE needed this even though they did not do any safety improvement studies. They ignored or didn’t bother to look that there is the following City of Edmonton engineering study available showing these did not improve safety and actually gave children and other pedestirans a false sense of safety. It showed drivers slowed down in School Zones when we’ll sign posted so they stopped using 30k limits there.

To make matters worse OUR Mayor Brian Bowman and one if his many policy analysts, Deputy Mayor and Public Works chair Counc. Janice Lukes, COO Michael Jack, Transportation Dept Manager Luis Escobar and the past Ministers of MIT Steve Ashton and Ron Kostyshyn as well as some others at the City and Province past and present ignored or are continuing to ignore a detailed list and video of 176 missing school zone signs in Winnipeg and 1000’s of other serious engineering deficiencies that are putting the public at risk. These deficiencies are in breach of the HTA or engineering standards required by law in Ontario and elsewhere but being purposely ignored in Winnipeg.

Do you want a $low Down Enforcement Ahead sign and can help warn drivers to slow down on Sept 1 and when you have free time spare since the City, Province, WPS and ACS don’t want drivers to see ACS mobile $afety units or WPS officers in unmarked cars even when they allow them to setup near the end of the zone instead of the start, allow them to park in unsafe and illegal locations by “designating” them emergency vehicles when there is no emergency which is against several sections of the HTA. They also “designated” ACS operators peace officers without the required training and certification. Do they even do criminal record checks?

There has been document cases of multiple WPS unmarked cars and officers issuing tickets near the end of the zone instead of the start and using hand held radar or lidar devices without the recommended tripod. Sweeping motion and other issues proven to result in higher speeds being recorded.

Many drivers are worrying about where these $afety vehicles might be hiding and the fine that is up to 6 times higher than elsewhere in Canada which is likely distracting some from watching for children.

If these officials in OUR City are truly concerned about safety they need to remove these 30k zones and if needed use flashing lights when children present. This done elsewhere.

Let us know if you want a sign that you will actively use to help demonstrate public safety needs to come before $afety revenue.

These dangerous traffic engineering deficiencies and related issues part of a petition signed by over 2000 concerned citizens and hand delivered to the Mayor and Ministers office by Todd Dube, Chris Christian Sweryda and other WiseUpWinnipeg members along with the media in Sept and by a guided presentation given to one of the Mayors many policy analysts, Lukes and Jack by Chris and Todd since then. FIPPA requests showed Lukes asked Escobar to brief Jack and her before the meeting. They claimed to want to collaborate after but just ignored.

Our normally smiling Mayor Bowman, Lukes and Jack didn’t like all the media attention by Braeden Jones at the Metro and Gordon Sinclair at the WFP and other media and public back lash including missing signs at Panet @ Munroe and our protest.

The Mayor probably couldn’t muster a smile on this one with a straight face so sends Lukes out and she quoted saying she finds these stories interesting and she finds it hard to believe there is this many signs missing, more signs just confusing for drivers and we will talk to our experts.

Oh so they are experts in council or committee meetings where they discuss speed limits and other traffic matters and ban Our traffic engineers from attending but then on the other hand when given the facts they want to check with their experts. And who are the experts they turn to when they need the answer they want to hear? Escobar. The same Engineer who told City Council 4 sec amber time safe even though it proven to be dangerously short especially for higher speed zones, causing at least 50% increase in rear end collisions, against engineering standards required by law in Ontario and elsewhere. They and ACS hope you wont notice the 800% increase in violations or look into it when you get rear ended.

Escobar found guilty of professional misconduct by a APEGM panel of engineers but the none compliant members of the panel replaced and findings reversed. The Metro covered the coverup after one the engineers dismissed blew the whistle and leaked the original report.

When COO and former City Lawyer Michael Jack asked to address these serious issues he said he would look into it. When he ignored and pressured on this issues he said Winnipeg doesn’t need to follow the engineering standards required by law in Ontario and elsewhere. Then when he continued to ignore it was suggested the City (taxpayers) should avoid costly court action including subpoenaing of Escobar but he continued to ignore and then said do what you must (i.e see you in court).

ACS and WPS are issuing 150- 200k tickets a year many of which are unfair or illegal due to the aggressive targeting of the above deficiencies and other serious issues. When over 34k of these being contested each year they are sometimes delayed up to 2 years or more. The crown instructed to offer half off bribes to reduce fine in half if changing pleas to guilty or guilty with explanation and other unfair if not illegal 3rd world behavior. Redirecting of family court admins and possibly other staff to make calls to accused to offer 15 min meeting to offer payment options or above bribe. Staying offenses when the accused well prepared with the facts.

Meanwhile a detailed Fraser institute study shows OUR WPS is one of the most overstaffed and inefficient forces in Canada and the numbers show we have 300 more officers than we need when taking many factors into consideration. WPS annual reports for several years have shown Winnipeg has the one of the highest serious crime rates (violent and property) in Canada. Recent poll of 24k Canadians says we the most dangerous City in Canada. Bowman just smiles for the camera and says it isn’t that bad. WPS says they won’t do anything other than check stats next year to see if worse and do more traffic enforcement. Several senior WPS staff and Police Board Chair and Counc. Scott Gillingham say that they need ticket revenue in budget for they have to cut staff or services. You can go on and on….

The past and present City Council and Provincial Government has also allowed abuse of charter 11b and other charter rights, ignoring or misinterpreting of the HTA and other legislation, amending legislation, bylaws and polices without due diligence and with disregard for public interest and public safety. The Bowman, Lukes, Jack, Premier Brian Pallister and Deputy Premier; Minister of Justice Heather Stephenson and others are aware of this and have chosen to do nothing other than allow more amendments and bylaw changes to reduce charter rights and other rights even more with changes to require fees to contest parking tickets issued by WPA / G4S Tech (many also proven to be unfair or illegal due to missing , obscured or confusing signage), have them reviewed by WPA staff and remove the right to contested these in traffic court without paying even more fees.

Is this how WE should be treated and OUR taxes spent?

Time to make these officials of OURS accountable for this gross negligence if not criminal behavior and demand the Premier use the authority the provincial government has to call for these individuals to be fired without severance or at a minimum suspended without pay and the RCMP asked to investigate. If not the Premier and others involved are equally guilty of putting the public at risk and we must demand their resignation without severance. If this also ignored we must protest and take other actions we have available to us. See the pinned post and other posts on the WiseUpWinnipeg page.

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More info on the Edmonton 30k School Zone study:

June 15, 2005, Transportation and Streets Department report from Edmonton Alberta regarding School Zones

Here is an exert. See full report linked below.
• School zones, which operate at a 30 km/h reduced speed limit, have not been used in the city of Edmonton since the early 1970s. They were removed because motorists did not adhere to the lower speed limit. Instead, they provided children and parents with a false sense of security.

• Pedestrian protection is provided through pedestrian signals, amber flashers and marked crosswalks. These devices are placed at locations where they are justified by pedestrian and traffic volume. As they are not limited to school areas, such devices provide safe pedestrian access for children traveling to and from school, not just at the location of the school.

• Within the city, School Area signs are installed upstream of a school to warn drivers that they are approaching an area of high pedestrian activity. Traffic cones and pedestrian silhouettes are used to further highlight pedestrian crossing locations.

• The Transportation and Streets Department works with other agencies, including the Edmonton Police Service, the Alberta Motor Association, and parent volunteers to improve driver behavior in the school areas and teach children safe roadway crossing procedures. Programs include the Parent Parking Patrol; the School Crossing Patrol; the Point, Pause and Proceed method; the Radar Speed Display program; and the Pedestrian Safety Campaign.

• The Transportation and Streets Department regularly conducts safety reviews of school areas. The main traffic concerns during school drop-off and pick-up times are congestion, improper turns, and failing to yield to pedestrians. Speed is generally not a major issue.

Search group for Edmonton School Zones or view here:


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