$low Down Photo Enforcement or $hort Amber Ahead Signs are cutting into $afety Revenue and making officials scared!

$low Down Photo Enforcement or $hort Amber Ahead Signs is cutting into $afety Revenue and making officials scared!
Aug 8 2016 – Kevin Yaworski
You will start to see more and more of these signs and photos to worn drivers to Slow Down and of $afety Intersection Camera at locations like Grant @ Wilton & Mobile Units almost always @ Thurso or Nataniel for Grant Park High School Zone and others locations that are deficient in traffic engineering and aggressively targeted by Photo Enforcement fixed and mobile units and WPS officers.
Here is a long but important post which is a collection of new and previously posted info.
3rd party for Profit Photo Enforcement company ACS / Xerox, and senior people at WPS, Winnipeg City Council and the Province of Manitoba think you believe our teens are not smart enough to cross the street safety on the cross walks with painted lines, signs and overhead lights on Grant Ave. with 6 lane road including service roads and similar roads. City council also decided to artificial lower this stretch of Grant and others regional roads like Panet and Kenaston and others to 50k limit against some of the City’s own traffic engineers recommendations and studies of 85th percentile speed and other well proven MUTCD (national traffic engineering standards) required by law in Ontario and elsewhwere but ignored in Winnipeg by several senior people.
These engineers and standards have said this lowered limit is dangerously increasing speed difference between vehicles and driving traffic to side streets during rush hours which are not designed for higher traffic volumes. Both of which increases accident risks. City council ignored the reports, recommendations and standards and band engineers from future meetings discussing speed limits and related.
For your added $afety they removed the 2nd Photo Enforcement ahead sign from the blvd on Grant Ave. and others and have not put dual speed limit or dual speed reduction signs on this road and others heavily enforced. There reason when questilned is they think this will confuse you but they use dual signage for crosswalks, playgrounds, train crossings, road closures and others and the Province uses them for Speed Limit and Speed Reduction outside the City.
FIPPA requests were submitted to get these discussions about the above signs being removed or others removed but they were redacted or declined due to the info contained aspects that could affect the competitive advantage of a 3rd party (i.e. for profit company (ACS))

The MB Ombudsman’s has agreed with us on this or others but their hands are tied due to limited powers until we demand the legislation be revised to strengthen their powers..

They hope you don’t know or ignore that the $hort amber time and missing signs are generating up to 800% more red light and speeding tickets which the majority are 63 in a artificial 50 or 53 in an artificial 30k without adequate signage.
They hope you watch, listen and read their Speed Kills and incomplete and inaccurate $afety Improvement Stats and other $afety Propaganda except for the one that accidentally made it on to the air briefly before they pulled it and asked for it to be deleted because it make it clear it was about $afety. We have it and much more for you.

February 15th 2007. City councilor Gord Steves admitted Winnipeg’s photo enforcement program is about money after all. Steeves told the Winnipeg Sun he’s tired of saying otherwise: We’ve spent a lot of time over the last five years trying to spin this like [photo radar cameras and revenues for city hall] aren’t related. They certainly are related.

Those responsible for allowing this abuse to start, continue or be ignored hope you do not WiseUpWinnipeg and hope you will share their $afety Propaganda with others to help them in their important cause.
Their cause is the constant need to generate more revenue how ever they can regardless if it is unfair or illegal because they have wasted or misused the legitimate taxes and fees etc… that you paid.
On top of this they wasted more of your money on things like police office regular time and OT for abuse traffic enforcement (signs missing or not correctly installed and not reported & corrected as required / expected, shorter than required amber time especially at higher speed zones, ……………………………………….. , their pensions for this unnecessary or excessive and abusive enforcement, overtime for officers to attend court for these unfair or illegal tickets if off duty or time away from fighting serious crime if on duty.
WPS and ACS / Xerox are issuing up to 200k simple traffic tickets a year many of which are unfair or illegal as mentioned above and other reasons. This is resulting in traffic court back logged by to 2 years or more from 25% or more of people fed up with the unfair or illegal tickets and don’t want bend over anymore. This is resulting in extra Provincial Justices and Crown Attorneys being hired and and their admin staff at Millions / year and other hidden costs. They decided they didn’t want to do the right thing and fix the cause of the backlog and figured you wouldn’t mind if your charter rights were ignored and judicial process and worse ignored.
They continuing to partner with and pay 3rd party for profit ACS / Xerox millions every year including hybrid flat fee / year plus extra for more tickets even thought their executives have been charged or convicted of fraud and corruption related crimes. They ok with allowing 3rd party for profit Winnipeg Parking Authority / G4S to unfairly or illegally ticket and collect millions from the public etc and proposing a new bylaw to allow G4S to go on your private property to ticket for more than 4 licensed vehicles or more than 6 vehicles including stored vehicles RV’s etc……………………………., I could go on for ages.
This aggressive enforcement also taking valuable officers (100- 200k) away from solving and more importantly preventing serious crime (property and violent) which Wpg has had one of the worst in all of Canada for years now WPS recently quoted saying they don’t plan to do anything other than check the stats next year and more traffic enforcement.
This an much more documented and much of it covered by the media which is available online or we have archived but we continue to be ignored as too many are staying silent or compliant. Slavery was once legal and regulated by government. In the case of current abuse they are ignoring actual legislation like parts of the HTA and others that are meant to prevent this abuse and protect public safety.
Lets work together to make our public paid representatives and officials work for our money and put the great back in this once Great City and Province!
Do you want to be part of the solution? If not you are part of the problem. Just paying these unfair or illegal tickets is like telling them it is ok to continue to abuse the public.
Contact WiseUpWinnipeg on Facebook or info@wiseupwinnipeg.com for your Sign and or ask what else you can do to help.
Concerned about getting involved. We live in a free and democratic country and province at least for the most part so you are free to protest and demand your rights are not abused.
No one needs to worry about simply holding our $low Down Photo Enforcement or $hort Amber ahead signs up at the side of the road or blvd as this is totally legal.
As long as you are not interfering with traffic or harassing an operator or officer or anyone else.
No charge for stunting or anything else would ever stick as the crown would drop it or lose fighting it. There is billboard signs all over the place that could distract drivers if they not being careful.
There has been so much bad press lately they are afraid of any more so won’t even try it.
Some have mentioned the stunting charge in Calgary but this didn’t stick or will get dropped. If anyone has more info please share it. It was just a scare tactic because they are very afraid that more of the public go out protesting with these signs as it brings bad press, combats their $afety Propaganda and worse of all cuts into their $afety revenue considerably and if sustained would bankrupt it (They would quit doing it or they lose the contract when their public partners see it outright loosing money).
WPS and ACS have tried these scare tactics here an arrested a WUW member signing a few years ago but it didn’t work out like they planned. Another incident involved very vulgar sexual comments about ones wife from an operator at someone about to start signing. The operator had a smirk and even put he head out the window a bit. Meanwhile a van with tinned windows was seen near by with motion inside. They were trying to bait an assault to try and discredit the member and the group.
Both of these WUW members and several others are still out signing regularly and helping the public slow down and spot the $afety $cameras or $peed Traps. We need more and we can shut these $afety programs down for good.
The worst part is these programs are already loosing money and costing tax payers if you look at the true costs and impacts including the Billions lost from our economy since 2003 with velocity of money.
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$low Down Photo Enforcement or $hort Amber Ahead Signs is cutting into $afety Revenue and making officials scared!
Fore more info see:
WiseUpWinnipeg Facebook Page – pinned post or
Concerned citizens of Wpg & MB have been continually ignored or worse for several years and the consequences are much deeper than most realize!
It is way past due for a major overhaul at City hall!
Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds at City of Winnipeg
Including much needed reforms to stop and prevent this and related abuse

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