Mayor Brian Bowman and Deputy Mayor and Public Works chair Janice Lukes need to be fired without severence

Mayor Brian Bowman and Deputy Mayor and Public Works chair Janice Lukes need to be fired without severence

Aug 7 – Kevin Yaworski

Mayor Brian Bowman and Deputy Mayor and Public Works chair Janice Lukes need to be fired without severence or we start protesting at City Hall and elsewhere.  The abuse of the public can no longer be tolerated.

Here is just some of the many reasons we need to make these demands.  See links to more reasons and info below including much needed reforms to fix and prevent this type of abuse of the public, public funds and more.

The Free Press article linked below lists 5 unfair hot spots for parking tickets that the Winnipeg Parking Authority (contracted to 3rd party for profit British firm, G4S Security) knows about but they know about dozens if not more across the city and are doing nothing about it.

We spoke to the G4S employee  who was quiting because he was tired of being ignored by G4S and Public works when trying to correct poor or misssing signage and the associated unfair or illegal ticketing.  Before 2008 and for 55 years WPA used not for profit Commissionaires but apparently they were short staffed and not agressive enough.

Another article linked below provides details of the plans of Janice Lukes and others on City Council who want to give WPA / G4S the ability to go on private property to fine if more than 4 passenger vehicles or more than 6 vehicles total including RV’S etc… stored. Looking in garage windows etc… This will bring back day light robbery and will surely be abused by WPA with direction from City Council just like Photo Enforcement by ACS and traditional enforcement by WPS.

Mayor Brian Bowman whoes campaign promises included making the City more honest and transparent hasn’t done anything about WPA and widespread traffic enforcement abuse by WPS and 3rd party for profit photo enforcement partner ACS / Xerox even when it repeatedly brought to his attention and same with Deputy Mayor and Public Works chair Janice Lukes.  They dont mind turnng a blind eye to this abuse or worse taking steps to allow it to contiue and get worse.  The City is getting a portion of the millions collected from these unfair or illegal tickets and this more important to them than fairness, honesty and in many cases the law and public safety.

They are attempting to make up for wasting or misusing legitimate revenue but sending millions out of province each year to vulture capatalist companies and the money taken unfairly or illegally from the public extrapolate to Billions since 2003.  This has been negatively affecting out economy and must stop.  Those responsible need to be made accountable.

I am not going to waste my time asking Mayor Bowman and Janice Lukes to correct these issues again as they have only ignored Todd Dube, myself as well as the media and many others for years now.  I will be asking my councillor Matt Allard to put a motion forward at City council to have these 2 waste of space fired without severence and the RCMP asked to investigate criminal behavior.

I will let my councillor know myself and many others will be watching how he and the other councillors handle this.  Time for the public to do the same.

Letting these 2 and others that have conspired to allow unfair or illegal ticketing of the public for years now and worse to get away with this abuse by resigning and collecting huge severence and pensions is unacceptable.

If our councillors are not willing to act we must protest in large numbers at City hall and elsewhere until these actions are taken.  Then we will vote in a new Mayor and councillors that are willing to fight for what they promise and for what this city needs.  Time to restore the greatness in this once Great City.

More info on this and related abuse and much needed reforms:

It is way past due for a major overhaul at City hall!

New Restrictions re Vehicles on Residential Property

Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds at City of Winnipeg

Watch “Winnipeg Parking Authority? I don’t believe you!” on YouTube

Full FreePress article on knowingly abused parking traps

‘Unfair’ ticket hot spots identified
Crusader, city enforcer unite to show top five traps -WFP


‘Unfair’ ticket hot spots identified
Crusader, city enforcer unite to show top five traps

By: Alexandra Paul
Posted: 08/6/2016 10:41 PM


Parking signs on Kennedy Street at a location identified by a Winnipeg Parking Authority ticket officer as being one of the most highly ticketed in the city. He says it isn’t clear if the loading zone is for handicapped drivers only.

‘When you know you can count on a spot to issue a ticket, that’s unfair’– Todd Dube

Todd Dube, the crusader behind Wise Up Winnipeg — an advocacy group that fights traffic tickets — is convinced the city’s parking-ticket system is unfairly stacked against drivers.

‘When you know you can count on a spot to issue a ticket, that’s unfair’– Todd Dube

Winnipeg’s traffic-ticket crusader teamed up with one of the Winnipeg Parking Authority’s own parking-ticket enforcers Saturday to blow the whistle on the top five parking-ticket traps.

The pair took the Free Press along to let motorists in on the bait zones and stop parking where ticket enforcers lay in wait to hand out costly tickets every weekday.

Teaming up with the traffic-ticket officer was Dube’s way to signal how wrong he believes the province got the latest fix for the backlog of traffic tickets clogging up provincial courts.

As of Monday, a new system — first announced by the Selinger government in 2013 — takes effect.

Winnipeggers upset about parking tickets will plead their cases before city screening officers instead of provincial justices of the peace.

City officials promise the changes will save motorists time and energy when they challenge their parking tickets and prove to be more efficient and quicker for everyone.

The system bypasses the courts, relieving the pressure on justices of the peace, saving the time it takes to hold a trial in provincial court and removing the expense and delay of court proceedings.

Dube isn’t buying any of the rationale.

“The fact is it was already hard enough to go to traffic court. … If you went to court there’d be lineups out the door,” Dube said.

“You’d go in, pick a number and there’d be 60 people ahead of you. You’d wait hours. It was painful,” he said.

“This makes it much more difficult, and there are two issues here: the city’s own department evaluates your challenge; and if you appeal it, it’s going to cost you $25. That’s not justice.”

The parking authority employee didn’t want to be identified but he says he’s brought the unfair parking spots to officials’ attention time and again only to be rebuffed, so he’s speaking up through Wise Up.

“These are the five locations where you can hand out $300 in parking tickets in less than an hour,” the man told Dube.

“When you know you can count on a spot to issue a ticket, that’s unfair,” Dube said.

The employee said he’s urged the parking authority to correct the confusing signage, prune back tree limbs that hide signs that show limits on parking times and spots and repaint parking lines to show parking spots more clearly.

The top traps to look out for

TRAFFIC-ticket crusader Todd Dube teamed up with a Winnipeg Parking Authority employee to reveal the top five bait-and-trap parking zones. All ambiguously worded or studded with multiple signs or confusing signage, these are the locations where ticket enforcers hand out $300 worth of tickets in an hour.

Now you know where they are:

1. Spence Street where it comes to a dead end at Ellice Avenue, by the University of Winnipeg. Signage labels it a handicapped parking zone, but many students don’t notice it. They pay for it frequently.

2. Kennedy Street between St. Mary and York avenues. On the southbound lane, motorists will see three confusing signs, including a parking-zone sign and a handicapped sign. Only handicapped parking for a 30-minute time limit is permitted.

3. Kennedy between York Avenue and Broadway. A tree limb obscures the limit on when and where parking is permitted. Most people never see it behind the leafy bough.

4. Market Avenue at Rorie and Bertha streets. City bylaws forbids parking within three metres of a fire hydrant or crosswalk. This location has a fire hydrant and a set of confusing signs that suggest parking is permitted when it’s not.

5. Notre Dame Avenue, westbound, in front of the Women’s Hospital. A pole with a handicapped parking sign points to one location, suggesting parking is permitted on the other side of the sidewalk, off the driveway. It’s not, the employee said. The only legal parking is on the other side, on Notre Dame.

City known for gouging, needs reform: advocate

TODD Dube, Wise Up Winnipeg’s traffic-ticket fighter, was behind a 2015 court challenge that prompted city hall to change its ticketing practices for overnight winter parking bans.

He figured the challenge probably cost the city millions in lost fines based on the tens of thousands of tickets that were thrown out and statistics that show other traffic fines are a veritable cash cow for the city

Winnipeg Police Service statistics from 2015, for example, showed the photo-enforcement program, another burr under Dube’s saddle, brought in nearly $12 million after costs and overhead.

“The whole culture needs a firehose enema,” Dube said.

“Even the council and the mayor have no influence on it, and they’re the ones that are supposed to be holding the firehose.”

Winnipeg’s reputation for gouging drivers is known across the country, Dube said, and it’s not something to be proud of.

“In other cities, police and parking officials get together and talk about what’s wrong and fix it. Here? It’s bureaucratic disconnect and a very profitable one,” he said.

“Traffic fines in Manitoba are on average 250 per cent higher than other provinces. In Edmonton or Calgary, a speeding ticket will cost you about $90. Here, it’s nearly $290. People are damn tired of it.”


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