It is way past due for a major overhaul at City hall!

It is way past due for a major overhaul at City hall!
July 15 2016 – Kevin Yaworski
Updated Aug 7 2016 – Abuse by WPA / G4S & City
Below is just a few reasons why we need to demand the resignation or firing without severance of Mayor Bowman, Deputy Mayor & Public Works Chair Janice Lukes, Police Board Chair & Councillor Scott Gillingham, COO Michael Jack and others at city hall that are not only incompetent but ignoring or allowing abuse that is putting the public at risk and wasting $ Millions every year. They care nothing about the public except finding more ways to extort money from them to make up for this waste. There is many more reasons mostly covered by the media already and easily enough to write a book. Half of my blog is filled with posts related to this abuse.
Then we will elect a new Mayor and Councillors that have a proven track record of keeping their promises. That have the skills to actually help this city and the public including spending only what the City can afford including reducing net debt and interest. Doing this without reducing front line services that are not over staffed.  Some other cities are doing it and no reason we can’t. We also need to demand a bylaw to require a public vote every year on performance of the Mayor and Councillors and they can be fired without severance if they continually under perform. Low cost online vote with identity verification and options to go in person to vote. Same can be used for elections every term and it can be a test before implementing at the provincial level.
The cost savings from better performance will far exceeds cost of the voting system.
Contact the mayor and your Councillor and let them know what you expect on these and other important matters.
Why is this needed?
Janice Lukes and others on City Council want to give WPA and their 3rd party for profit partner G4S Tech the ability to go on private property to fine if more than 4 passenger vehicles or more than 6 vehicles total including RV’S etc… stored. Looking in garage windows etc… This will bring back day light robbery and will surely be abused by WPA and G4$ Tech with direction from City Council just like Photo Enforcement by ACS and traditional enforcement by WPS.
Current residential parking bylaws require someone to complain to 311 and repeat visits to enforce. What is wrong with that process. It prevents abuse of property owners by greedy WPA and revenue sharing City Council.
Is it because they running up net debt above $1 Billion faster than they expected and can’t afford the $100’s of Millions in interest every year? Maybe they should have thought about that before paying 560k+ in sal and severance (not incl pension contributions or …) to previous City of Wpg CAO Deepak Joshi after he was suspended and then allowed to resign after only working a few weeks that yr, Councillors regular 6 weeks break, $ Millions more every year for 300+ more police offers than we need as per Fraser Institute, avg police officer salary of $100k + (not incl pension & …) with some $150 – 200k and other excessive or wasteful spending.
More info and what you can do to bring positive change to our once Great City and help restore it’s greatness:
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Mayor Brian Bowman and Deputy Mayor and Public Works chair Janice Lukes need to be fired without severance.
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