Money for nothing: pay glitch keeps cheques coming for some public servants

Money for nothing: pay glitch keeps cheques coming for some public servants

Some Canadian Federal government workers getting 2 paycheques and random bank deposits while others not getting paid after new payroll implemented by IBM.


This is going to cost Cdn taxpayers $ millions for the gov to sort out.  Why didn’t the they look at the track record of IBM for other projects.

The outsourcing of IT to IBM in Markam Ontario by MPIC in Manitoba a few years ago was a disaster and cost $ Millions including a 40% increase in admin costs over previous years.  Accidents went down but rates went up instead of down and no refunds.

They both need to see if they are able to go after IBM to recover the money.  The problem is IBM has teams of high paid lawyers negotiating contracts so they probably full of loop holes.  Our governments need the negotiate better contracts or do it in house.

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