If Manitoba has one of the lowest traffic death and injury rates but one of the worst serious crime rates should the priority of police be traffic enforcement?

If Manitoba has one of the lowest traffic death and injury rates but one of the worst serious crime rates should the priority of police be traffic enforcement?
June 30 2016 – Kevin Yaworski
Winnipeg continues to have one of the worse serious crime rates in Canada (violent and property) as per Winnipeg Police Service annual reports. Yet the City of Winnipeg are ok with WPS choosing to deploy a ridiculously large number of police officers to traffic enforcement including excessive OT. More details of this below. Even thought Manitoba has the lowest traffic death and injury rates in Canada with the trend going down. i.e. Manitoba on average has the safest drivers in Canada. Stats show this the case well before Photo Radar, 30k school zones and other abuse traffic enforcement and revenue became the priority for WPS, the City and Province.
On average MB drivers are still driving safe and preventing some accidents and deaths even with 1000’s of documented traffic engineering deficiencies in proper speed limits, signage, amber times etc…. in the City of Winnipeg. The vast majority of the 150 – 200’000 traffic tickets issued every every year in Wpg are unfair or illegal because of these deficiencies. The Province who shares a portion of revenue from traffic tickets was ok with increasing fines to be up to 6x higher than anywhere else in Canada even thought it proven this does not improve safety. All of this is generating a lot more revenue but not improving safety. If these deficiencies fixed as repeatedly requested by WiseUpWinnipeg and others they would reduce deaths and injuries even more.
Senior officials and our elected or appointed representatives at the City, Province and WPS are ok with sending millions out of province to 3rd party for profit Photo Radar partner ACS / Xerox every year even thought company executives have been charged or convicted of bribery and other corruptions crimes.
After paying ACS / Xerox, WPS Officers, OT, Pensions contributions, higher than expected court costs, and other hidden costs the only winners are ACS / Xerox with Board Members and share holders and MPIC. Unfair or illegal tickets are allowing MPIC to increase driving license fees and insurance. Even worse MPIC is a crown corp and profits are supposed to be returned to drivers but it is getting eaten up by out of control spending, compensation for senior staff as well as ever increasing administration costs including outsourcing IT to IBM in Markham On. In some cases %40 increases over previous years.  Well above what private vehicle insurance companies in other Provinces spend per driver.
There is many other examples of abusive enforcement but here is just one of them: WPS setup on Bishop EB approaching St. Mary’s today and pulling drivers over. They have been setting up there regularly lately even thought it is having little to no effect on reducing accidents at this intersection. Stats show the short amber of 4 sec at this 80k zone is the main reason. This is also not compliant to the HTA. The city told this and given the proof that increasing it will reduce the accidents considerably but they are continuing to ignoring this.
There is a very large number of posts with photos on social media about WPS & Photo Radar enforcement setups and media reporting WPS worried about dropping revenue if more tickets stayed by the crown due to abuse of the public.
WPS and the City are so desperate they are allowing officers and operators to park illegally even thought the reason it is illegal is it puts the public at risk. They are not disciplining officers when formal complaints made with video and photo evidence about officers making illegal u-turns.  These and other infractions that are unsafe and normal motorists get ticketed for even when there is no emergency they are attending to and it just for traffic enforcement setup.
Some at the Province are OK with abusing the public even more when they contest unfair or illegal tickets in court. They and several Provincial Justices in traffic court are turning a blind eye to the abuse of charter rights, judicial process, crown and crown witnesses lying on and off the record and other abuse with no consequences.
A recent Fraser Institute study has shown WPS one of the worse overstaffed and inefficient forces in the country.
They could start by reducing staff and compensation to be inline with Canadian averages for Police. The following shows it is out of control with 315 more officers than needed and 85% increase in spending from 7 Billion in 2001 to over 13 Billion in 2012. The City and Provinces net debt at almost 1 Billion  and 22 Billion is another indicator this and other spending is unsustainable.
City of Winnipeg Compensation Disclosure report for 2015
A Fraser Institute study in 2013 shows WPS had 1,463 police officers which is 189 / 100k population. The median was 160 officers /100k for the 24 CDN cities looked at.
WPS Chief Clunis tried to say Wpg has unique circumstances but the report also looked at how many officers it said the city should have, using population, crime rates and various social and demographic factors such as the age distribution of the force, and local economic factors such as the number of single-parent families, income levels and unemployment rates.
Using that scale, the report said WPS should have had 145 officers per 100k. That mean a reduction of 315 officers is recommended. WPS also had 465 civilians and 60 cadets at the time so there maybe inefficiencies that can be made here.  Cadets are lower cost and are ideal for certain responsibilities and can call for backup if needed.
This and much more makes it pretty obvious that the priority for the Province, WPS and the City is revenue and not improving public safety.
It is past due to demand your tax dollars and police resources be used more appropriately. To start WPS & their partner ACS need to be instructed to stop the aggressive traffic enforcement they have been doing at the locations they know have deficiencies. They are required by hta and regulations to check the required signage is present etc… The city needs to correct these deficiencies that have repeatedly brought to their attention. They need have WPS reduce the total number of officers as per above and deploy more of the remaining to serious crime units and other more important units.
More info including other recommendations and reforms for WPS, the City and Province that will stop this abuse, actually improve public safety and reduce tax payer burden considerably.
Motor vehicle accidents causing death, by sex and by age group and sex
Traffic Death/Injury Rates in Canadian Provinces & Territories
Dangerously Inadequate Yellow Light / Amber time issues in Winnipeg and cover up.
Traffic-ticket watchdogs get ear of city hall then hit road block again – Winnipeg Free Press: http://wp.me/p1fJaD-iz
Winnipeg Police Service saying they need the Millions from Photo Radar tickets in their budget: http://wp.me/p1fJaD-hf
Alarming facts about Winnipeg Police Service but what they hiding is more than disturbing
City of Winnipeg Compensation Disclosure report for 2015
Warning you may find the following facts about Crime rates & Traffic Enforcement very disturbing and it may force you into taking drastic actions.
Velocity of Money and the True Impacts of Photo Radar & other Abusive Traffic enforcement on the economy and public safety
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If Manitoba has one of the lowest traffic death and injury rates but one of the worst serious crime rates should the priority of police be traffic enforcement?

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