Traffic court express lane

Traffic court express lane

June 17 2016 – Kevin Yaworski

After recent traffic court decisions regarding Charter 11b rights the Province has decided to appeal at least 1 of the decisions instead of looking at the root cause and facing the consequences of intentionally infringing on these rights.

They have also directed the Crown’s office to try a new tactic to try and collect fines from unwitting vehicle owners or their representatives.

There has been a huge backlog in the traffic court for several years now as a result of 150 – 200k + tickets issued every year in Winnipeg for multiple years by WPS and their 3rd party for profit photo radar partner ACS / Xerox.  The vast majority of these tickets proven to be unfair or illegal due to many known traffic engineering deficiencies being aggressively targeted many of which are in violation of the hta or go against proven engineering standards

Approx 25% of these tickets are being contested as more and more people get informed of the facts and get fed up with the abuse.  This has reslulted in the majority of the trials have been delayed 12 – 24 months.

The Provinces new tactic is to direct the Crowns office to start calling vehicle-owners or their representatives who have trial dates unreasonably delayed and invite them to a “15 minute meeting” with a crown attorney to discuss their options to pay – rather than plead Not Guilty, requiring a trial. They likely offering the same bribe of half off fine to change plea that they have been offering for over a year now when docket over filled or when they know operator or officer not present and hope you won’t stick around to find out.  When asked they have even lied saying they are present when they know they are not.

They better not be redirecting attorneys or provincial justices from more serious matters like violent and property crimes which have been occurring at one of the highest rates in Canada.

To learn more about this and related deliberate abuse and what you can do if you affected or want to help stop it.

Attention, this is an IMPORTANT message to all Manitoba drivers and anyone concerned about our Charter Rights and other rights

Some Politicians and Officials at MB Gov, the MB Justice Dept and City of Winnipeg via Traffic court are continuing to duck out when accused use facts to contest unfair or illegal traffic tickets to hide their deliberate abuse of the public

Demand a stop to this fraud and abuse of the public, public funds and our Justice System in the guise of safety

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